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Chapter 28

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Beach Fun

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A week passed and Chelcie ended up almost moving in. She quickly became one of the family and definitely mine and Brooke’s new best bud. We spent lots of time together all messing around with the boys and having fun. I was so happy that everything was completely back to normal and everyone was getting along. Joe and Nick had obviously forgiven each other and now were back to being brothers.
I felt the sun shining on my face which sounds all nice but when you’re trying to sleep…not so nice. I sat up and pushed my puffy bangs out of my eyes. Surprisingly I had a good feeling about today…despite the extra puffy bangs. I got dressed and straightened my bangs and walked downstairs.
I found a note on the counter obviously from Denise and Paul:

Dear Girls and Boys,

We have to go to this Hollywood Record thing and we will be there all day. We will be home tomorrow. Please be good and DO NOT brake anything. Frankie is at your Uncle’s house so don’t worry about him. You may go do something but be home before morning and be careful!

We love you all,

Mom and Dad (Denise and Paul)

Awesome we get a whole day to do as we please but what will we do? “Where’s Mom and Dad?” Nick asked walking downstairs. I handed him the note and watched as his eyes scanned over it. “Oh…so what are we gonna do today?” he asked sitting down at the table. “I don’t know…first I think that we should wake everyone else up.” I said. “Ok but you have to wake them up…I don’t want to.” he grinned. “Fine make me do all the work.” I laughed and walked up stairs.
First was Brooke’s Room. I opened the door and no Brooke…what the crap? I walked on to Joe’s Room and got him up surprisingly quick. Kevin’s Rooms was next. Opening the door I realized that Brooke and Kevin were both sleeping in his bed…if I didn’t know better then I would’ve thought that they had done something but both of them were responsible. I snuck up right beside the bed, “GET UP!” I shouted watching them jolt and fall onto the floor. I laughed. “Thanks a lot Aubrey!” Brooke complained as I walked out the door and on to Chelcie. I woke her up and now everyone was up.
Everyone read the note and now we all sat at the table thinking about how we wanted to spend our day. It was getting pathetic, we all wanted to do something fun but couldn’t think of anything to do. “How about we go to the beach?” Joe asked finally breaking all the thoughts. “Sure!” Chelcie smiled, “I love the beach!” well I guess we would be going to the beach…well at least I had never done that before.
Brooke, Chelcie, and I began to get ready in our swim-suits. We had on:



Me (Aubrey):

We walked downstairs and seen the boys, they had on:




For a moment I think that we all just stood there and stared. Honestly I thought that at any moment we all were just going to start drooling everywhere. Finally we snapped out of our daydreams. “Ok so are you guys ready to go?” Kevin asked. “Yep!” Brooke said. We drove off to the beach.
“SWIMMING!” Joe shouted as he got out of the car. We laughed. We set up our umbrellas and some towels so that Brooke could do her whole ‘sit on a towel and look sexy’ deal. “No swimming for you?” I asked sitting beside her. “I will swim…later with Kevin.” she had that mischievous grin. “You and him are to coupley.” I rolled my eyes as she shoved me. “I’m just kidding!” I laughed and got up.
I was about to get in the water when I heard, “WOO SWIMMING!” as Joe ran at me. I screamed as he lifted me into the air and ran into the water with me. He began to laugh as I stood up and splashed him. “How dare you do that!” I yelled laughing. “It was just to easy, I mean you were just standing there!” he shrugged giving me his priceless grin. I seen Nick wading out to us. “Nick!” I yelled going up to him.


“How dare you do that?” Aubrey asked giving me her death glare although I could see her holding in a laugh. “It was just so easy, I mean you were just standing there!” I grinned widely. It seemed to be going well so far…I think I might be winning Aubrey over. I seen Nick wading out to us. “Nick!” Aubrey said leaving me to go see him. Ok maybe I wasn’t winning her over.


Nick gave me a kiss and although this seemed like the perfect romantic place to kiss it just wasn’t. I felt very distant…I hated the feeling it was awful. I wanted to love Nick so badly but I felt like maybe I was slipping away from him…not just slipping away from Nick but possibly falling into Joe’s arms.


I watched Aubrey get tackled into the water which of course made me laugh. “Fudge-Cicle?” Kevin asked sitting beside me. “Of course I love those!” I took one of them out of his hand. I looked at Kevin, he was pretty hot in a swimsuit…ok really hot in a swimsuit. “Are you staring at me?” he asked snapping me out of my drool session. I blushed, “maybe…” I said looking away from him. “Well I didn’t say I minded.” he laughed and turned my face back around planting a small kiss on my lips. “I was looking at you too.” he grinned as we pulled away. “Ya who doesn’t when I wear a swimsuit.” I said. “That’s not conceded at all.” he said sarcastically, “But then again its true.” he smiled. Kevin couldn’t be more perfect.


This last week had been so much fun and now being at the beach was even better! I noticed Brooke and Kevin kissing and I have to say they were a cute couple. I seen Aubrey and Nick kissing and it made me a little sad. I hated to admit it but I had a crush on Nick but I wasn’t going to do anything…I would never do that to any of my friends. Joe was obviously into Aubrey although she seemed to be oblivious to it. Either that or she could hide it really well.
I decided to go swimming. “Hey Chelce!” Aubrey said as she swam. “Hey.” I smiled. Joe came plowing through the water over to us as he splashed us. “Ahh!” Aubrey and I screamed as the whole ordeal turned into a splash war. Aubrey and I against Nick and Joe. We were winning until Joe decided to tackle us so they could win. “Joe that’s so cheating!” Aubrey said, “You cant tackle us!” she frowned. “Dudes I so didn’t tackle you.” Joe shook his head. “We all seen you!” I said laughing. “No you didn’t.” he kept a serious face. “Whatever Joe.” Aubrey rolled her eyes. Nick watched laughing at us…he had such a cute laugh.


“I’m hungry” I complained as I got out of the water. “Ya me too!” Joe said following me. Nick and Chelcie got out of the water, “I think I’m gonna go hang out with Brooke and Kevin ‘cause I’m not that hungry.” she shrugged. “Ok” we all replied and walked off to the concession stand.
“Nachos and a water.” I said handed the man two dollars. Nick and Joe ordered and we all sat down at one of the picnic-tables. I popped a chip into my mouth, “Ahh food…” I said laughing. “Ya its food.” Nick laughed as he placed his arm around me. I set my head on his shoulder. Joe rapidly finished his food, “Well I’m gonna go hang out with the others.” he said quickly and walked away. “What’s his deal?” Nick asked. “Maybe he’s just really hyper.” I suggested. “Ya…maybe…” Nick didn’t sound convinced.
Although there were those misplaced awkward moments the day went well. The sun began to set and so I was laying on the towels watching the sun.


I got Brooke to go swimming as the sun was setting. The sun was absolutely beautiful…but not quite as beautiful as Brooke was. She splashed me snapping me out of my romantic thoughts. I splashed back, “What was that about?” I asked wading over to her. “Nothing…” she smiled at me.
The sun lightly touched her skin making her seem to glow. I pulled her into a kiss letting her soft lips touch mine. It was perfect, the sun setting as we kissed. I swear it was just like in the movies only better. We broke away, “You really are the cute romantic one.” she smiled her arms still wrapped around my shoulders. “Ya well I try.” I kissed her again and then we headed back to the others.
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