Review for Anatomy


(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-05-06

Wait. Was that it? Ugh, you're confusing me. There better be more. Or, I might have to kill someone.

...but, holy shit. Lincoln bit Gerard, and left a little 'present'? Hol-ly SHIT!!!! I wasn't expecting that. I wasn't expecting Gerard to be such an idiot. ...but guilt is a human emotion, and I guess Gee's just human (a human whose been thrust into a world of vampires and destinies, but a human nonetheless) Oh, man. I love this story so much.

You really write better than you think you do, hunny. Honestly. You write extremely well even at your worst, and I'm not trying to be nice right there. I'm completely serious.

But, yeah. There better be more. Or I might have to bring new meaning to my nickname of AK-47. But, yeah. Great job!