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Ellen and I -- Our Journey Through Love and Pains

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Will their love survive the harsh arrangements they are put through? Ellen, and Marissa two very normal girls such as ones you see or as yourself. Until one day they meet the Band of their dreams....

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Marissa walked into Hot topic looking at her friend as she chose a shirt for the upcoming concert. Marissa's hair came down to the middle of her back, her eyes were a bright green and she was kind of short. She had a average body frame and a shy and quiet attitude. Marissa put a hand on her hip and sighed.

She looked at her watch. "Ellen, we have to go soon," She said as a employee walked past her with ten tons of earrings in her ear.

"Do we have too?" Ellen asked pouting a bit as she finally picked a shirt that had Fall Out Boy on it, with a robot printed on it also.

"Yeah, we have to make dinner, pick out our clothes, hang out, wash dishes and then go to sleep, and that's after we check our email," Marissa said to her sighing with her arms crossed.

"Okay, well, fair enough," Ellen said quietly, "We'll get going then. Just let me pay for this top. Do you think it suits me?"

"Yeah, it does, come on!" Marissa laughed.

"Okay, coming!" Ellen said as she turned and walked towards the shop's front counter. She quickly walked over and paid for the top. It was a blue coloured top which suited Ellen's unusual green-grey coloured eyes and her light brown hair. Ellen smiled at the top as she walked back to Marissa. It was a good buy she decided. Marissa started walking out of the shop as Ellen followed behind. They made there way out to Ellen's car and drove back to Marissa's where both girls went and sat down at the computer. They wanted to check their emails and the Overcast Kids website for news on an upcoming Fall Out Boy concert.

They logged onto Marissa's email first and scanned through her messages. There was one from the Overcast Kids website. They clicked on it and began to read.
As they read Marissa's excitement began to build as she realised what the email was about. It stated that she had won a backstage pass to the upcoming Fall Out Boy concert and a pass to the meet and greet being held. Ellen was excited for her friend but she really wished she could also win this awesome prize.

"That's great!" Ellen said to Marissa holding back the little bit of sadness she held about the fact she probably wasn't ever going to meet Fall Out Boy.

"I know!" Marissa exclaimed, "Finally I get to meet them. But let's check your email, you have to have won these things too. I can't go without you!"

Ellen sighed and clicked on her emails, she didn't believe she would have won. On the screen the emails popped up and both girls scanned down them. An email was there from Overcast Kids.

"I knew you'd won too!" Marissa said enthusiastically.

"Not yet, " Elled replied skeptically, "It could just be a notice about something else."

"Well lets open it and find out."

Ellen didn't want to open it in case she hadn't won. Marissa didn't give her a choice though. She grabbed the computer's mouse and clicked on the email. It turned out Ellen had won also.

"Oh my gosh this is great!" Marissa squealed. She hugged Ellen tightly while they laughed. Finally they then settled down not able to believe what had happened.

"What should I wear?" Marissa said panicking. She just realizedshe was going to be meeting Patrick Stump, the sexiest man on earth. Pete was hot but he wasn't right for her. Maybe Ellen, but not her.

"Clothes?" Ellen teased and Marissa faked a laugh.

"You're so funny...I mean you're meeting Pete as well." Marissa said to her teasingly. Ellen tensed up a bit. Marissa laughed, shook her head and sprinted to the closet where shepulled out a long sleeved shirt and her black Tripp pants. She looked to Ellen for approval and Ellen nodded 'no'.

"Isn't Patrick a smiple punk guy?" Ellen asked raising her eyebrows a bit.

"Right," Marissa said. She pulled out some ripped blue jeans and a corset shirt that was red and black. Ellen nodded and then went to the closet to pick out her clothes for that night.

Ellen looked through stacks of clothes until she found some black jeans and some red and black Converses. Then she grabbed the Fall Out Boy shirt she had got today and showed all three things to Marissa, "You like?" Ellen asked Marissa.

"Perfect," Marissa said, "Now let's go eat and discuss about this event." She grabbed Ellen's arm and they walked out to get some food.

After getting it they sat and began talking about what they would talk about to the guys, especially Marissa to Patrick and Ellen to Pete. These were the guys they most wanted to impress.

"I'm going to impress Patrick with my musical knowledge," Marissa stated,

"Like what?" Ellen asked her friend.

"Like the bands I love."

"Fair enough. I'm going to just simply chat about whatever comes up."

"No, you have to think of something good to say!" Marissa grinned.

"Why? They are just people after all." Ellen said to Marissa seriously. Marissa nodded 'yes' then sighed.

"Dont you want to dazzle him with your ability to come up with a great conversation, seriously it's an attractive qualitiy," Marissa said to Ellen smirking a bit while she wrote down some band names.

"Well how about, what's up dudes, lets be totally narly," Ellen joked and Marissa choked on her drink.

"Hell no, that would be funny but then I would act as if I didnt know you," Marissa laughed, "Why don't you be you, you want him to like you for you right? Well then be you because if your not you, then who are you?" Marissa asked.

"What?" Ellen said confused then shook her head.

"Just be ourself," Marissa said simply and Ellen nodded.

"The concert is this Friday. Are you psyched yet?" Ellen asked.

"Yes. I'll be ready," Marissa said to her smirking a bit nervously, "Oh my God its Wednesday, holy shit thats two days away!" Marissa panicked and she began working on how she was going to fix her hair.
Suddenly she gave up sighing.

"Whats wrong?" Ellen asked.

"My hair hates me." Marissa grumbled.

Ellen laughed "Maybe you should put some color in it,then maybe it will love you," Ellen said to Marissa shrugging as she ran her fingers through her own hair.

"Maybe.I'm not sure because Patrick is simple. don't want to attract Trohmania. He's hot but not my type of hot, you know?" Marissa laughed at her nickname for Joe.

"Well don't worry about the color then. It's okay the way it is," Ellen said. She looked down at her watch and realized that it was time to head home to her own flat. She practically lived at Marissa's but she still did have her own place to call home. "I have to go now," she said quietly to Marissa, "But I'll come over tomorrow and we can work more stuff out about the concert. I can also take a look at your hair if you want?"

Marissa beamed at her friend, "Help me with my hair? Great!" The girls walked to Marissa's front door and Ellen got into her car. Marissa watched her leave and then headed back inside where she promptly went to her bed and collapsed on it. She then started daydreaming about meeting Fall Out Boy and especially Patrick.

In her car, Ellen was also thinking about meeting the guys, but unlike Marissa she was especially thinking about meeting Pete.

Both girls were extremely excited about Friday, their minds could not stop playing over what might happen on that day.
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