Review for Stolen Hearts; Swollen Egos

Stolen Hearts; Swollen Egos

(#) alyssaatthedisco 2007-02-15

FYI, I love the pics! They really do fit the fic well! Good job on them. And Don't worry, I was alone on Valentine's Day too, doing homework the whole time. :'( Anywhos, the chapter was really good. You get to see a lot more of Musetta than is the usual. You hear about her background which is good. It really helps to understand her character. Good job! :D


Author's response

(I'm surprised you didn't get a snow day up north, like we did! huggles) Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I had fun making the pictures -while- writing this chapter, lol. Sloowly, Brendon will get to know the real Musetta! (At least, I hope, lol) Thanks again!