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Secrets and Lies

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Takes place 2 years after Apocalypse, 1 year after the Phoenix. The mutant problem has grown and a obscure general named William Stryker thinks he has a solution. Has Scott/Jean, Wanda/Kurt, Kitty/...

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Chapter 19: Secrets and Lies


It was around 8 in the evening when Magneto, Scott, and Jean arrived back at the base along with Alex. It had been a tense ride for them, mainly because Scott and Jean were forced to let Alex in on all of the horrible events that had taken place in the last week. The grim reminders of all their dead friends who were as close as family was still a very hard thing for them to deal with. The whole ordeal left Alex completely speechless and horrified that such horror had happened. But now that he was here, he had no intention of leaving his brother's side out of fear that any moment could be their last in this new, hostile world.

"We're back..." announced Magneto as he opened up the sphere and let the three occupants out.

Alex still shot the master of magnetism rather harsh looks, still not completely forgetting what he had done to him and Scott in the past...But he didn't say anything, most likely as a result of Scott's coaxing. Although Alex didn't linger and was quick to follow Jean into the base, Scott did stay back for a brief moment to show the X-men's former arch nemesis his gratitude.

"Thank you Mr. Lensherr..." said Scott to the old holocaust survivor as he removed his helmet.

"Think nothing of it Scott," said Eric in response, "I have much to repent for...Consider this a mere beginning..."

Scott couldn't help but smile at Magneto's change. Two years had apparently done a lot to this man and he bet that if the Professor was here, he would be very happy to hear his words.

It had been a long and exhausting day for Scott, Jean, Alex, and Magneto and they were all in need of some rest. While Magneto didn't look forward to sleep in any way shape or form, he knew he had to rest his tired body...However, this time was somewhat different. This time he felt somewhat lighter in a sense that he had done a good deed for somebody that he had once hurt so greatly in the past. It was a strange...Yet good feeling that was a welcomed change to his constantly haunted mind. Maybe this was what made Xavier so passionate about his dream...This feeling that one gets when they help another who in turn would have been unable to help himself. Over and over, Scott's words of gratitude played over in his head...And the more he thought about it, the more profound it felt. Such a feeling stuck with him as he and the others descended in the elevator and stepped out on to the second level, where the others had been waiting anxiously for them all day.

"Scott, Jean...You're back!" said Kitty in an ecstatic, yet relived tone, "And you found Alex!"

The young valley girl was quick to throw her arms around her graciously surprised friends in relief. Feeling relieved very much in the same way that she was, both older teens couldn't help but smile and Alex just laughed at Kitty's enthusiasm.

"Nice to see you again Kitty," said the younger Summers brother with a grin on his face.

"Likewise Alex," said Kitty now feeling slightly embarrassed, "I'm glad you're alright."

"Ve all are..." said a new voice as Kurt, upon hearing Kitty's excitement, ported into the area to greet his friends, "Ve vere vorried about you guys."

"Well we're back now Kurt," said Scott to his friend, equally glad to have returned successfully from their rescue mission, "You can stop worrying."

"Thank God for that," said Kurt as he then towards to their new guest, "Come on Alex, I'll show you around. You all must be hungry."

"You read my mind Kurt!" said Jean with a laugh as she soon realized the irony of her words, "Are you coming Mr. Lensherr?"

"No...You go ahead," assured Magneto, "I'm fine for now..."

"Well...Suit yourself," said Jean as she followed the others to the kitchen area to get some much needed nourishment.

Magneto found himself lingering somewhat as he watched the young adults disappear. Now that Alex was back safe and sound, what were they going to do now? How long were they going to hide here? He truly didn't know what was going to happen next. It was a rare feeling for a man that was used to feeling so in control all of the time. But it left him at a true crossroads. Was he going to go back to his old ways and fight humanity? Or was there an alternative? These thoughts continued to perplex the old man to no end...But he was soon brought out of his daze by the sudden voice of his daughter.

"Father?! Father thank god you're back!" exclaimed Wanda breathlessly with an urgent look on her face.

"Wanda? What's wrong? Did something happen while I was away?"

"It's Pietro...He's woken up but...He's agitated for some reason. He keeps trying to say something, but his injuries are still hurting him!"

"He's woken up?!" said Magneto with great intrigue upon hearing this news.

"Yes...But I can't calm him down," said Wanda, feeling somewhat desperate and dazed after having to care for her brother and worry about her father at the same time.

"It's okay Wanda...I'm here now. It's okay..." said Eric gently as he placed his hands upon his child's shoulders.

For a brief moment, Eric saw past the pained look in Wanda's eyes that had lingered for so long. In seeing her relief as a result of his return...It made the old man forget about his past mistakes ever so briefly. It allowed him to reflect for a brief moment on how much his daughter had grown. She looked so much like her mother now...Beautiful, caring, concerned for the well begin of others. It helped him remember that there was still a part of Magda left to treasure in this world...And she was standing right before him. He had been thinking about her a lot in these past few days...And he had been thinking a lot about what he had done to Wanda in the past. It was one of the many things that haunted his mind...And the more he looked into his daughter's eyes, the more hurt he felt knowing that she was still under the influence of Mastermind's control. However, he was forced to set that aside for now in light of his son's awakening.

"I will go check on Pietro," assured Eric, "He will be fine now...I promise."

And with that, the master of magnetism went to check on his son...Eager to know what was making him so anxious.

Wanda stayed back...Hoping that her father could succeed where she had failed. Ever since he woke up earlier that day, Pietro had been in a great deal of pain...Yet despite this, he kept trying to say something to her. His words were incoherent and he went into coughing fits nearly every other word...Yet despite this he kept trying. It was typical stubborn behavior for Pietro...But this time it was different. Whatever he had been trying to say...It most certainly sounded important. And whatever it was...It concerned her. Wanda was so lost in her thoughts that she almost didn't notice Kurt teleporting into the room.

"Vanda...Are you hungry? You've been cooped up in the med lab all day," said Kurt as he hoped to get Wanda to join him and the others for a little dinner.

"I'm okay Kurt..." replied Wanda in a deep monotone voice that Kurt was quick to pick up on.

"Vanda...Is everything all right? Is something wrong with Pietro?"

Wanda felt Kurt's gentle hands touch her shoulder from behind and she forced herself to turn around and face him, unable to hide the worried look on her face. It was a look that immediately sparked Kurt's curiosity as he quickly felt a new sense of worry for his new friend.


"It's nothing serious but..." Wanda soon found herself trail off, still feeling at a loss for words over what was going on with her brother.

"But vhat...Come on...You can tell me. I promise," assured Kurt, hoping that the Scarlet Witch would heed his words.

"It's just that...Pietro woke up earlier."

"But isn't that a good thing? It means that he'll make it."

"No...It's not that..." said Wanda quickly, but still struggling to find the right words.

"Then vhat is it? Please...I promise that I'll try and understand," coaxed Kurt as he saw tears starting to form in her eyes.

Her vision soon became obscured by her growing tears...Yet she could still see Kurt's worried look. Ever since their paths had crossed...He had tried to help her...And he was one of the few people that understood her. But this was something that she couldn't talk about...Not yet. It was still too confusing to her. Some of the things that her brother had managed to say...Had only given her more questions and never any answers. She struggled to understand what her brother meant...But she just couldn't bring herself to tell anybody about it yet.


Before Kurt could even respond, Wanda made a quick exit and retreated back to her room in the dormitories. Kurt was about to follow, but another voice from behind stopped him cold in his tracks.

"Let her go son..."

Kurt turned around to see his mother standing in the doorway near the kitchen with a concerned look on her face. It was as if she already knew something that he didn't...Something major. Kurt's curiosity and worry only grew at this, fearing what it could mean for Wanda. Ever since she kissed him that fateful day when he brought Pietro back to life against all odds...He had been thinking a lot about the Scarlet Witch and had grown rather fond of her company during this hard time. This only made things harder for him in the end when he couldn't help when she was obviously struggling with something.

"But...Ve have to help her. Something is definitely wrong," said Kurt, still tempted to follow her.

"I know...But please Kurt, give her some space for now. It's what she needs for the time being."

"But how can ve just sit here when there is clearly something wrong? Pietro must have said something to make her feel like this!"

"Kurt..." coaxed Mystique as she walked over towards her distraught son, "I know you want to reach out to her...But you can't connect with everybody. You've already done enough for her...But Wanda has to deal with some things by herself."

"But...Why?" said Kurt somewhat desperately, not liking the feeling of helplessness that now permeated upon not following Wanda.

"Because I know her Kurt..." responded Mystique, "I know a lot more about Wanda than the rest of you. I've lived with her for over two years now and I know things about her...And I know that right now, she just needs some time to herself so she can think."

Kurt got the feeling from the look in his mother's eyes that she wasn't telling the whole truth...Only half of it. Kurt only became more intrigued...For if there was more to this than anyone was willing to tell him, he had to find out. He had to know what was causing Wanda so much inner turmoil.

"Vhat exactly do you know that I don't? Vhat are you not telling me Mother?" implied Kurt with a suspicious tone.

Mystique bit her lip...Knowing that Kurt was going to keep pushing until he found out. But this was something that she knew she had no right to discuss with him. Wanda's life was her business and she had placed her trust within her to keep it that way. Wanda had been Mystique's only real friend in the Brotherhood for the two years that she struggled with the aftermath of Apocalypse. She was the only one willing to believe that she had changed...And for that, the shape shifter felt that she owed the young girl as much...Especially after all that she has been through.

"It's not my place to say...If Wanda wants to let you in, then that's her decision," said the shape shifter, hoping that her son would understand, "Just know that there are some things that about Wanda that are hard to explain. She's been through a lot in her life...And she's still going through more with all that has happened recently. I know you want to help...But you just need to be patient for now. She'll talk when she's ready."

As Kurt listened to his mother's words, he couldn't help but let out a defeated sigh. He thought that he was formed a real connection with Wanda...But for all the confusion and emotions that the kiss triggered within him...It didn't change the fact that he didn't know very much about her to begin with. Mystique had actually lived with her for two years while he had only known her for a few days. It was hard to concede to such facts...But in the end, Kurt decided that maybe his mother was right. However, that did not stop him from worrying.


The medical bays of the underground base were somewhat cold and drafty to Eric Lensherr as he stepped into the room where his son was recovering from his numerous bullet wounds. It was still a hard sight to look at...Knowing that he was lying there because he wasn't there to protect him. He had betrayed his son in the same ways he had betrayed any other accomplices...As if they meant nothing. But this was his own flesh and blood...And still he betrayed him. It took a long time for his conscious to catch up to him...But when it did, all the guilt was intensified a thousand fold. His presence seemed only to agitate the wounded speed demon...But that was Eric's own fault and nobody else's. Whatever was bothering Pietro to cause him to act like this had to have been difficult if he was willing to go through such pain in order to say it...But now that his father was here...He could confront him for all his betrayal and lies. He may have been wounded, but Pietro Maximoff was far from weak.

"What are...You doing...Here?" struggled Pietro as he tried to sit up, but only clenched his teeth in pain upon doing so.

"Please Pietro...Don't sit up. You'll only hurt yourself more," said Magneto, trying to sound concerned for his well being.

"What do...You care!?" shot Pietro through his pain with an angry look on his face.

Pietro's blind rage towards his father was a long time coming. For many years, he had been his father's puppet...His errand boy...Never his son. He took so many things away from him in life...And every time he promised to change that, he would betray him. Yet he still trusted him time and time again in hopes that one day he would have his family back...But it never happened. It left him bitter, smug, and not wanting of anybody else's help. He had ruined his life...He had stolen his innocence. Now he had none left...He was just a wounded shell of flesh and blood with little humanity left within his being. And for this...Pietro Maximoff refused to let this man hurt him and his sister any more.

"All this time...You lied to me...Betrayed me...Took everything...Away from me," said Pietro as his anger and pain mixed with tears, "I kept trusting you...Because I hoped that...One day...We'd be...A family. But I gave up...Years ago...Thinking that. Now look at me...Look at you...There's nothing left. And it's all...Your fault!"

The words from his wounded son stung unlike anything he had ever felt before. Pietro was willing to fight through the pain of ten bullet wounds simply to tell him off. Every breath seemed labored for the speed demon, even though his speedy body chemistry was healing him...He was still in a lot of pain. For hours on end, he refused any pain killers that Wanda or Mystique tried to give him. He knew that he had almost died...He knew that he had come so close to death...And in doing so, he had formed a resolve to at least cleanse his soul before he died again.

It hurt Eric to see his son fighting through so much pain...But it hurt even more to see the look on his face as he revealed to him his long pent up feelings about the way he had treated him throughout his life.

"Pietro..." began Magneto solemnly, unable to hide the hurt he felt, "I...Know how much I hurt you over the years...But..."

"Bullshit!" shot Pietro as he cut his father off, "You don't know...How much...It hurt! You...Can NEVER...Know! What you...Did to me...What you...Did to Wanda...You can...Never know!"

Pietro had never spoken to his father like this before. He was the most powerful mutant on the face of the Earth...And could easily kill anybody in this base with minimal effort. In the past, this power that he wielded kept Pietro from letting him know. However...The young speed demon was no longer scared of him. He was already wounded...He had already nearly died once. And being so close to death had given him the resolve...The drive...The strength he needed to speak out against the man who was behind so much misery in his life.

Pietro struggled to breathe regularly through the pain of his wounds, but his long pent-up emotions fueled him enough. Magneto had no way of responding to such words...And a heavy silence quickly fell over the cold, sterile room.

"You're...Right Pietro," said Eric as he solemnly removed his helmet, showing his full face, "I can never know how much I hurt you and Wanda. I...Truly have no excuses for what I did to the both of you. Just know this...These past two years has given me a lot of time to think and reflect on what I have become over the years. Apocalypse profoundly changed my life...It made me see and feel many things that I had long shoved aside for the sake of my own selfish goals. And...I have finally come to see how much you and Wanda mean to me. I have finally started thinking clearly..."

"You think...That you're misery...Justifies...Anything?!" quipped Pietro, not believing in a word his father said, "If mom were...Still alive...She'd hate you...Just as...Much as...I do!"

That was, by far, the most devastating thing Pietro could have said to Magneto at this point. The mere mention of Magda, the woman he loved, yet lost all those years ago...Struck him in a way that nothing else could. For all the power in the world...For all the strength of every mutant...For all the status of a god...Nothing could ever erase Magda from his mind. She was still a big part of him...And even after he had gone through his mutant enhancement machine to numb all his emotions...His feelings for her still resided. Nothing he did could ever change them...Even though at some point, he tried so that he wouldn't feel this pain. But now...Coupled with the memories of Apocalypse, the events of the past week, and his son's harsh words...Eric Magnus Lensherr felt more inner pain than he ever thought possible. He never in a million lifetimes would have thought that words would hurt so much. But after what Pietro had said...He just couldn't take it. Tears began forming in the master of magnetism's eyes as those words echoed in his mind. It stung like the sting of a thousand sharp knives begin stabbed into every part of his body. The hurt he felt...The pained look on his face...Was just too much. His son hated him...And if she knew the truth, so would Wanda. Such heartlessness only made longtime wounds fester even more as he looked back down at his son wordlessly...Unable to say anything else.

"I don't...Care what...You say," said Pietro finally as he broke the silence once more, "I'm going...To tell Wanda...The truth. She has...To know. I don't care...If she...Hates me. She deserves...To know. It's my fault. I...Let it...Happen. I did...What you...Wanted me...To do. Now...I'm through...Being...You're...Slave."

Magneto forced himself to turn away...For he didn't want his son to see anymore tears in his eyes. If Wanda found out...It would end any possibilities of ever having his children back. He would be alone again...Isolated, bitter, and a mere shell of a man. He had betrayed Charles...He had betrayed Magda...He had betrayed his own children. What right did he have to stop Pietro? If anything...He deserved every ounce of pain that he felt now. Using his son as his own slave for his own diabolical needs...Using his daughter as his own personal weapon...What kind of man does such things? He had long thought of himself and all mutants as 'superior.' But his actions towards his children were far from anything a 'superior' being would do. Even the lowliest creatures cared for their young...And he hadn't. What right did he have to call himself superior? How could he when he couldn't even carry out something as simple as loving his children?

Magneto swallowed hard...Fighting his mental and physical strain and trying to keep himself from completely breaking down. He was a complete wreck now...A mere shell of a man barely able to stand under his own weight. The things his son had said...Were a long time coming for him. He had always told himself such things...But hearing them come from the words of someone else...More so his son...They hurt with a magnitude he could never have thought to have imagined. What was there left to say after such harsh words? What more could he do?

"Pietro..." struggled Eric, every word dripping with long standing inner pain, "There is nothing I can do to change the past. But if I could...I swear to you...With my soul...Whatever bit is left of it...That I would go back and change everything for both you and Wanda. I know you blame yourself for letting it go on...But none of it was your fault...None. It was all my doing. You were given no say in the matter...I forced you to choose between your father and your sister. There's no way to justify that...I know. I took away your sister...I made you listen to her cries as I threw her into that horrid asylum without a second thought...I abandoned you and betrayed you with promises that things would change...But they never did. I lied to you and Wanda for so long now...I finally see that. And I will NOT try and justify my actions anymore. If anything, please understand that. You should not have to go through telling Wanda the truth...This is my secret...This is my doing...Not yours. If anyone should have to tell her...And watch her feel such pain all over again...It is me."

"NO!" yelled Pietro despite the pain it caused, "You can't...I won't...Let you! You'll just...Hurt her! You took her...Away from me...Once...You lied to me...Even more. I don't care...That you won't...Justify...You're actions. But I...Don't...Believe you!"

Magneto turned back to look his son in the eye...Expecting to see nothing but brimming hatred. However, when he saw the expression on his face...He was truly shocked. There were tears in his eyes...There was pain both physical and emotional. He wanted to tell Wanda...Even if it meant losing his sister all over again. She deserved to know the truth...And he didn't want his father to screw things up again like he always did. For a brief instant...Pietro remembered that fateful day when he watched those callous guards take Wanda away from him. He remembered how he desperately reached out to her...As if he could pull her back from that horrible place and stop her tears...But his father's forceful arm held him back. But this time...He was through having his father hold him back. He was though letting this guild build up on his conscious. His father's words...They sounded sincere. And deep down...A part of him wanted to believe him. But he had been betrayed so much by his Father's phony acts that he truly couldn't stand being hurt again with lies. Pietro struggled to hold back his emotions...But he quickly succumbed...No longer possessing the strength or desire to keep them bottled up anymore.

"You know...What the...Worst part is...Dad?" struggled Pietro, his words a twisted mixture of anger and sadness, "It's that...The very worst...Part of...You...The part that...I hate...The most...Is me. No matter...What matter...How much...I hate you...I can't change...The fact that...I'm your son...And you're my father."

Pietro finally collapsed back on to his bed as he finished saying those words. He was unable to stay up through the pain of his wounds. He was still conscious...But he had said what he wanted to say. He had let his father know after all these years how much he had hurt him. Now he knew how he felt...He knew how much he hated him for all his crimes against his own family. Nothing could ever change their relation...Pietro knew that. He was stuck being Magneto's son whether he liked it or not. His blood still flowed through his veins. But as much as he hated it...He was glad that he had finally found the strength and courage to tell him off like he had wanted to for so long. But now that he had...Pietro could do nothing more except wait for his Father's response.

Magneto truly felt like he was at a loss now...His own son was sickened by his very existence. Everything he had done to him had finally come back to haunt him. No matter what he did now...This didn't change the pain that he put his children through. Eric Lensherr was once a man that stood strong in the presence of any obstacle...He was once a man that never conceded to defeat. Capitulation...Surrender...Loss...Were not words he liked to use. But right here...On this fateful day...He had to concede to the greatest loss of his life...His own children. There were no justifications...No excuses...No reasons for such horrible acts. He remembered what Scott had told him earlier about dealing with the past and how some try to forget while others accept it...And now, Magneto felt that after many years of secrets and lies...It was finally time to accept this fate.

"I'm...Sorry that you feel that way Pietro," said Eric in a deep, monotone voice with a subtle hint of sadness showing just how much he was trying to hide his emotions, "I...Can't blame you for feeling the way you do about me. But...You are still my son...That much we can agree on. I know you hate me...I know I have done a lot to make you only hate me more. But know this Pietro...Whether you hate me or not...Whether you believe me or not...Just hear me and listen to me when I say...I'm sorry."

Pietro felt as if he had been shot an eleventh time upon hearing that...For his father had just apologized for something. His greedy, insane, hate filled father had actually said that he was sorry. Never in his whole life had Magneto uttered those words...Yet he had just heard them. At first, Pietro felt that maybe he was delusional or maybe he was going crazy somehow. But he had heard it...His father had actually said that he was sorry. He didn't have the strength to respond to that...He didn't know how to respond to that. Half of him believed him...The other half wanted to tell him to fuck off. But he had still said it...That much, he did believe.

"Rest Pietro..." said Eric as he slowly made his way to the door, "I...Will tell Wanda the truth. I know it's pointless to beg for forgiveness at this point...But remember that no matter how much you or Wanda hate me...I will still always love and care for you...My children."

And with that, Magneto left to tell his daughter the truth about what had happened to her all those years ago.


Outside in the cool silence of the night, a human figure snuck through the thick bush near the lake leading up to the mound where the abandoned SHIELD bases was situated. The former living weapon, known only as X23, sniffed the air...Following the quickly fading scents that had led her to this point. She really didn't know what she was looking for or who for that matter...But the simple fact that they where here was cause enough for concern.

With the powerful adamantium claws built into her hands, she sliced through the bushes and leapt from tree to tree with superhuman skill and agility. The animal within her was prevalent at this point as she used her powerful senses to track whatever had come here. The crickets were chirping and wolves could be heard in the background...But X23 filtered them all out and remained focused on the task at hand. She was finally within sight as she cut away the remaining few bushes and stood in the shadows looking at the hill where the scent ended.

The structure didn't look natural...It looked to ridged, bland, and out of place to her eye. But to a normal observer, it didn't seem a bit out of the ordinary. With her powerful scent of smell, she could detect the presence of more than one human and a lingering scent of jet fuel that seemed to hang over the area and not fade like the trail she had followed. This had to be the place. X23 knew it. The animal part of her being...The one that Hydra tried to train in order to kill...Wanted to storm the area and kick these intruders out of the area and away from her solitude. But the human side of her...The part that had been suppressed initially...Was still there...And it won over her judgment in the end. The human side of her remained curious...Eager...Wanting to know why they were hear. Her apprehension was still apparent...But her curiosity still lingered.

'Who are they? What do they want?' thought the troubled 16 year old girl as she watched from the bushes.

The raging animal and the distraught human of X23 struggled for dominance as she remained motionless in the bush. She truly didn't know what to do next. Growing up, she never even had a concept of free will or choice because of Hydra's aspirations. Now, she was faced with a choice...Investigate or wait for further developments. This alien feeling confused the teenage girl to no end as she struggled with herself to make a choice. In the end, she remained in the shadows...Fighting between the part of her that dominated...With the part of her that was suppressed.


Kurt didn't know how long he had been standing outside Wanda's door, but if he had to guess...It must have been well over an hour. After her distraught words from earlier, he was now more curious than ever to find out more. He knew that whatever it was...It was greatly troubling for Wanda, whom had already faced more than her fair share of traumatic ordeals since this whole thing began. Kurt truly didn't know why he was so eager to find out...He didn't even know why Wanda was stuck in his mind ever since she kissed him for saving Pietro. But she was someone whom he had come to really connect with because of their similarities. They both had difficult parents, they both fought against Apocalypse two years ago, and they both had a subtle understanding of what it was like to live a life in the shadows...Confused and dazed about their place in the world.

Kurt deliberated whether or not he should knock on the door and see if Wanda was ready to talk, but he remembered he words of his mother in saying that she'll talk when she's ready. In saying that, it had only made Kurt all the more curious as to what she knew that he didn't. Mystique had lived under the same roof with Wanda for two years and he had come to learn from Wanda that they were pretty close as friends. But there were still thing that he didn't know about her...There were still many unanswered questions about her past that Kurt just couldn't piece together.

Kurt finally decided that he would knock and see if she was ready to talk, but before he did...Something caught the corner of his eye in the hall. It was a lone figure that seemed to be moving at a curious pace. Silently, Kurt moved over towards the corner and soon discovered the identity of the figure...Magneto. And he was standing outside the door of Scott and Jean's room. Staying undetected from his sight, Kurt continued to watch as the once arch enemy of the X-men knocked on the door which was soon answered by Jean.

"Mr. Lensherr?"

"Yes...Jean, I know it's getting late and I know that you and Scott are tired from today, but I have a dire need that requires your powers," said Eric as he stood outside the doorway.

"Well...What is it?" asked the redhead, feeling somewhat anxious over what Magneto might ask her to do.

"I was wondering...Can you use your telepathy to remove mental blocks that hold back suppressed memories? Blocks that say...Were put there by another psychic?"

Jean briefly considered why he was asking her this, but given that so far Magneto hadn't shown any true aggression toward her or her friends...She answered.

"Well...Yes, that shouldn't be too hard. But...Why do you ask?"

"Because...I need a favor..."

In the corner, Kurt continued to listen with growing intrigue as he tried to ascertain why Magneto would ask Jean such questions.

"I need you to remove some mental blocks on Wanda...Blocks that have been there for quite some time now...Over two years to be precise. Can you do it?"

Upon hearing Wanda's name mentioned Kurt's level of anxiety over this matter began to surge...For he had a sickening feeling growing in the pit of his stomach that he wasn't going to like where this led to one bit.

"Well...Yes I can, but...Why Wanda? How did she end up with mental blocks in the first place?"

Magneto tensed up slightly...Debating whether or not he should tell her. But he didn't want to go too far just yet...He just wanted to get this over with. This was a long overdue task on his part...And he had put it off long enough.

"It's...A long story Jean. And you'll know...Everybody will eventually, but please...I just need this one favor from you. Will you do it?"

Jean didn't know exactly what she was getting herself into...But whatever it was, it greatly troubled Magneto to no end. His voice sounded strained, weak, and nervous even at the prospect of whatever he was about to do. But Jean felt that if he was trying to get them to trust him, they should at least try to return his sentiment. There were many questions that the young telepath had, but from the looks of it...Eric didn't seem that willing to talk about them just yet.

"Okay...I'll do it. When do you need me to..."

"Right now..." said Eric cutting her off in mid sentence.

Upon hearing this, Kurt teleported out of the hall and into the kitchen, which was deserted at the moment. He looked over into the living room and saw Kitty and Piotr talking about something. He also saw his mother going over some books...Most likely as a means to keep her awake. Alex wasn't there...He was most likely sleeping after such an exhausting day. But for Kurt...His mind kept debating with himself. Should he go back and listen? Or should he stay here? Was it truly right to spy? Wanda's well being was in question now over whatever Magneto had to say. If Pietro had tried to tell her something earlier...Then it wasn't at all impossible to think that Magneto might know exactly what it was. The more Kurt thought about it...The more he worried for Wanda. After what Mystique had told him he had good reason to...But the more he thought about it the more hopeless it seemed. He only had gotten to know her for a week and already Kurt considered Wanda a friend...And a very good one at that. She understood him...And he understood her in a way that few people ever could. And Kurt was desperate to hang on to that...Whatever this situation was or how it turned out, Kurt Wagner was determined not to let it destroy Wanda and the fragile well being she had managed to maintain despite so many horrible events.


Wanda Maximoff had been in her room for the better part of two hours now. She sat alone...In the darkness...Her mind going a mile a minute. Some of the things Pietro said to her...Things like lies, brainwashing, and Magneto had triggered something within the recesses of her mind. At first these frightening feelings were shaken off as simple anxiety...But when they started to resemble the nightmares that she had been suffering for the past few years, it quickly made her grow all the more anxious.

These nightmares she felt...They were truly something awful. In them, she felt herself being dragged away from her father and brother by these dark, sinister looking men that sometimes transformed into demons. She saw her father just stand by and let them take her...As if he had given her to them intentionally. She would see herself reach out to them...And beg her dad to take her back and not let these monsters take her away. She would see Pietro reach out to her...And she would reach back...But to no avail. These nightmares...They felt as if she was descending into the pits of hell as these heinous men or demons as they sometimes were threw her into a dark hole, bound her every limb and kept her in the darkness while she cried in agony to let her go.

Pietro's muffled words had triggered so many of these fuzzy images and the more she thought about them, the more confused she became. What were these images? What did they mean? She wanted to tell somebody, but she just found it too hard. She worried that they would think that she was going crazy or something...And that scared her. Would this mean that she would lose all her new friends? She struggled with so many questions and didn't know how she could possibly make sense out of all of them. Then suddenly...Her train of thought was broken by a gentle knock on the door.

"Wanda?" said a deep voice, "Wanda, are you in there?"

The Scarlet Witch quickly recognized that voice as belonging to her father...Which only brought out even more mixed feelings about this whole issue. But with so many unanswered questions...Wanda knew that if anybody knew what they meant...Her father would.

"Come in..." she said somewhat weakly, not knowing what this one action would lead to next.

Wanda watched as her father opened the door and slowly entered her darkened room. Following close behind him, Jean Grey also entered soon after. Why he would want her to be present was another curiosity altogether, but at this point...Wanda was left at the mercy of her emotions...Dying to know the truth.

"I spoke with Pietro..." said Eric in low, somewhat distraught tone.

"And...Did you find out what he was trying to say?" asked Wanda anxiously.

She watched as Magneto took a deep, anxious breath...As if he had been struggling with this moment for a very long time. He swallowed hard...For he knew that what he was about to reveal to his daughter would not at all be easy for her to take.


AN: To be continued for now! I know...I left it at a bit of a cliffhanger, but I can assure you all that you won't have to wait too long. So do you think Magneto will tell her? How do you think Wanda is going to take it? Stay tuned to find out! There's still plenty more to come! X23 is stalking the area, Alex is safe and sound with the others, and Stryker is still holding all the proverbial cards! So what do you all think so far? Do you like the action, the drama, and the romance of this story? Please tell me! I'd love to know! Send me your reviews via my email address or post them on the fanfiction website! Thanks a bunch for reading! I appreciate it and I wish you all the best!

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