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Chapter 4- Airports and Dreams

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Lindy Way is the bastard and the misdiagnosed daughter of MCR frontman Gerard Way.

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Chapter 4- Airports and Dreams

“EnglandEnglandEnglandEngland…” I chant over and over again as I dance around the airport.

“EnglandEnglandEnglandEngland,” Frank mimics me dancing around as well. We high-five.

Bob and Mikey watch us amused. We try to get Bob to join us, but all attempts fail miserably.

“C’mon, Bobby!” Frank whines climbing on top of Bob. Bob shook his head.

“You guys are getting stares from everyone else.” I look around.

There were a few kids staring and giggling most likely because of seeing their favorite band in an airport.

Some elderly people are shaking their heads toward us with scathing looks.

Two girls come up for pictures and autographs. The older girl appears to be in college and the younger seems around my age.

“Where’s Gerard?” The older one asks.

“And Ray?” The younger one pipes up from where Bob and Mikey are signing her Black Parade CD.

“Getting me coffee.” Frank smirks to himself. He cracks a few more jokes making them laugh. I chuckle to myself softly.

“Who’re you?” The older girl took notice of me.

“Lindy,” I reply flopping down onto the bench, taking out my Nintendo DS, and turning it on. Cooking Mama’s the game I have in.

“Oh!” She cocks her head to the side. “My friend says she saw you at a concert a few months ago and video taped you.”

My head shoots up and I narrow my eyes. “Oh, really?”

She nods her head enthusiastically. “And there’s another video on YouTube of you and Gerard from a few years ago.”

“I like that video!” Her sister pipes up. “You look a lot like Gerard.”

“So I’ve been told,” I say a little sulkily as I try to concentrate on my game.

“Lindy, be nice.” I feel a hand squeeze hard on my shoulder. Dad’s standing behind me with a coffee in hand. Ray’s behind him trying to balance the rest of the coffees.

I make a face.

“Ohhh! Gerard can you sign this!” The younger girl shoves the CD toward him. The older girl’s still staring at me. I glare at her and she looks away. I turn my game off and flounce over to where Mikey, Frank, and Bob are squabbling over who got what coffee.


-Third POV-

Gerard leaned his head against the car window and sighed. Lindy was curled up next him with her head on his shoulder and feet on the rest of the seat. Mikey was leaning against the window of the other seat with his eyes closed and arms crossed.

In the other car Bob was in a similar position with Frank snoring into his ear.

Ray and James, My Chem.’s touring keyboardist, wondered how he could sleep like that.

Lindy mumbles something in her sleep. She moves her head just enough so that some of her curls fell into her face. They rub against her nose and she subconsciously rubs her nose.

Gerard smiles to himself and moves the hair from her face.

She mumbles again and kicks out accidentally kicking Mikey in the crotch. Mikey wakes up at this point and lets out a pained yelp. Gerard pretends to be asleep with a small smile on his lips.


“Daddy!” There’s a sharp jab to his side. Gerard groans and looks at the clock. “Lindy it’s two in the morning on a Saturday.”

He knows he shouldn’t have had all that vodka hours before.

“But I had a bad dream.” Through the darkness he can see Lindy twirling her hair like she always does when she’s scared, stressed, or nervous. “Can you come sleep with me and keep the bad dreams away?”

She pulls him out of bed with surprising strength for a four year old.

“What makes you think I can keep the bad dreams away?” he asks her as she pulls him up from his basement bedroom and up to her room.

“‘Cause the bad dreams are afraid of you,” she says, pushing open the door of her room.

Gerard flicks the light switch up. He looks around as his eyes adjust to the light.

Lindy’s bedroom has an old fashioned gothic theme to it like his parents’ bedroom.

“And ‘cause Mikey’s too chicken to keep the dreams away,” she adds as an afterthought.

“I see.” Gerard smirks as he watches her try to climb up onto her bed.

“Daddy I can’t climb up.” She pouts and Gerard slightly frowns as he helps her up.

She looks like her mother when she pouts. How can he remember what her mother looks like?

Gerard turns the lights off and is about to leave before she shrieks, “Daddy! You said you’d stay with me!”

“Fine, just don’t wake up the whole damn house.” He grunts getting in on the other side of the bed.
Lindy wraps her little arms around his neck and nuzzles her head against his.

“’Night-night, Daddy. I love you,” she says sleepily.

“’Night, pumpkin.” He plants a kiss on her head before drifting off to sleep.


“Dad, wake up!” Gerard’s eyes snap open. They’ve arrived at the hotel. Fans are screaming outside.

“What time is it?” He mumbles.

“If we were home it’d be around one thirty in the afternoon.” Ray yawns pushing Frank back onto Bob for the tiny guitarist had a habit of rolling everywhere when he slept. Both Frank and Bob woke up and tumbled out of the car.

“Mikey, wake up.” Lindy was poking her uncle in the ribs and trying to get him out of the car. “Hurry up, I need to pee!”


-First POV-

I almost wet myself waiting for Dad to unlock the hotel door.

I got my own room since we’re only staying here for one night before driving out to the tour buses tomorrow.

I finish my business in the bathroom. It feels so good to pee.

My stomach growls so I order room service.

Dad pokes his head in to remind me to practice my violin.

I grumble yet obey.

After dinner I pass the rest of the time by flicking through the channels on TV and fall asleep in the middle of South Park.
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