Review for Anatomy


(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-05-07

Oh. Oh, I...I can't...oh. draws in shaky breath I thought...oh. Oh-ho-oh.

I can't form a good comment for that ending. I just...can't. Oh. That's all I'm able to say. My sister wanted to tell me something, but I had to hold up a hand to stop her while I hyperventilated. I'm. Not. Lying.

I seriously hyperventilated. Which wasn't fun. Lincoln killed Gerard, Frank killed Lincoln, and now Gerard's back alive. It was happy. A happy ending.

Oh, man. This is probably the least coherent review I've ever left, but sweet Lord God of the world...this story had left me speechless. I finished the ending seven minutes ago, and started this review two minutes ago. It took five minutes to regain my, like, consciousness. I seriously gaped at the screen for that long.

And then my bank called and I had to answer in the middle of reading this. You should've heard the conversation:
Me: HELLO??????
Stupid Telemarketer: Um...can I speak to Marisol? (My mom's name.)
Me: NO!!!!!!
ST: ...uh, does she have a husband I can speak to?
Me: Wha-NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
ST: Could I call at a better time?
Me: YES!!!!! frustrated half-yell
ST: D-do you know when that would be?
Me: NO!!!! /GOODBYE/!!!!!!! hang up and run back to computer as fast as I could

Not kidding. I don't I would be able to make something like that up, but man...I scared the shit out of some random bank lady.

That's what you do to me. This is officially my all-time favorite story, BTW. And I've read a lot. I love you, hunny. I really do. Great job. I applaud you.

Author's response

Wow. Thanks dear, your comment made my entire month. And man, I wish I could have heard that phone call! xo