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Chapter 25

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Nick did what?

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The boys finished performing and got a big applause. Joe was going to walk over to us but I seen him pause and walk away. “I wonder what Joe’s deal is?” Nick said walking up to me. “I don’t know…” I lied. “But anyway…what do you wanna do?” Nick asked. “I don’t care.” I shrugged. “Wanna dance?” he asked as Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie came on. “Sure.” I said as he took my hand. Although we were dancing and I was happy but there was still something missing, something that wasn’t right…


“How’d you like the performance?” Kevin asked as he came up to me from the stage. “Wonderful as usual!” I smiled. “Well…I was thinking the whole time of When You Look Me In The Eyes that that’s exactly how I feel about you…” he said shyly. “Oh Kevin! I love you!” I wrapped my arms around him. I don’t think the Kevin could be anymore perfect!
I seen Cody Linley walking up to us. “Brooke would you dance with me?” he asked sweetly. “No she won’t” Kevin said protectively. “Kevin its just a dance.” I said reassuring him. “ok…” he let go of my hand.
Cody and I began to dance. It was all fine until his hands sank a little lower then my back. I pushed him away, “Cody what the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked shocked. “Come on babe you deserve someone better then Kevin Jonas.” he said putting his hands back on me. “The hell I do! Get away from me you jerk!” I shouted causing a small scene. Kevin hurried over to me, “What’d you do?” he asked Cody demandingly. “I didn’t do nothing man.” Cody lied. “Grabbing my ass isn’t nothing!” I yelled. “You what!” Kevin threw a hard punch making Cody fall right to the ground. “Never ever touch my girlfriend again or you will majorly regret it!” Kevin took my hand and walked away with me leaving Cody there with a bloody nose.


As I was dancing with Nick I seen some commotion but I couldn’t see through all the people on the dance floor. “I wonder what’s going on?” I asked Nick. “Me too…lets go see if Kevin or Brooke knows.” Nick suggested. After getting off the dance floor we seen Brooke and Kevin. “Hey do you guys know what all that commotion was?” I asked. “Ya…we kinda caused it…Cody was being inappropriate with me and so Kevin kinda hit him in the face…” Brooke said almost clinging to Kevin’s arm. “He what? Oh I’m so gonna-” I got interrupted. “No you’re not Aubs just let it go Kevin already took care of it.” Brooke assured me. I was happy that Kevin was there for her but somewhat sad that I couldn’t protect her.
“Where’s Joe?” Brooke asked. “I don’t know I haven’t seen him since you guys performed.” I said. “Maybe we should look for him.” Nick said. “Ya that’s a good idea but it think that we should split up so we find him quicker.” Kevin suggested. “Definitely.” I said and we all parted.
I looked around in the more crowded places, expecting Joe to be in the middle of everything…he wasn’t. I seen Chelsea Staub walking around with a group of her ‘friends’. I hated to ask her but, “Chelsea have you seen Joe?” I asked. “Yes earlier tonight, we kissed.” she bragged. “Do you know where he is now?” I asked slightly annoyed that Joe would kiss her. “No and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you because why would the famous Joe Jonas really care about some low-life nobody? I mean he probably just puts up with you because Nick’s dating you.” her friends laughed. I almost hit her right there but I kept together, “Joe is my friend and I don’t see why he would ever kiss someone as much as a bitch as you are.” I said fiercely and walked away.
I became frustrated that I couldn’t find Joe. In all my anger I walked down to the beach since it was just down the hill. I seen a figure sitting but the water. “Joe?” I asked as I walked closer. He turned his head, “Aubrey?” he asked. “I’ve been looking all over for you, well we all have.” I said sitting beside him. “So why are you out here all alone instead of kissing your girl?” I asked even though I disliked Chelsea Staub. “My girl?” he asked as the moonlight shined in his eyes. “Chelsea said that you guys kissed.” I answered. “More like she kissed me, I guess I kissed back a little but she just isn’t my type of girl.” he sighed.
After a few moments of silence I decided to speak. “What’s wrong Joe?” I asked. “Well…Aubrey to be honest the whole time I was kissing Chelsea…I wished I was kissing you…” he bit his lip. “I…Joe…but Nick…and…oh Joe…” I stammered. “Its ok I understand…” he sighed. “Joe I think I might like you too but, but Nick.” I looked into Joe’s brown eyes. “Its ok I mean I really do get it…” he began, “We should get back now so they don’t just keep looking.” he said standing up.
We walked back up Joe farther behind me, I could tell he was lingering. I felt my heart drop and my stomach turn when I seen nothing other then Nicholas Jerry Jonas kissing Chelsea Staub. “What on Earth do you think you are doing!” I screamed at him. Nick pulled away from her, “It’s not what it looks like!” he ran after me. By now I was crying and running down to the beach again.
I bumped into Joe. “What happened?” he asked extremely concerned. “Nick kissed Chelsea Staub.” I said through the tears. “HE WHAT!” he yelled as he pulled me into a hug. He felt so warm and nice. He took me and we were heading back towards Nick but he was running towards us too. “Aubrey I did-” Nick was cut off my Joe hitting him right in the face. “What were you thinking!” Joe screamed. “She is the best thing has EVER happened to you and then you go around kissing other girls!” Joe was still yelling. “So you hit me!” Nick yelled back. “Please stop!” I yelled. They looked at me. Tears were still rolling down my cheeks. “Nick what happened with you and her?” I asked. “She just came up and was talking to me all flirty and then right as you were coming she kissed me.” he said.
Somehow I believed him, every word. “I believe you.” I said in a small voice. “You do!” Joe said. “Yes Joe. If Nick says that’s what happened then it probably did.” I said and Nick grabbed my hand. For some reason it didn’t feel right. I felt like I wanted to go over to Joe and just have him hold me for a while.
Soon we all were in the car…awkward to say the least. I could feel Joe’s anger radiating off him…the only thing was I think he was mad at not only Nick but me as well. Silence was all we heard all the way home. It was still silent as we walked into the house all splitting up to go to our own rooms except for Brooke and I we both entered my room.
“What is all this about?” she asked as we put on our pajamas. “Nick kissed Chelsea Staub and I kinda forgave him…” I paused thinking over my decision. “How could you forgive him?” she asked stunned. “His eyes were honest, he was telling the truth that she just kissed him when I came in sight.” I sighed as we sat down on my bed. “So Joe’s mad, Nick’s probably mad and worried, and here you are upset…man and all this happened in one night.” she said in amazement. “I know and I cant even prescribe the usual cure for all my problems, Jonas Brothers and Ice Cream.” I smiled weakly. “Ya that’s sad but true.” she smiled.
Brooke and I talked for a while as we always did when something bad happened. Of course when we talked it got deep and straight to the problem which usually caused crying and other such. “Brooke its two-o-clock in the morning I know its Friday and all but we still need to get some sleep.” I said wiping a tear off my cheek. “Ya we should probably go to bed.” she shrugged. “Goodnight Aubs.” she said hugging me and crawling under my covers. “Don’t you need to go to your room?” I asked. “Nope I’m gonna sleep in here with you.” she sighed and closed her eyes. I rolled my eyes and got under the covers, “Ok Brooke you do that.” and I fell asleep somewhat comforted by my best friend sleeping in my bed just like the good-ol-days.
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