Review for The Curse of the Curls

The Curse of the Curls

(#) LOVELA 2007-02-07

I'm still waiting to find out who the boy is! You seriously driving me crazy. I'm sure that is your plan, however. Have the one who studies mental health have problems with mental health herself. I knew it.

Kyleene is the reason I don't want to have a girl. She's a snoopy, drama filled brat. I love her in this story though. Just not for me.

Smooches you darling DoJie you. Ratings too.

Author's response

Hey, that's perfect! So you can try out the theories you learn on yourself! ;)
Totally agree with you on the Kylene/ daughter issue. I wanna have a son/ sons too for that reason.
Smooches back! Thanks for your lovely reviews, CeCe.