Review for Moonlight And Laughter

Moonlight And Laughter

(#) lindahoyland 2006-04-25

I like the way you link the events of the two great battles in this story.
It is only due to the heroes of the past that the children are here to listen to the stories,Faramir's and Eowyn's daughter is an especially appropriate listener

Author's response

Thanx for the review!

I had fun linking those two battles. The Last Alliance must have been a splendid and terrible campaign. Imagine Thranduil, losing his father in the Last Alliance, and having to worry about Legolas, as well as fight again, in the War of the Ring so many hundreds of years later.

Faramir and Eowyn's daughter is indeed a fortunate little girl - not only is she born to an Age that will never know Sauron's shadow, but Legolas is her personal storyteller!