Review for Anatomy


(#) zaberdeenz 2007-03-13

you. are. fuckin. amazing. exclamation mark.
i love all this information-kinda stuff that you've clearly spent time figuring out, all that how you destroy a vampire and all. and hell, i love all the characters, ALL, from Bob to vampires, cause you write them all so friggin..well? fuck, i cant explain what it is, but just keep doing it.
then, i've been thinking, Frank = Bird, Frank touches vampire -> vampire cant take it. SO light bulb Frank has some kinda special good force?
damn, reading this is like watching a good series where you cant wait for next week, you know? and damn, there's so much more id like to say but my fingers are weak from typing so hard:D so just keep it coming, i l o v e this.

Author's response

I read this in my AP computer science class, and literally "awww!"ed out loud; I loooove your review, and thank you so much. And I was just thinking about how this is like a television series with its weekly updates, haha.