Review for Will You... ?

Will You... ?

(#) mizumi888 2007-04-23

Wow. Wonderfully-written. I loved it. Especially since it seemed to me only the slightest out of character. Though I'll have to admit that I actually haven't even read the third book yet so I have absolutely no idea how those events you mentioned came to. But what the heck. I just let spoilers slide in my memory. Thanks for the info :D

Well, this story has been much interesting. I, for one, adore the pairing and I would really love for them to end up with each other (did that ever happen in the end?). Although there is still room for improvement (bah, there's ALWAYS room for improvement XP), it's a magnificent plot that you got tucked in there. I applaud you for that.

Well...I'll have to be going now. The chicken I'm frying will burn if I leave it for too long. Take care then and I hope to see more of your writing soon. Thank you.