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An unexpected twist.

by 8thdocsgirl 1 Reviews

Something that would have made the Doctor Who novel 'Vampire science' A lot shorter ;)

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The Doctor quietly let himself into Sam's hospital room. He was pleased to see that no one had removed the do not disturb sign he had placed on her door when he'd left. He had been out only a short while, to have a breath of air and to buy Sam some chocolates.
The girl still slept, pale and drawn and again the Doctor felt a twinge of guilt for bringing her here, for exposing her to such danger. He would make it up to her, he promised silently; he would take her somewhere nice, somewhere special... Sam stirred as the Doctor sat lightly on the edge of her bed.
Sam opened her eyes and smiled wanly at the Doctor
'How are you feeling?' he asked gently
'Better now'
'I got you something' The Doctor smiled broadly at her and produced a beribboned box of sweets from behind his back. Sam accepted the gift, but rather than tear into the chocolates, she set it aside, pushed back the coverlet and sat up
'Doctor, lets leave this place' she pleaded 'Let them all settle this on their own!' she seemed terribly agitated and the Doctor automatically reached out to her
'Sam, we can't just leave, not with what's been happening here'
The girl shifted in his loose embrace, moving closer to him
He looked more closely at his companion and noticed for the first time that Sam was fully dressed. The bandage on her throat was gone, and the bite marks had healed completely
'One of the vampires snuck in to visit me...' She smiled again, this time showing him a delicate set of fangs
'Oh no, Sam...' The Doctor shook his head
'Its all right Doctor, he's no longer a problem'
'Sam, what did you do...?'
'He made the mistake of thinking that once he'd turned me I'd jump at the chance to join up with his lot.' Sam smiled a hard little smile 'Stupid really. He offered me power, dominion over humans...I pretended to go along with it, and when I saw my chance, I snapped his neck like a twig and staked him. His body's in the cupboard' she nodded to the closet across from the bed. There was coldness in her voice and a strange, distant look in her eyes that disturbed the Doctor. Sam had never spoken so cavalierly of death.
'We'll find you a cure' he began hastily.
'But I don't want one Doctor, all I want... ' Sam's embrace tightened around the Doctor '... all I ever wanted is you...'
'No...'the Doctor fought to keep his voice steady. 'Sam, don't...'you're not yourself, we'll get you back to the TARDIS, get you well...everything will be fine'
Sam brushed his long curly hair away from his neck
'Yes, it will...' she whispered, and before her friend could react, she sank her long pointed canines into the tender spot just below his jaw.
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