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Chapter 15

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Bob waits for Ray to wake when more news arrives

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Bob paced in the waiting room, agitated and tense. Moving to look out of the window he watched as an ambulance arrived, its lights flashing and siren blaring. The paramedics pulled two gurneys from the back, one occupant zipped inside a body bag, the other attached to oxygen and a drip was immediately pushed towards the entrance. A police officer stood alongside the first gurney. There was no rush with that one, Bob noted; he was headed for the morgue.
Bob turned away and settled slightly. The sight had given him some perspective – at least Ray wasn’t as bad as either of the new arrivals. Granted, he hadn’t woken yet, but the doctor had at least confirmed that he should be in general good health. No bones were broken, no internal swelling or bleeding. He’d probably wake with a blinding headache, but, Bob conceded, that was minor in relation to what could have happened – what did happen.
Eddie returned to the waiting room with two coffees in his hands and passed one to Bob. Momentarily, he narrowed his eyes, gazing suspiciously at the cup.
Eddie shook his head and sighed. “It’s just coffee, Bob.”
“Why haven’t we heard anything?”
“About Ray?” Eddie queried to clarify.
“Or Gerard?” he frowned. “You called the police, gave them the licence plate, how could he just disappear?”
Eddie shrugged. “It may depend where he was headed?” He heaved a sigh, not even believing his own words. “I don’t know.”
The pair looked up as the door opened; at last, perhaps some information? Expecting to see a doctor, both men were momentarily taken aback as a police officer was shown in.
“What’s happened?” Eddie asked. “Have you found them?”
“The car went off the road and ended up at the bottom of an embankment near a river.”
“And?” Eddie prompted.
Bob paled as he recognised the police officer. “I just saw you arrive! In the ambulance. Which one?”
The police officer stared bewildered by Bob’s outburst.
“Which one was Gerard?” he clarified.
The police officer nodded. “He’s alive, but he’s in pretty bad shape. There’s a doctor with him now, and he’ll come to speak to you as soon as he’s finished.”
The door opened again and Detective Silburn entered the room, greeted by a deep scowl from Bob.
“Oh, look who it is! So you believe there’s a genuine threat to Frank now, do you?”
Silburn frowned. “And you are?”
“Bob Bryar, drummer.”
“Well, Mister Bryar, you’ll be pleased to hear that we were, in fact, following the car discreetly. We would have found your two missing band members if your singer hadn’t gone crazy and forced the car off the road.”
“Why would I be pleased to hear that, you…!”
“Bob!” Eddie stepped in between as Bob headed angrily towards the detective. Pushing his shoulders back, Eddie yelled again, trying to cut through the furious haze he saw in Bob’s eyes.
Bob stood back, shaking out of Eddie’s grip, his jaw clenched and his eyes almost black with anger.
Silburn continued as if nothing had happened. “It looks like Simons tried to jump from the car about half way down the embankment, but it rolled over him, he’s dead.”
Eddie chewed his lip. “Any idea where the car was headed?
Silburn shook his head.
“No, thanks to Gerard’s heroics, we have no idea.”
“How could he have known?” snapped Bob. “That guy was gonna kill him! Would you have sat there and let him?”


“Mikey?” Frank called across the room. “Mikey are you okay?”
The young bassist screwed up his eyes as the calls to him cut through his light sleep.
“Frank?” he muttered at first before his eyes widened and he pushed himself upright. “Frank! You’re awake! Are you alright?”
Frank smiled, finding amusement in them both asking each other the same questions.
“I’m okay,” he smiled, “I’ve been awake for a couple of hours now.”
Mikey stared in dismay. “I… but… you were out for at least four hours. I fell asleep, you’ve been asleep…”
Frank looked at his watch and frowned.
“It’s been over ten hours”
“Do you think he’s coming back?”
Frank could only stare in reply, eventually glancing down at the chains encircling his wrists.
“He has to.”
Mikey shook his head slightly. “He wants to kill us. Why should he come back?”
Frank shook his head. “He wants the others too. He…”
Mikey shook his head slightly and Frank responded by glancing down.
“No,” Frank shook his head, refusing to give in to his fear. “They’ll find us! We’ll be okay.”
Mikey nodded, wanting to, but not truly believing it.


“Mister Toro is awake,” a nurse announced as she popped her head inside the door. “You can see him now.”
Bob sighed with relief. Even though, he knew that Gerard was badly hurt and Frank and Mikey were still missing, he allowed himself the single happy thought that at least Ray had survived and was well enough to receive them. Pushing past Silburn, he headed briskly for Ray’s room.
Ray smiled as Bob burst through the door, anxious to ensure that at least one of his friends was safe.
“Ray!” Bob smiled gratefully. “You’re okay?”
Ray smiled then grinned at the overwhelming reception.
“I’m fine!” he grinned. “I probably don’t even need to be here… I…” he tapered off as he saw the concern in Bob’s eyes. “Okay, I’m fine, so that look isn’t for me. What’s happened?”
Bob briefly closed his eyes before explaining everything that had happened since the attack in the bus.
“The guy, the psycho, he’s dead,” Bob finally advised.
Ray tried to find the best response.
“I can't honestly say I'm sorry, but…” he began.
“But we don’t know where he’s got Frank and Mikey.”
Ray stared blankly in response. Horrified as he realised that unless they had been provided with some water, they probably only had a few days to find them.”
“And Gee?” he asked.
“He’s just been brought in, he’s alive, but that’s all we know so far. The doctor’s with him.” Bob sighed.
Ray exhaled deeply. “Is there any good news?”
“Yeah,” Bob nodded. “You and Gee are alive.”
Ray put a hand to his mouth. “How are we going to find them?”
Bob shrugged. “I don’t know, but if I have to search every building in this city, I will!”
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