Review for Silver and Cold

Silver and Cold

(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-02-27

squeak That was AMAZING!!!! hums Gone With the Sin Ha, I have a HIM DVD with 15 of their music videos on it. My fav video of theirs would have to'Join Me in Death'...I'll reply to your message in a minute, so...yeah! Frankie is an angel, he needs to protect Gerard. 'Cause Gee can't fight to save his life. laughs Go to youtube and type in 'Drunken MCR Fight'. It's HILARIOUS!!!! And you don't need to make up for not being able to take me to HIM. I saw MCR last night, and DAMN! Gerard's AMAZING!!! (I'll explain in a bit.)

Great story, and please! UPDATE SOON!!!!!! Seriously. UPDATE!!!!

Author's response

I don't like you sighs I really like the one to Funeral of Hearts, like the weirdness I guess. Okay...I shall...
Explain!! Explain!!!! Please EXPLAIN!!! Please?? begs I said I would bug you till you told me!!!
And is it...well kinda...wrong...if I love the clip I've heard to the Used's Handsome Awkward...feels bad