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Ch.2: Pain is a Factor

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Guitar Hero III, a butter sammich, and a trip to the hospital....

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"Are You happy?" said Elena.

"Very!" responded Ember.

"Now what?"

"Umm...another song!"

"Ok, which one?"

"I'm Not Okay(IPromise)!"


"Why not?"

"Because you know that song makes me cry!"

"Oh, ya. I kinda forgot. Sorry!"

"I don't want to play anymore. Let's play....GUITAR HERO III!!"

"Hell Ya!"

Elena went to her closet to retrieve her skinny, black PS2. She and Ember set it up and stuck in the CD.

"Ready to get your ass kicked!?" screamed Ember.

"Haha. That's what you think!" yelled Elena.

"No. That's what I KNOW!"

"Alright then...LET"S GO!"

They were even for most of the game, until Elena busted her mad skills out and actually tried!

"Hell ya! I finally won 'Through the Fire and the Flames' on expert withonly ten tries!" screamed Elena.

"Nooo!" cried Ember, falling to her knees, "But I've been playing longer! I've tried it fifty times, yet I still can't fucking pass it!"

"I want a butter sammich!"

" 1)that was totally random, and 2) what do you want me to do about it?"

"Make me a butter sammich!"


"Why not?"

" 'cause thats gross!"

"Nu-uh! it's delicious!"


"Come on! I sang and played for you!"

Fine, fine!"

"YAY!!" says Elena who is now jumping on the bed.

"Elena, get down! You're gonna hurt yourself!"

"No I'm not! This is fun!"

"Get down! Now! If you fall I'm gonna laugh at you!"

"That's mean! Now I command you! Go make me my butter sammich!"

"Alright I'm going! Gosh!" says Ember walking out the bedroom door.

"YAY! I get my butter sammiii--WHOOAHHHH!!!" screams Elena. Guess what? She fell of the bed.

"Ember!"she screams. Ember runs back into the room and sees Elena on the floor and immediately starts laughing.

"Ember! Your mean!"

"I told you, if you fell of the bed I would laugh! And you did! So I laughed!" Elena immediately jumped on Ember's back.

"Piggyback ride!!" screamed Elena.

"No, get OFF!"


" 'Cause, even though you're short and skinny, i can't carry you!"

"Yes you can, you just don't wanna!"

"Ok, you got me. Now hett OFF!" Said Ember, pushing Elena's legs off of her making her fall and hit her head on her guitar.


"Oh My God, Elena! Are you ok?!"

"No! It hurts like a mofo! Am I bleeding?"

"Oh My Fucking God, yes! I'll drive you to the hostpital!"

"But I hate hospitals!"

"Would you rather die?" asked Ember. Seconds after Elena ran out of the room and out the door.
"That's what I thoguht."



OMFG! I can't believe I got Elena in the hospital! Her parents are gonna KILL here! OR she can stay with me! Haha, I'm so stupid! Speaking of stupid, I almost forgot her birthday! She is SO lucky to share a birthday with Frank Iero! He is so HOT! SMEXY! Stupid doctor is comming this way.

"Miss Stephan?"

"Yes? is Elena aright?!"

"She is fine. She just has a small concusion(sp?) and needs some stitches."

"Oh, ok! Thank Goodness!When will she be able to get out?"

"Umm..tomorrow would be fine."
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