Review for Harry's Second Chance

Harry's Second Chance

(#) brad 2006-05-15

Hmmmm ... looks like this site doesn't e-mail back any comments you make to our reviews. Oh well. It's still good to get new chapters in accordance with your intended schedule and not delayed by fictionalley. Who have sent out e-mails asking for new staff, by the way; they've apparently lost people and that's why they're slowing down so much.

Shortish chapter (or maybe this site just has smaller print?), but enjoyable. I really like the "Harry and Hermione" kernel you're developing here ... I've said it before, I'll try not to say it again, but the idea of them being friends and working together from scratch - empowered by Harry's abilities and foreknowledge, Hermione trusting him totally as her leader/authority figure - is a very exciting one. I enjoyed seeing the 'relaxed' side of Hermione in this, and got a feeling of the kids' youth that I hadn't picked up in previous chapters. So very good of Harry, too, to think of helping her with her teeth; that's what best friends are for, and gives we readers good feelings.

As usual an interesting "Doctor T" slant on the way the wizarding world integrates - or doesn't - with our muggle one. In particular the analysis of how the extended magical lifespan might directly lead to the entrenched, old-fashioned attitudes of JKR's world; very interesting. Thank you for the chapter.

Author's response

Yes, it looks like the previous chpater is finally going to go up tomorrow there. And I think all the chapters are between 3000 & 3400 words or so.

Glad you enjoyed the slant on this chapter. I enjoyed exploring the Grangers' reactions.