Review for Still So Young, Desperate For Attention

Still So Young, Desperate For Attention

(#) squeakyfromme 2007-01-28

OMG. I'm so glad I clicked here instead of going to bed. huggles back! I love this whole story, but I LURVE this chapter muchly. FTW JE:MUSICAL REFERENCE. flails Aw, poor Bden, we've both got him pining over girls. XD And the ending line- perfect! runs around squealing

Author's response

Yay! You got it! I was going to have him call her "Mustard seed" or "Little Elf" But I really couldn't see him calling her that. So, it was "Second Self" and "Little Sparrow". Oh yes, he definitely does have a bit of a girl problem. And it was actually the ending line that inspired me! I was looking in my songs on the computer and I saw "But it's Better if you do" and I knew I had to use it! Squeal away! joins in Weeee!