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A New Twist

(#) iheartyou07 2007-04-29

Wow. You cannot believe how excited I am//was for this chapter. I was up until 4.30 am and had to be up by 6.30 am, so basically I'm running on 2 hours of sleep, and honestly this woke me up and gave me such a jolt.!!
I adored this chapter. I loved it, from start to end. Holly shit. I loved all their little 'touchy touchy' things throughout it. Too cute. Hhaha, and the whole Archie-falling-on-her-boob thing was hilarious, great job! I love his thoughts//sub-conscious. There's so much going on now, with A&T, Jay being jealous, graduation, Cronus, the dreams, the moving. Oh my, the moving. I honestly cannot wait for that. Just another step closer in being a couple:P
I love how he is so comfortable in coming into her room and just sprawling himself on her bed. And damn Jay//Cronus, they just had to go and ruin that moment. As for the whole graduation thing, I'm wondering if it'll be Archie or Jay taking her... hm. I don't tend to like the whole 'grad//prom//dance' scenes in most peoples stories, because its always so overally done and cheesy, but I just know you'll nail it:D Oh god, this is going to be so long, lol, as it always is, I guess.
Anyways. You know I loved it. I can't wait to see what behind's Cronus' little threat, and the dreams in is keeping me waiting and on the edge of my seat. You know what Jen? I hate you. You and your stupid amazing stories. Whore.:P Although I know you love reviews, so you'll probably love this:D
P.P.S. hope you didn't take the whole 'whore' thing personally:P I always have to clear that out with people...
Can't wait for more. And Archie better be okay, or I swear I'll come over to wherever you live and kick your asssss.
♥ x33

Author's response

LMFAO! You know what, I love you. Your reviews always make me die laughing, and yes. I am an amazing story whore XD and damn proud of it too!! I'm glad you liked this chapter, I really adored it too. The moving will be amazing, and eventually quite steamy ;) because I'm evil like that. I hope my grad scene doesn't turn out cheesey, though it will prolly be pretty damn funny, maybe a little sexy, we'll see. And maybe I'll spare some time and draw a fanart for it...lord knows i could use the practice XD. lol and don't worry, I can't kill off Archie this early in the story XD, so no killing of Jen allowed...yet. So, glad you liked it. I'll be thinking of you as I write chappie 8 lol XD
P.S. speaking of updates, when are YOU gonna update Screwed Up Love Life? I'm so totally in frickin love with that one. I need more! I NEED IT!!!!....ahem, yessss...
Love ya!