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Things Can Happen

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HP/FoR crossover, Harry raised by Mikagami. Join in as we deal with a much more keyed up first book!

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Flame of the West: The Philosopher's Stone
Chapter 1: Things Can Happen
21st October 2005

A boy, eleven years old, walked steadily along a worn path. Grass swayed and rustled gently in the breeze, but the boy didn't notice. He had long, raven hair glowing down his back in a thick ponytail, and a deep fringe that hid his eyes. He stopped suddenly, lifted his head and stared at the sky through the branches as if he could feel something change.

His eyes suddenly opened and his fringe drew back instantaneously. He pivoted on his right foot, his entire body turning with his right arm as something flashed out. A loud CLANG broke the silence, and the boy's emerald green eyes met cold blue, a long curved sword held poised in his right hand, a matching katana in his opponent's. The boy broke first, and a grin split his features, "Good to see you're keeping sharp, dad." The older man sheathed his blade and snorted, "Improving. Get home, dinner's ready."

The boy was Harry Potter, hero of the magical world, currently missing for almost 9 years. The man trailing behind him humming an off-key tune was Tokiya Mikagami, blade master and wielder of the ice sword Ensui. He stared off into the clouds, eventually catching up as his adopted son ravaged the dinner he'd made for them both. He quickly joined in, noting the boy observed table manners even as he ate at a speed that shouldn't have been allowed.

A knock came at the door after dinner, while Harry was doing his Katas. Tokiya had in fact been training the child, and Harry was learning quickly. An old man stood in the doorway, a twinkle in his eye, "Mr. Mikagami, I presume? I am Albus Dumbledore." Tokiya sized him up, deciding he really didn't pose too much of a threat, "Indeed. Your purpose would be?"

"Ah, now I'm afraid that would take a while to explain. Could we sit down to some tea perhaps?" Tokiya acceded to the request and invited him in, "Living room's there have a seat." He was about to go for the teapot, when the old man pulled out a stick and waved it, and a piping hot pot of tea appeared on the tea table. He inclined his head slightly, "A wizard? My my, things certainly do get around. Harry, perhaps you should come down." Albus Dumbledore's eyebrows shot up, "you know of magic?"

Tokiya chuckled, "Indeed. Indeed. Still, that I do is all that matters. I'll assume though, that you're here regarding Harry." Speak of the devil, the young man himself entered. Seeing the old man there he snorted, "I thought someone new was here. Who's he? Another of your weird friends?" Tokiya snorted in return, "Only Domon and Recca are weird. This one here is plain raving though. He's a wizard, and being Albus Dumbledore, I think it's safe to say he's here to give you an invitation." The blade master turned back to the old man, "Isn't that right?"

Albus hid his surprise and shock well, "Yes. I am headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and as your parents have already registered you, it is my pleasure to deliver this notice. Lily and James would have been proud." Harry chuckled, "Well, this certainly came earlier than expected. Shall we go to Diagon Alley then? Gringotts requires us visit them." Albus didn't hide his surprise quite as well this time, and Tokiya laughed quietly. Little did the oldie know, he had Kagehoushi on his side.


"Yes, I am Albus Dumbledore here to bring Harry Potter to his vault." The goblin gave him a piercing gaze and sneered, "Griphook, sir, I believe we have a problem here. Mr Dumbledore has Mr. Potter's key." He gave his superior a significant look and the larger goblin nodded, "Mr Dumbledore, Mr Potter, and Mr Mikagami. Please follow me to the president's office." It wasn't a question.


"Come in, come in." Griphook hadn't even knocked on Ragnok's door. Said goblin froze in shock, but recovered quickly, "The president will see you now." He turned and left, shaking his head. Harry shrugged and pushed open the door, entering a large, but Spartan office. The fireplace was stone, and plain, with several weapons of different designs hanging in various positions on the wall.

Their attention, though, was drawn to the imposing desk of oak, and the large goblin sitting behind it. From what he'd seen, the teller goblins were probably around half his height, or so Harry assumed, with their supervisors somewhat larger. The president, however, was probably about his own height, and possibly heavier too. The goblin smiled toothily, "Please sit, we have business I believe."

He waved them to straight backed wooden chairs, and pulled several sheaves of parchment, "Mr. Mikagami, as recognized guardian of Harry James Potter, you have a hold on the Potter estates and family vault. You will not, however, be allowed to move monies larger than a thousand galleons at a time. If you agree, sign here." He pushed a piece of parchment at the swords master, and withdrew another, "Mr. Potter, as set out by your parents, you have a trust vault and their personal vault to use, though the monies available for now are restricted to your trust vault. To activate this, please sign over there."

The goblin turned to Dumbledore, "Now that the proper procedures are underway, Mr. Dumbledore, you are expected to surrender all the keys." Dumbledore was just reaching into his robes when Harry spoke up, "You mean they're physical keys??" both magicals nodded at him, "Can we change this? Physical keys can get lost right?" Ragnok nodded, "Of course, Mr. Potter. Arrangements can be made, Mr. Dumbledore, you may keep the keys if you so wish."


A short while later, the paperwork sorted through, Harry and Tokiya were led to a cart while Dumbledore left to attend to other business. The goblin leading them, this time named Coin, stopped at his trust vault, opening it to reveal piles of coins. He chuckled, "I guess it's a coin only place huh? No bills or such." Coin looked confused at this but shook it off, "You wished to changed the entrance requirements, Mr. Potter?" Harry nodded, "Yes, is it possible to use a recognition type lock? The muggles have this technology that recognizes one's fingerprint."

Coin waved his hands around and a large tome appeared in his hands, "Blood recognition then, Mr. Potter?" He frowned, "I guess so, same with all the other vaults please." Coin nodded, "Mr. Mikagami will have to be keyed as well because of his position as executor of your estates." Harry shrugged, "No problem."

In his parent's vault, Harry found not only large amounts of money, but trunks and bookcases, "Can they be shipped? I'd like to look through them and there are too many to move on my own." Coin nodded, "Yes we can send them to you via carrier, or we can shrink them for you now." Harry opted for the shrinking, and they moved onto the other vaults.

The family vault was the largest by far, and most interestingly was numbered 37. Coin told his about how Gringotts had been built starting with the first hundred vaults, and how the oldest ones went to the oldest families. They turned the corner, and a jet of fire narrowly missed them. It was a serpentine dragon, much like an elemental Dragon Harry was intimately familiar with. Purely on instinct, he glared into the dragon's eye and whispered, "Down." All were shocked when the dragon meekly complied.

It was definitely a family vault though, and Harry decided to pick out a few portraits and pieces of furniture. Mikagami gazed around, "Not exactly neat though. Do goblins tidy the vaults?" Coin shook his head, "We're not allowed in. You'll have to do it yourself or bring a house elf in." Harry shrugged, "Another time then."


The were met most silently by a tall, pale woman with a curious globe in her hand and dressed in black flowing robes. Her short hair blew around in the gentle breeze and her deep blue eyes sparkled, "First place would be Ollivander's I believe, they say he's the best wand maker around."

Harry shook his head, "I really wish you wouldn't do that, Kage." She merely smiled sadly, "Mastery is a long wait Harry."


Ollivander's was a very small shop, the only furniture being a large desk, a plush armchair behind it, and a spindly waiting chair. Harry sensed, with his basic ki abilities, someone quietly moving through the store. He gazed around at the walls covered in boxes thin and long, probably containing wands of some sort.

"Good afternoon." A soft voice attracted their attention, and the man, presumably Ollivander, gazed at them all, stopping at Harry, "Ah yes, Mr. Potter. I thought I'd see you soon. I assume you're here for a wand then? Now, which is your wand arm?" Harry blinked, "I'm right handed." Ollivander began shuffling through boxes and boxes while the measuring tape took his arm length, nose length, hair length, and other such queer measurements that Harry was sure weren't needed.

It soon stopped when Ollivander came back with several long boxes, "Try this one, Oak and Dragon heartstring, 12 inches." Harry picked it up, but had it snatched away immediately, "No, not right. Try this one, Willow and phoenix feather, 10 inches." Harry picked it up, but again had it snatched away just as the armchair behind the desk exploded.

This went on for a long time, before Ollivander finally gave him a glittering smile, "I've yet to have a student I couldn't fit. Come over Mr. Potter, you have exhausted all my ready made wands, so we'll have to make you another." He led them to the back room, where materials covered the walls and floor. The old man waved his hand, clearing a space, "Please excuse the mess, one has to have his fun once in a while after all." He waved several chairs into existence and led Harry to a wood pile, "Now Mr. Potter, we have to find you materials for your wand, tell me if anything pulls at you."

Harry didn't know quite what he picked up, but he could tell they were very unusual materials. Ollivander looked them over, "Most queer Mr. Potter, I'd have thought you'd pick out a wood, but it appears you aren't going to have a wood wand. Not that it really matters to me though." He started examining the pieces, "Horn of a unicorn foal, one of very few, I'm sure, to use it. Your personality shows learning in this Mr. Potter, remember to stay open to all information. Dragon's blood, not terribly uncommon, but still unusual, you have a fierce spirit I daresay.

"Basilisk fang, one of the largest set if I remember rightly. Withhold your vengeance till you are sure, action without reason is often regretted. I see much promise in you, Mr. Potter, great things heralded your entry, great deeds will be your life. Your wand will be ready in a week, please come again then." Tokiya and Harry left, but Kagehoushi smiled at him, "It has been a long time, has it not?" Ollivander chuckled, "what's another century?"


Flourish and Blotts was definitely one of Harry's favorite places in the Alley, and he whizzed through the sections, grabbing a copy of almost every book there. He left the divination books though, and spent much of his time on a section called Occlumency. It sounded to him a lot like his ki techniques.

Ancient runes were also interesting, and Harry found himself thinking of the various runes he'd seen Kagehoushi once using on their home. None of the ones in the books were quite so complicated though.


Madam Malkin's was a lesson in boredom. Harry just stood there while the seamstress stitched back and forth, while Tokiya looked at cloaks. Harry privately thought the ones they already had were far nicer, but didn't stop his sensei.

He was brought from his reverie when the boy next to him (he hadn't even noticed) practically yelled at him, "Are you even paying attention to me???" Harry glared at him, "You are beneath me, little boy, if I don't feel obliged to listen immediately. Don't even start." The blond's attitude was grating on his nerves, and more irritating that the little upstart assumed he the world owed him a living.

Said boy jumped off the platform as soon as he'd finished, "You don't even know who I am! I challenge you then, I'll make you respect the Malfoy family!" Harry raised an eyebrow, assessing his opponent's prowess. There was a mystical aura about him, showing he was in fact skilled in some way. His physical abilities, though, were definitely lacking.

Harry noticed Tokiya picking out a few cloaks for him, "Accepted then, in the street as soon as I'm done here?" the young Malfoy smirked, "get your coffin ready."


The fight was short but thankfully not bloody. Harry took a loose stance, "I haven't much time, so lets say first blood eh?" Draco laughed maliciously, "The coward's way then? Very well. Petrificus Totalus!" Harry rolled his eyes and avoided the beam of light at the last second, "Too slow child, try again." Infuriated, Draco aimed again with his new wand, "Flipendo!" Harry jumped over the spell, landing behind his opponent.

The boy whirled round to fire another spell, but Harry plucked the wand from his grip, "I win." Before the gathered crowd's horrified eyes, Draco Malfoy's upper body robes fell to shreds, a thin trickle of blood flowing from an accurate incision in the middle of his chest. The blond took one look at the blood and fainted. He gazed at the wand, "I'll hold onto this till I believe you have the maturity."

A large blond man stepped in front of him as Harry and Tokiya started to walk away, "Give it here, or else." Harry was about to speak but Tokiya stepped in front of him, "Then your opponent is me. The boy hasn't the maturity to use a weapon properly, he shouldn't be allowed one." The man drew a dark wand from his robes and Tokiya pulled his Ensui. Mists started condensing around his handle, and soon a blade of ice took shape.

The wizard raised an eyebrow, "Impressive, but now I shall show you the true worth of a wizard. First blood keeps the wand. Reducto! Clava Lacero! Conseco! Incendio! Alare Exumae!" It was an impressive display of offensive magic, but Tokiya remained calm, deflecting each curse on his sword blade. A second's pause was all it took, and in a flash the large wizard had a horizontal slash on his forehead. Tokiya sighed and walked towards their last stop, the apothecary, "it's a shame when peope have such a narrow viewpoint."


Kagehoushi met them in a darker corner of the Alley, shadow teleporting them back home, "I found another book store, I believe you'll find these interesting at least." Harry grinned at her, she had been the closest thing to a mother he'd known apart from the vague dreams of being held in another woman's arms, flashing green lights, and high pitched laughing.

Tokiya always managed to bring him back to earth though, "Go do your Katas now. We can look through your new things after dinner.


Albus Dumbledore sat behind his desk, pondering the status of his plans. It was obvious Harry wasn't possibly his pawn anymore, and that he'd probably bolt at the first sign of manipulation. Still, that was all secondary to the main problem now, which was Voldemort.

The dark lord's spirit form was apparently hiding out in the forests somewhere, weak and feeble, but still dangerous. By all rights, the crazed wizard should have been destroyed by the failed killing curse, but something or some things had anchored his soul while the physical embodiment was destroyed. He sighed, even now he blamed himself for how young Tom Riddle turned out, and how he'd basically done the same thing with Harry.

He thought further, Harry had the potential to be either dark or light, and with his potential it really couldn't be risked. So how to keep him anchored to the light? The answer came to him quickly, and he raised his hands, twirling them about elaborately, causing a few books to fly off his shelves and pack themselves neatly. He smiled to himself and wrote out a quick note, "Fawks, my old friend, would you take these to Harry for me?" A trill and a flash of fire later, both phoenix and load disappeared.


Harry picked out what he deemed were the most interesting books, the volumes on mind magic. Before he'd learnt meditation, physical activity was probably his favorite pastime. Now, though, he loved looking around his mind, and his aura, watching flowing patterns and varying forms.

His meditation had allowed him to discover other secrets about himself, such the spiritual entity living in him and giving him strength. They made their peace, and now channeled each other, Harry often calling forth his bright blue fire phoenix just for a chat. The phoenix had its own benefit, which was an incredible memory and recall, not to mention memories from several hundred years ago.

Harry now used the speed reading benefits almost instinctively, going through the books on Occlumency he'd bought and the books on Legimency that Kagehoushi had gotten him. He had just finished the shield foundations when an entering presence brought him out of his trance. His katana was unsheathed the instant a swan sized bird with red and gold plumage appeared in front of him carrying several large books. A note was attached, and Harry called Tokiya in for his input.


The swords master was curious to say the least, "He sounds like he's afraid of something. Or afraid for something, or someone. Still, I can't feel anything negative from the books, so why don't you give them a read?"

Harry studied Fawks silently for a while, "A phoenix huh?"


It was another week before Harry completed his basic full Occlumency shields, and another week before the advanced shields were up with layering foundations. Yet another week went by before he finished layering his shields, which left only a daily routine of strengthening and maintaining his shields.

The books sent to him by Dumbledore taught very advanced spell work, so Harry left them for after he'd finished with his Occlumency shields. In the meantime, he read his school books. Potion brewing was a mess for him, without the basics, but fortunately he had an obscure potions reference book that made things much clearer. Charms was probably his favorite subject within the school curriculum, bested only by the advanced enchantments book.


He and Tokiya had agreed to meet Dumbledore in the leaky cauldron the week he finished his full Occlumency shields. The entered a private room, and ate a quick but filling lunch. Dumbledore got straight to business, "There are several things I've asked you here for. First is Voldemort, whom Harry supposedly killed when he was an infant. The problem is that he isn't really dead, rather he's caught in the unenviable position of existing without a physical form because something has anchored his soul to this plane.

"The second is a prophecy concerning both Harry and Voldemort made before Harry's birth, which effectively drove Voldemort to attempt to kill the Potters. Or at least, that's all I know of that would drive him such..."


"Harry, I really don't think you should take that trunk to Hogwarts with you."
"Why not? I mean, I have to bring so many things with me."
"I did not say you should not take any trunk with you, I said you should not take that trunk with you."
"Which one should I take then?"

Tokiya pushed another trunk into the room. Harry had been trying to use his father's old trunk, which was pretty large, but definitely couldn't take all the items he'd planned on bringing with him. The one Tokiya had pushed towards him was one of the older Potter trunks. It wasn't terribly flashy, rather it was very plain, its only decorations being a sky blue and gold dragon in the middle, and the name "Potter" carved into the outer surface of the lid.

The swordsman grinned, "I found the instruction booklet, and apparently you can activate various wards on it, apart from it being practically a house in itself. I guess magic really is something." Harry gaped and opened it hurriedly, spying what looked like a miniature room inside. The inside of the lid, however, was pretty normal, and a thin booklet sat in one of its pockets.


Harry, Tokiya, and Kagehoushi wandered around the library, admiring their work. The shelves weren't many, but they were pretty large, and as an experiment Harry tried to enchant the tables to provide books on a given subject when that subject was asked for. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out, and kept giving only the basic books on charms.

The kitchen was also pretty bare, with practically nothing in it apart from a stove. Harry made it a point to remember to find kitchen appliances. The bedrooms, of which there were two, appeared more used. A queen-sized bed in each, a mirror-wardrobe, desk, and on-suite bathroom left little to be desired, and Kagehoushi wondered about staying in here sometimes when she wasn't traveling the world as the mistress of shadows.

The last room was completely empty, so they converted it into two smaller rooms. One became a potions lab and sometimes blacksmithing area, while the other became a dueling area. The small potions lab was the easiest, and Harry just pushed around his cauldron, and ingredients. Ingredient cupboards could come later.

The blacksmithing apparatus were Tokiya's hobby. He said it helped him relax and concentrate, and he could really create some very beautiful things. Among them was ring Harry now wore as a seal, just incase his flame went out of control. Not that it even threatened to happen anymore, but Kagehoushi thought it was important.

The dueling area was perhaps the most complicated, because they spent the most time on that room, moving things back and forth. Harry thought the water machines should be in different places from Tokiya, who grumbled the room was in the wrong position. Kagehoushi added in that there weren't enough shadows for her to use, and started a whole new round of moving.


Fawks visited again on the 31st of August. He didn't have a note, or anything though, and instead stared at Harry. The phoenix within Harry stirred, and they conversed, "I believe Fawks recognizes me. Take off the ring, I think we can communicate with him." Harry shrugged and did so.

"So you bear the phoenix mark? I am awed, never before have I seen a human with the phoenix mark."
"You haven't been around enough Fawks, I remember Kurei also carried the mark of the phoenix, while his half-brother Recca carried the Dragon mark."
"Erm, not to intrude, but exactly what does this mean? I thought I was merely a flame wielder."

"Wrong Harry. I thought so too myself, but then I can't actually see the body I inhabit while Fawks can. The phoenix mark means you are like a phoenix yourself. The difference is that you're human and because of the size difference you have something of an influence over phoenixes."

"Yes, it means you can converse with any phoenix, something which is usually reserved for between phoenixes and their chosen. I myself can converse with Albus, as I have with Godric, Merlin, and several others before him. It also means that you are neither dark nor light sided, though I'm not familiar with the details of that particular clause."

"What Fawks is saying, Harry, is that Albus's attempts at influencing you into being a Light Lord like himself are not going to work. True you will probably be in line with most of his ideals and plans, but you aren't going to use only Light magic. At least not light magic as he deems it. Bearing the phoenix mark means you're supposed to be like a balancing factor. You will find the lure of the dark great, but it is ultimately your choices that will matter most."

"You forgot the last bit, old friend. Harry, you're also going to have a bonded phoenix, or two if they choose you. The first should find you within a year, while the second will find you within the next seven years, assuming you are dual bonded of course."

Harry shook his head, "Alright I get it. I need to sleep, so if you're going to chit chat just keep me out of it, deal?" Fawks chuckled, "as you wish, sweet dreams."

......... >
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