Review for Swear I'll Shake it up If You Swear to Listen

Swear I'll Shake it up If You Swear to Listen

(#) rgiddles 2007-02-17

ok try again damnnnn fuck it!!!:
13 pts (hehe reminds me of "points of authority" im just rndmly krazzi!)... enjoy:

1. dunno y but "ryro" just makes me gigle... tickles my funni bone... idk y though...

2. Ryan in his boxers.. ok dude wefyb.. ;)

3. "And plus, if I was to protest to gorgeous guys wondering around the house with no shirt on, I would be mental," true tru dude ...

4.dundundundun... SMOOTHIE MAN... tot he rescue lol!

5..../"the understatement of the century"/ omg freakkky... dude the IRONY IS ACK HIDDEESSS i was on the fone and i sed... th nd then 10 sec l8r... i red it on here.. freakky duudde im scared... (hehehe scared is a TDG song!:D"

6. u like brendon in a scarf doncya? i mean... we all do but u do def.. THE BRENDON SCARF.. lol

7. i wonder hu else has a pain in the ass brother... and hus family aint a trainwreck huh?

8. rly good ... all the stuff u sed bout brendon nd bout his bros nd stuff.. def. v. appropriate

9. mmmm pancakes... hahaha funni bone again cuz it minds me of "frat party at the pankake festival":D rndmnessness

10. this os pff. the food chappie... pancakes... smoothie it makes me hungry...

11. omg they made out... 2 getha sooo have bin waiting 4 that 4 like EVER... she did ... ROCK WITH URIE more michelle???!!! ahh idc wooo they made out... wait i sed tht already aww well.. happy dance!

12. rly cute ending all snuggly awwwwww...

13!. is mikey ever coming back??? hint hint im so nt obvious!

i rewrote that alll frm memory...well there my 13 pts (of authority ;D) lol really gr8 chappie... updates will not go a miss though :D and btw can i get in on sum of that chocolate/cake/icecream/cookie/factory stuff pleez??? im randomy random today nd veryyyy obsessive of stuff :D luved it SONGA!

Author's response

aww, u had 2 write it again?! lol. sorry, its funny! i cant believe u wrote 13 points! ryro, thats his nickname i think, lol. yh, it would be a hot sight. not as hot as brendon with no shirt on, which also happened :DDD i know its true! yup, 2 the rescue! lol... calm down! yup, hes hot!! probably many, but meh. lol, thanks. god, GET A GRIP!! lol, only kidding :D go eat something then, lol, sorry. YAY!!! THEY DID!! :DDDDDD it was cute, werent it?! did i write that bit ok? well... if i write a sequel, he may... yeh, cos iv been promoted 2 JEWELLERY!!! hehe. yes, i am songs, jj, geets, san, watever u wana cal me really. iv heard most before. lol