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Chapter 31

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Night Out

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I was so happy when the doctor told me I could go home! Thank you God! I pulled on my jeans and my shirt. I walked out of my room. “Ok I’m ready to go!” I said happily as we walked out to the car. Joe kept smiling at me, there is no way that he could possibly be that happy about last night. I took a step into the house and breathed in…ahh no more hospital.
I looked over at Nick…he hadn’t said a word to me, which was understandable but I really didn’t want him to be mad at me. I really was stupid for ignoring my feelings for Joe especially since I liked him so much. Now I had hurt Nick and it was all my fault…as always…
It was nice to just watch TV with everyone again. We joked around and it made me feel so much better. We watched TV for about two hours and then, “I think that we should go out tonight and do something.” Brooke said. “Like what?” Chelcie popped her head up. “I don’t know…maybe a party?” she asked hoping for something. Brooke loved parties…way too much. “Well I don’t know about a party but there’s tons of teen clubs around here.” Joe suggested. “Eh clubs work.” Brooke shrugged. “You up for it?” Kevin asked me. “Uh…sure…” I said once seeing Brooke’s pleading eyes. She was going to drag me to some club.
Brooke smiled and hugged me. I seen thoughts going through her head and then, “Shopping!” she smiled widely. “Yay!” Chelcie jumped up. “Can we come?” Joe stuck out his lip. “No! This is girl shopping, you have enough clothes!” Brooke said wrinkling her nose. “Kevin we’re taking your car.” she kissed his cheek and Chelcie drug me off the couch and out to Kevin’s car. Oh yay shopping…
We got to the mall and I seen how happy Brooke and Chelcie were, maybe this wouldn’t be to bad. “In here!” Brooke jerked me in a store. I thought my arm was going to come out of place because of how many times they pulled me in and out of stores. This was crazy!
Chelcie and Brooke finally found their outfits but I was still without one. “You guys why don’t I just not go?” I asked even though I already knew the answer. “Not an option! We’re all going!” Brooke shook her head. “Fine…” I mumbled. “Come on lets keep looking!” Chelcie said putting us back on task.
We looked for a little bit until I heard, “EEP! Aubrey I found you an outfit!” Brooke ran over to me and drug me back into the store. She showed me the whole outfit, even the jewelry. “You want ME to wear THAT!” I said looking at it. The outfit seemed a little…showy for me. “Yep.” she smiled seeming proud of her work. “No.” I shook my head. “Yes, you’re getting it.” she gave me her serious face. “There is no way I’m buying that.” I said…We walked over to check out everything…including the showy outfit Brooke had gotten for me.
“Man the guys are gonna be drooling over us.” Brooke said happily. “I still think that I shouldn’t wear that.” I pouted. “Oh come on Aubs, I’m wearing an outfit that’s a little showier than my usual and I’m not flipping out.” Chelcie spoke. They just didn’t quite understand…I was more of a jeans and tee shirt kinda girl.
When we got back the guys were apparently getting ready. We snuck up into my bedroom with the clothes. We wanted our outfits to be a surprise. Brooke, Chelcie, and I all got our clothes on and make up. You wouldn’t believe how long it took us, I mean I usually was pretty quick but not tonight. We all were hogging as much of the mirror as possible making sure everything looked good. “You guys ready? Its about seven!” I heard Nick shout from downstairs. I took a deep breath, this whole party thing was completely new to me.
We walked downstairs seeing the boys looking nice in there clothes. They looked at us with almost the same expression. Us girls were wearing:

And Me(Aubrey):


I gawked as Brooke came downstairs. She looked NICE! I had to keep blinking to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming this.


Chelce looked good but I tried not to look to much. I refused to just fall right back in love right after breaking up…it just seemed wrong.


I was amazed. Never had I seen Aubrey in a skirt! I couldn’t stop staring at her, it was like she went from beautiful to…hot. I just couldn’t explain it!


“You guys ready?” Brooke asked. “Kevin…Kevin!” she almost yelled. “Huh? What oh ya the club.” he stammered removing his eyes from Brooke. That boy was going to get some odd attention if he didn’t quit drooling over her so much…people would think we was like the mental-drooly Jonas!
We drove around for a little while, I think Kevin didn’t really know where the place was. “See I told you I knew where it was!” Kevin said pulling into a parking lot filled with people. I was really unsure whether I wanted to go in or not, this whole clubbing or partying or whatever wasn’t really my cup of tea.
I heard good music when we stepped in, well maybe I’ll stay. I mean music is good. “Lets go dance!” Brooke pulled Kevin off onto the dance floor. I laughed well Brooke will have fun. Chelcie tapped her foot nervously, at least I wasn’t the only uncomfortable one. Joe started to walk over to a table so Nick, Chelcie, and I followed him and sat down.


I really wanted to ask Chelcie to dance but I was practically in a war with myself. I wanted to be so mad at Aubrey and Joe and just sulk about it but then at the same time I wanted to be with Chelcie! This whole thing was just stupid!


“Hey Chelce come here for a sec.” I said pulling her out of her seat. “What?” she asked. “Ask Nick to dance with you.” I said. “What?” she looked appalled by the idea. “Just do it! It would mean a lot to me.” I said making a sad face. I had told Brooke and her about mine and Joe’s plan and they seemed to agree with it, especially Chelcie. “I-I-oh fine…” she walked away. I watched as she walked up to Nick and asked him. He obviously said yes because they went to the dance floor.
I was smiling as I watched Brooke and Chelcie with Kevin and Nick. It made me so happy when my friends were happy. “So are you just going to stand there?” I jolted as Joe walked up to me. “Didn’t mean to scare ya there.” he smiled. “Its ok and yes I’m just going to stand here.” I had to smile when I seen his gorgeous smile. “Why do you always do that?” he asked. “Do what?” I was confused. “You always watch and never actually do anything.” he just kept grinning. “I do plenty of things!” I argued. “Ok if you do plenty of things then dance with me.” he said. I didn’t really want to dance but I couldn’t just let Joe win, “Fine.” I said and walked to the dance floor.
The song that was on ended and ‘Listen To Your Heart’ came on. Everyone started dancing slower. I looked at Joe nervously but he just got closer to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands rested perfectly on my hips. It was almost scary how perfectly Joe fit to me.
“You look really good.” Joe whispered in my ear. “Ya well you don’t look half bad either.” I laughed a little. “I’m serious…you look amazing.” he whispered again, this time giving goose bumps. I blushed, “Thanks…” I said shyly. We just kept dancing through the song. I never would’ve guessed that Joe could dance but he could. I stared deeply into his eyes and he stared right back into mine. It was perfect.
I forgot what the time was because I ended up having lots of fun. We all danced together crazy during the bouncy songs and separately in the sappy songs. Chelcie seemed to be winning Nick over since after they first danced he couldn’t leave her side.
Brooke, Chelcie, and I began to get slap happy, which told me it was time to leave. Me getting slap happy is not a pleasant sight…in fact its pretty awkward. “I think that we should leave, its getting pretty late.” I said to the guys and they agreed. We went home pleased with how the night had went.
Bed was good, really good. After staying up for the whole night a little sleep was REALLY nice. I was so happy that everything went well tonight. I had to admit I did have fun.
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