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CHARACTERS Elena Beniero is your usual 13 year old teen. NOT! She is a punk, emo, very hyper, and random. She has a hole in her heart though. She doesn't know her here father is.. can you gues...

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NAME: Elena Beniero

OCCUPATION: Student at Bellville High~Freshman

INTEREST: Singing, playing her white stratocaste, and playing video games

'LABEL': Emo/Goth/Punk

WEARS: lots of BLACK & band tees & skinnies. eyeliner freak!

LOOKS: long black hair with blue and green highlights. side fringe. olive, smooth skin. 115lbs. thick framed glasses. hazel eyes. always wears a wrist band or arm warmers.

BIO:*} Has a step-father. Both parents have a drinking problem. Learned how to handle a gun, with the help of her step-father, BEFORE he was a drunk. VERY hyper & random.

Ember Stephan

OCCUPATION: Student at Bellville High~Freshman

INTERESTS: Playing her drums, playing video games.

LABEL: Emo/Goth/Punk

WEARS: Band tees, skinnies, eyeliner,and bows on her hair.

LOOKS: Black and red striped hair. Haney colored eyes. 120 lbs

BIO: Normal, loving family. her twin brother likes Elena.

MCR BOYS: which ever way you want...i don't give a care...
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