Review for Giving Birth to a Child from the Enemy

Giving Birth to a Child from the Enemy

(#) gregfox 2007-03-29

So according to your summary; Severus is being continually raped ("Having being raped”) by Sirius who is high on pot ("his most highest enemy") Severus finds himself pregnant. Now, a combination of the on-going rape and the fact that he has magically developed a uterus in his rectum, Severus has turned a bluish green complexion ("Severus teals of being a single parent"). But added to his problems, Severus was raped by another man besides Sirius ("refusing to tell the truth to the other father..."). Poor Severus, I hope the baby he poops out will be healthy and that Sirius will grow bored with raping the Potions Master and the other mystery rapist will leave our greasy hero alone.