Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) CootiePatootie 2006-05-26

Way cool. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Penny getting hers. Oh yes, that was sweet. Gin needs some serious help. Ditto on Hermione. Susan rocks. I love her character, and you've done her justice. She's not perfect, and she's definately not all-powerful, but she's spunky and willing to deal with Harry's moods. You have Molly pretty much down pat - as well as Bill and Charlie's avoidance methods. Not feeling the twins' complicity in Ginny's scheme, though - they read as 100% loyal to Harry. Oh well. Can't wait for more. I'll be checking this one often!



Author's response

Hope you liked Molly from chapter 17. One of the best parts of that chapter was taking a basically cannon version of Molly and convincing her to use a dark artifact on someone. Ginny does need help. Hermione notsomuch. Thanks for your compliments on Susan. Happy reading - Jim