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A little romance

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Charley Pollard wants something romantic to write in her journal.

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Charley Pollard closed her journal and carefully tucked her pen away down its spine. She'd certainly had lots to write about since she'd begun her travels, seeking adventure and romance as an 'Edwardian Adventuress''.
Since she'd been traveling with the Doctor she had gotten more adventure then she'd ever bargained for, sadly however nothing much in the romance department.
Charley sighed; so far the most attractive and charming man she'd met during their escapades was... the Doctor himself. Charley's pretty, round face reddened, yes the Doctor was handsome and charismatic as well as eccentric and exasperating at times. She still didn't really know what to make of him, even after all this time of traveling together, facing danger together; he still remained a bit of a puzzle to her. But mystery was also a part of the Doctors considerable allure.
Charley considered; she had been adventuring for simply ages now, why six months at least! And yet she had had neither ardent gazes nor breathtaking kisses to write about in her journal, this just wouldn't do! A practical girl, she decided if romance were to be had she would have to go and find it, just as she'd found her adventures; and as they were at the moment still in the vortex, and stuck in the TARDIS, the Doctor seemed the only choice.

The Doctor sat in his reading chair, a cup of tea in his hands and an Al Stewart album on the turntable. Ah, peace and quiet he thought, no alien invasions, no universe-ending crises, no TARDIS malfunctions, but there did seem to be something missing...
'Charley' he sighed, setting down his tea.
'Doctor, I wondered, that is, um... I seem to have something in my eye'
The Doctor got up and was beside her immediately, the very picture of concern.
'Lets have a look at it' He leaned in close, and brushing back her bobbed blonde hair, he gently took her face in his hands.
Her left eye did indeed look a little red, her make-up smudged. Charley's heart skipped a beat at the Doctors touch.
'Have you been rubbing it?'
' Well...' she began, her face slightly flushed. It was hard to concentrate with him so very close.
'Charley, Charley, Charley! You should never rub your eye if you have something in it!' he admonished. The Doctor straightened up abruptly and taking her hand, led her out of the console room.
'Doctor where are we going?' Charley wailed
'To the med bay so I can have a proper look at you'
Charley let out an exasperated sigh; she'd been wanting a kiss, not an eye examination. Next thing he'd probably try to fit her with spectacles. Of all the things, if there was a man without a single shred of romance in him it was the Doctor she thought bitterly.
Any other chap would have just wiped a pretend speck out of her eye with the corner of a hanky, told her how beautiful she was and took her in his arms and then... well... done something terribly romantic she was sure...that's how it always seemed in the books she read. Charley wasn't exactly sure what was supposed to happen after the kissing, she'd never even been kissed, but she was pretty sure whatever it was the Doctor probably wasn't very good at it.

Over the next few days Charley continued to try and get a romantic moment with the Doctor. She met with nothing but frustration, as every ruse she used availed her naught. Finally she gave up and stomped off to the butterfly room to write in her journal. She sat in the grass, frustrated beyond words, staring at the blank page with the heading 'a little romance...' She contemplated just ripping out the bloody page, swatting irritably at the butterflies that dared come too close.
Then the Doctor sat down beside her. Charley sighed, she hadn't even heard him come in. Sometimes the man was just too damned quiet.
She remained stubbornly silent.
'Is something wrong...did I do something to upset you?'
He seemed quite concerned that he had, she could hear it in his voice and see it in the look on his face.
'Of course not, what could you possibly do to upset me!' her words dripped with sarcasm.
The Doctor looked genuinely hurt. 'Charley whatever I did...'
Charley finally blew up 'you have all the romance of a rock! Here I am just trying to get a kiss from you and you give me an eye exam, offer to fix my shoe and ask me if I have a temperature! You are the most thick-headed, frustrating, exasperating individual I have ever met!'
The Doctor sat and stared momentarily 'You wanted me to kiss you?'
'Yes I bloody well wanted you to kiss me! Why do you think I've been getting things in my eyes and tripping and falling all over you the last few days! I just wanted something romantic to write in my journal, and I...I wanted to ...'
' Charley'
She turned to him, eyes flashing in annoyance
'What now Doctor!'
The Doctor kissed her.
Charley's eyes widened and she tensed for a moment as the Doctor slipped his arms around her waist, pulling her close against him. He was all silk and velvet softness; she could feel his warm breath and the touch of his eyelashes brushing against her cheek like butterfly wings.
Charley made a soft little sound, her journal slipping from her hand unnoticed as her eyelids fluttered and finally closed, her hands instinctively reaching out to clutch at the lapels of the Doctors heather green coat. He smelled like incense, and he tasted like jelly babies and strong, sweet tea. It seemed like time stopped, and nothing in the universe mattered at all except the two of them. All the descriptions in all the books that Charley had ever read in her whole life were nothing compared to the sweetness of that moment. When they finally parted Charley was breathless, her lips tingled, butterflies danced in her stomach and her heart hammered in her chest. The Doctor just smiled at her, calm and unfazed
'I hope that was alright...'
Charley pulled him down into the grass and kissed him senseless.
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