Review for Silver and Cold

Silver and Cold

(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-05-18

Ah, yes. The return of the good authors has now been initiated. Now we just need aiIenzo and SafeFromRobotsDAMN to come back. And then, our take-over shall be completed!!!! laughs manically

Oh, man. You've improved over your little "break". growly face Just 'cause I went away doesn't mean you could! Now all the good authors are gone and my fans have left me! sobs I miss the 10 reviews per chapter...I hope the same doesn't happen to you. You know, our only hope is that people like you write more stories. Though, that frankxgerard person is pretty good. I haven't really read anything else, though.

But, enough with that shit that has nothing to do with this...opus. (HA! VOCABULARY WORD!!!! I bet you'll need a dictionary! laughs manically)

This story is great, though. You've really improved. The torture sequence was great, and I feel really bad for Kae. sad face

Update soon, please? Please?

KILL THE MARY-SUE WITH SLASH!!!! raises fist and runs off laughing manically

(That's my new signature. Fitting, yes?)

Author's response

laughs aiIenzo updated not long ago though right? Though where our dear SafeFromRobots has gone I don't know sighs sadly T'is a terrible thing my dear, a terrible thing.
laughs I was stuck, not my fault! protests And danke bows Well, maybe a rest does some people good then. Oh don't worry, I was only getting about 4 or 5, and don't mistake me I'm very proud of the reviews I was getting laughs My dear friend Silvana seems to have descided she doesn't need me though glares
runs off to find a dictionary hides dictionary Me...need a dictionary...never...
Thank you and so do i actually sighs It's not great...Makes me feel really cruel. You'll like the last chapter though I am hoping.
I shall, there will be an update this afternoon probably grins
Very fitting laughs Very very XP