Review for A Promise to Keep

A Promise to Keep

(#) reinsultrul 2007-02-27

The best rating description I can think of is 'Mind-Blowing'. I just can't seem to come up woth a better one-two word description that covers it all, even though putting it that way seems a little grandeous.
The plot was definately new, but it also draws the reader in really well, like the reader's actually there, not just on the outside watching the pictures their imagination creates for your story; and the emotions pulled out, the twists and turns weren't really what I'd thought they'd be, it kept surprising me and showing me something I never would have thought could go with the characters. I didn't want to have to stop reading it for something as silly as sleep or school. Your story combined most of the good rating descriptions, it was impossible to choose ONE that really fit properly.
...Well, heh, I guess that was a little over-board, but that's basically it. Sorry if it's a bit much.
Oh, this is from the review that said I couldn't think of any one rating that really fit so I chose the closest one.

Author's response

Well wow. Saying 'thank you' to a review like that seems kind of pointless and understated. I feel like I should be giving you a hug instead! XD