Review for Anatomy


(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-01-29

Oh. My. God. I was laughing my ass off during the scene with Bob and Ray playing checkers. And then Gerard saying that he was sorry that people sat on Frank because he was so small and they couldn't see him? (Reminds me of when I showed my dad the 'Famous Last Words' video and he was all, "OMG, he's a midget! lmao) OH MY GOD, HILARIOUS!! That...that was hilarious. Geez. So, angst and sad isn't your only medium. nods knowingly I can see RIGHT THROUGH YOU!!! laughs manically And then the ending...if I saw Lincoln somewhere, I'd...well, truth-be-told, I'd probably say hi. (I gots problems like that.) But, I love the way you write Frank on stage. But geez, I hope something like that doesn't happen when I go see MCR next month. I would cry if the concert got cut short. Literally. But, I 'squeed' when I saw the update. So, yeah. Update soon, or my spork will attack you. He will. He's crazy.

Author's response

oh man, your reviews are the equivilent of insanity, girl. and yes, I do randomly write humourous thing, but not so often. in fact, nearly every single one of my stories has ended on an extremely heartbreaking note, haha. so, you know, digest that.