Review for Ever Since

Ever Since

(#) deepdive 2006-05-06

i have to say that this is a very unusual concept... i never actually thought about Axel and Roxas' meeting going like this really... Axel is kinda OCish but in a way that shows his personality and keeps the character alive.

for a moment there i thought Roxas wanted sex lol i'm so stupid lol.

anyway good story, and um, yeah, that's it.

Author's response

It's kind of like, they were formally introduced when Roxas was initiated--because I'm sure there is some kind of initiation--but if Axel seems OC, please keep in mind that he is drunk ^.^; but if he still seems like it, could you be more specific? I can still edit some things :D

And no, Roxas was just lonely XD They had sex later, though, I bet :D