Review for Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

(#) rgiddles 2007-04-04

right... fist off.. eval FICWAD -_-... right reviewingness:
1. I rock? no dude... u rock... (ps im still hyper... i mean robbles, chester nd mikey hyper so i warn you now!)

2. vicky isnt the only one hus good on a dance mat is she now geets: o_-

3./"See? That's what you get for tickling me!" I smiled.
"Well, it was worth it.""/ omg thats soo sweet .. im grinning crazily :P

4. "Claire, Helen, ---Georgia---, Mia, Ben and Josh again crazy grin and u know why :]:]:]

5. ""Oh course you can. Let me just change into my corset, and we'll be off." " lol idk why but this tickled my funny bone big time.. lol corset.. HA! :]

6./What are you thinking about?" Brendon asked, finally breaking our silence.
"You."/... omg meltsss so sweet and just OMG ( im having an OMG day 2 day as u can probs tell from earlier:P)

7./ Once Brendon and I were out of the shower and we had dressed each other/:|.. O_O enuff said... or not said... tehehe! ;)

8./Instead of replying to him, I just got on the dance mat and chose a much harder song to dance to. / THAT was ace it was like yesss payback (cheezy grin nahnahnahnahnah :P:P:P).. but in a nice way!!!

9. I CANT BELIEVE U DIDNT LIKE THE CHAPTER :|.. i did and ohh look so did everyone else! so :P

10. next chappi= PARTY wooooo HEHEHE.. hyperness seeping through but geets.. i luvs this fic...

its " just like heroin"... (a great grey daze song actually :]) but yer.. updates r like well appreciated.. big time .. CHOCOLATE present big time ( just dont go dropping it ;)lol!)
(ps WHAT IVE DONE RULLEZ and so does rob nd chester nd mike!).. that is all :P

Author's response

lmao, FicWad has been annoying me, lol. yeah, u do rock, and thanks! hmmm... (not going to answer that, cos im not BRILLIANT) lmao, im a sucker for romance, i put it in all the time :P haha, yes "Georgia". it tickled mine too, and my random bone, lmao. again, the romance! oh god, did u HAVE to say that!? yeah, payback!! well, it was so hard to write, I duno why, and thanks! yesh, a party! lmao, thankyou again! Geets xx