Review for Addict For Dramatics

Addict For Dramatics

(#) pixied_secrets 2007-02-21

dear kyle,

i love muffins. and i love when characters want to make sweet music with patrick. you are pretty much my favorite person. and lola. but i actually think bridget is a badass character too. not as badass as the tattoo artist. the bearded lady was mos-def the greatest. my vocabulary is very narrow. i'm not making complete sentences. but i wanted you to know that i am caught up on this story, and i'm madly in love with it. and i promise to stay more faithful with it, because i have rating points coming out of my ears and a lot of beautiful words coming out of my fingers, directed towards these review things. keep it up, "is kyle gonna haveta smack a bitch?" stop reading this.

Author's response

Cry-fucking-stal! You hacked your way into ficwad, I see. I think I'm hallucinating. I missed you sooo much...and your incoherent reviews. Who wouldn't want to make sweet anything with Patrick? I know I do. Bridget was supposed to be a just cameo, but I've trapped her here to be Lola's estrogen fueled savior...if that made any sense at all. You best better keep in touch or Kyle will have haveta smack a bitch...but then apologize profusely for having done so. :O for old times.