Review for Desperate Measure

Desperate Measure

(#) pstibbons 2007-01-30

ullo there - the chapters are too short - it's interesting to hear what mione and Luna are up to. I hope Ron and Ginny are dead. How many death eaters are dead? What's stopping Hermione selling souveniers and t-shirts?

T-shirt slogans :
"I bought a piece of Hogwarts today"
"Muggle-born and Proud of it"
"Ravenclaws Do It By the Book (and the Book is the Kama Sutra)"
"Hufflepuffs Don't Do It"
"Blood Purity is a Joke"
"Muggles Have Gone to the Moon"
"Tom Riddle was a Dork Lord"

Author's response

Like your proposed tshirt sayings, but I think Hermione is already overworked. :)