Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) jerseygirlxx 2007-05-22

Ive been to all the fan fiction sites but I kinda like this one the best. Its the easiest to sort through at least! Ive got one story on here under hopeanne, its kinda long and I dont expect you to read it!Its kinda weird... I thought I put that in my profile..hmmm..anyway theres a few grammatical things back in uh belts and milk chapter (Which was my fav! I loved how clueless G was about givingher the belt!) Anyway it was little things like using the word were instead of was. You should fix em so it'll read easier...Im gonna go back through it and send it to you when I get a chance. Whens the next chap coming?----xoxo

Author's response

whoa!! that's some long story you wrote there!! but i'm going to read it maybe not all in one day, i'm so curious!!!anyway, i just updated. it would be super nice of you to show me all the gramatical errors in 'belts'! thanks!