Review for Throwing Away Angels

Throwing Away Angels

(#) MMMramen 2007-05-25

I've compiled a small list for you...because I can...and it makes my review look longer.

1. First off, I really love how you write. Well, this is the first time I read anything by you, but your way with words is just amazing. Shame on me for not investing my time sooner.

2. Your attention to the tiniest detail made me smile. Like how he takes off his shoes, for instance.

3. I also liked how that was no dialogue whatsoever. A lot of authors (myself included) tend to pack chapters full of dialogue, which is boring and incredibly easy.

4. I'm so jealous of your writing.

It's a shame there won't be anymore chapters, but I think it's better off being just a one-shot. However, if you decide to continue, I won't object... :)