Review for the words that we give our mistakes

the words that we give our mistakes

(#) mimarin 2006-05-31

"Even Naruto, the king of saving people's hearts, can find no purchase there; Sai's smile locks out everything." Ouch. What a whipcrack of a line. Honestly, it's hard to get a decent handle on Sai, especially for a SasuNaru fan like myself, but you nicely captured the like-unlike-Sasuke dynamic about him. I like how the drabble POV progresses from Sakura --> Naruto to Narto --> Sai to Sai --> Sasuke.

Author's response

Hah, I didn't even notice did that ^.^; whoot for subconscious connection? But yeah, all Sai does is make me sad. All this entire arc is doing is making me sad. I think I've resolved myeslf to the fact that Sasuke is not going back with them and that Sai is going to do something retarded lie die to save Naruto. Ugh. ;.;