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Chapter 2

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A very short, fluffy background of Sahyde and how she came to meet the band.

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“Are we ready to go?” The bus diver hollered.

“Yeah, let’s go!” Ray answered.

“We’re going to Pennsylvania next, aren’t we?” Bob asked.

Frank nodded and turned to me,

“Are your parents coming to any of them?” He asked me.

“Oh!” I had forgotten all about that. I’d invited my parents to come to the New Jersey show so that they could be there when Mikey proposed to Ava. They said they might come up early and see a PA show as well.

I wasn’t in the band really. I met them when I was setting up stage for them in Virginia once. I was obviously a fan of the band, so I insisted to meet them after the show. I was carrying my binder with me. It was full of all my designs, sketches, and experiments with make-up and color. I got an autograph when I met Ray and Mikey, so I was in an ecstatic mood from that alone. Ray noticed all the pictures plastered to the cover of my binder and asked to see it. I let him examine it and its contents, and he seemed really surprised by it.

“This is insane!” he said, “If we could think of this quality of choreography we’d be able to make a Broadway musical”

I blushed in surprise, “It’s nothing really.”

“Are you kidding?” Mikey said peering over Ray’s shoulder. “This is amazing! Do you think we could have a few copies of these?”

“Uhm, sure. But they’re seriously not all that great.”

I figured they might use 1 or 2 of my designs if I was lucky and then they’d forget about me. But instead, a couple days later I received a letter in the mail that had a backstage pass ticket to their upcoming concert! It even had a note for me personally that read…

Dear Shayde Onyx,

We all saw your designs, and we love them. We were wondering if you could come see us at our next concert so that we could talk about a few of them. If you can’t make it, please keep in touch so that we can work something out.

Bob Bryar

It felt so amazing I couldn’t believe it. Obviously, I went to their next concert and got to meet them afterwards. This time it was everyone but Frank. We all talked for a while and exchanged ideas, especially Gerard and me. Our ideas blended together so well. He was terribly creative; why did he need my help for this sort of thing? After we were done converting theories and joking a around a bit, Frank joined us. He looked over at me and gave a slight wave and smile.

“Is this her?” he asked.

“Yup,” Gerard responded.

“So is she coming?” Frank posed.

“What?” I asked bewildered.

Gerard just smiled.

“Shayde, you’re seriously talented and we love every one of your ideas, so…we were wondering…would you like to be our official choreographer and come on tour with us?”

This stunned me. Was he asking me what I thought he was?

“What?” I repeated stupidly. I was having so much trouble taking it in. I had set up stages for so many different bands before, but never one permanently, and never a band I was such a big fan of.

“Would you like to come on tour with us?” he asked again.

“Y-yes, of course! Yes!!” I jumped from my seat.

The band and I got to be such good friends that every once in a while I’d spend the night on their tour bus. I couldn’t wish for a more perfect life, hanging out with some the most amazing musicians I know and even getting to work with them.

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NOTE: Agh, I told you it was short >.<

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