Review for Just Your Average Non-groupie [5]

Just Your Average Non-groupie [5]

(#) SafeFromRobotsDAMN 2007-02-18

gets a spade out
starts digging for the secret
gets tired
stops digging
gets energy back
dons baby voice
prepares for full on tantrum
throws tantrum
"Tell me! Tell me! tell me!"
spots spade
looks shiftily to left
"Tell me or i shall throw my spade!!"
gets spade ready to throw
waits to see whether she'll have to throw it but already knows she will cos you'll say sommit like "I'll write it when i write it"
cries...poor Beth
smiles...for the hell of it

Author's response

Throw the spade at Ceredwin. She knows as well. ducks spade I guess you don't believe me then? And yeah, you won't find out the secret till a certain person in the band finds out.