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Mama Way Comes To Visit

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Mama Way comes to check on her eldest son and what he has been up too.

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Chapter 14

Gerard’s POV

The movie was interrupted by the phone. Drew got up to answer it.


“Oh hey Mrs. Way….okay okay Donna how are you doing?” I watched her smile as she sat on the couch arm.

“Fine we are all fine, yeah your son is behaving him self do you want to talk to him?”
She smiled then handed me the phone.

“Hi mom.”

“Hey honey, how are you doing? Its sounds like Drew is good how is Frankie?”

“Yeah they are both fine, how are you and dad?”

“Fine, that’s why I was calling sweetie, I didn’t know what you three well and your brother too, where up too next weekend. Your father is going on a little fishing trip with some friends so I thought I would come visit my boys.” She grinned into the phone, I smiled even though I was 30 I still missed my mama.

“That’s a great idea mom, and your are staying here with us so don’t argue.” I smiled back.

“Honey I can find a place don’t you worry about me.”

“No you are staying here Frank and Drew miss you too you know so that settles it your staying here next weekend.” I didn’t give time to argue.

“Fine sweetie I will see you Friday then I love you give my love to the other two and Mikey too okay.”

“I will, I love you too.” I hung up the phone.

“Donna is going to say next week end then?” Frank asked smiling, I nodded.

“Great I haven’t seen her in forever, I miss your mom too Frankie she should visit soon too you know.” Drew smiled as she cuddled up in my lap.

“Both of your mom’s are sweet and loving and understanding unlike my wicked step mother.” She sighed. I wrapped my arms around her. Her father might not have completely understood our relationship but he respected it and us, he didn’t judge now her step mother on the other hand is a different story.

The next week we all three were busy getting ready for mom to come and stay. She was going to be staying in Frank’s room and then he would either sleep with Drew and I or on the couch. I was dusting since every time Drew attempted she ended up sneezing for an hour, Frank was vacuuming and Drew was in the kitchen trying to get dinner ready. She was cooking something that her mom always did for guest when she was little, Lasanga, well this time eggplant since Frank doesn’t eat meat. I will say this was the first time she has ever attempted anything more the Mac and Cheese and it was actually smelling really good. I went in to check on her and see if she needed any help.

“You doing okay in here honey?”

“I think so I just want everything to be perfect you know.” She smiled at me, she had a little bit of sauce on her cheeks and some on her nose. She was adorable, I smiled at her.

“She will love it I am sure, you know you have met her already so you don’t have to impress her anymore.” I giggled running my thumb across her cheek.

“I know but still.” Frank walked into the kitchen signing along with the music that Drew was playing.

“Your sins into me! Oh my beautiful one. Your sins into me woah, smells great baby. You should cook more often.” He smiled at her and she smiled back. I don’t know why but I felt that pang of jealousy again. I have been feeling it more often now when I see them two together, they seemed so perfect together and happy. I shook the thought from my head and started to get the salad together. The lasagna was almost done when there was a buzz at the door.

“That’s mom.” I smiled and went to the door to greet her. I opened the door and pulled her into a huge hug.

“Hey mom. Come on in.” I took her bag and lead her in to the apartment, this is the first time she has been here since Drew and Frank moved in.

“Wow, I love what Drew has done with the place it looks so cozy now!” She smiled and Frankie and Drew came out of the kitchen.

“Hey Donna.” Frank smiled and hugged her, Drew did the same.

“Hey kids you all have been doing okay I take it?” She looked at us one by one and we all nodded. I made chitchat with mom while Frank was setting the table and Drew finished up.

“Okay dinner is ready.” Drew called from the kitchen. Mom and I walked into the kitchen and sat down.

“Those are words I never thought I would say,.” She giggled and placed the salad on the table.

“I hope you guys like it I have never cooked it before so beware.” She blushed a little.

“Baby I am sure it will be great.” Frankie smiled at her and patted her on the shoulder.

“Of course it will.” Mom encouraged. We all sat down and began to eat, telling what was going on in our lives, the whole time I would watch the interaction between Frank and Drew, not sure if I was just reading into something or if I had missed something or if I was just becoming paranoid . We ended up playing some games then got ready for bed. I approached Frank while Drew was in the shower.

“Hey can I ask you something, I don’t want to start anything I just need to know.”

“Okay what’s up?” He asked as he sat down on the bed to start to undress.

“Is there something going on with you and Drew, have you guys done anything with out me?” I tried to keep my voice from shaking.

“What, Gerard no. What makes you ask?”

“I don’t know I mean you guys just seem different that’s all maybe I am just reading to much into nothing, that’s all.” I said trying to convince myself.

“Maybe its just stress messing with your mind?” He smiled and crossed the room to me and gave me a light kiss which quickly turned into something much more. I laid him down on the bed and hovered over him. Kissing from his mouth, to his neck and down his bare chest. I reached his belt buckle and looked up and smirked at him. I had just gotten his pants un buttoned when I heard the knob turn on the bed room door I stood up quickly as Drew steeped in. She looked at me and then Frank who was still lying down.

“Naughty boys, playing while mom is in the house.” She giggled.

“Mind if I play too?” She asked. I smiled and Frank sat up and pulled her onto the bed.

“Not at all, you just have to be quiet” Frank giggled kissing her and tracing her lips with his tongue.

“Your one to talk, but it might make it more fun that way.” I teased stripping down and crawling on the bed next to them. We all fell to the bed, Drew loosing her towel and Frankie his pants soon after.
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