Review for Anatomy


(#) isuckatlifen 2007-05-07

this story started out intense with a confusing romance between gerard and frank they werent really sure what they wanted. then there was all the metaphores and how the charectors had to each figure out their roll especially frank at first it was hid roll with gerard but then it got deeper when they went to tour in europe. and he had to figure out what he was supposed to do to save the world. this whole story was like the climax of a book. it was so well written that it doesnt seem like a fanfiction but like a published book. i felt like i was there experencing the whole thing every raw emotion every ounce of pain. i could see the surroundings feel them even. it was incredible. sometimes i got so into it i would have an astma attack almost and have to llok around and make sure i was still safe in my room. every word was filled with detail every sentance a story in itself. from begining to end it was incredible. and then at the end when gerard was dead. i was hurt as much as frankie, then god. im atheist and now im starting to doubt my beliefes. the most incredible story i have ever read this is the longest review i have ever written and it still doesnt seem long enough to describe how i felt about this story. it will be on my mind for years. you are the best author i have ever had the pleasure to read a peice from better than any formally published stories. i look foward to reading more of your incredible work.this story made me wonder and think beyond my mind it was truly amazing. i loved it.
nikki xo

Author's response

Jeez, dear lord woman, I could not have asked for a more heart-felt review. I appreciate this so much, I don't even thing you know. I'm very very happy that I was able to place such an effect on you. I hope you keep reading, and much love -xo