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Ch.5: BANG!

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A meet 'n greet, and a bang.

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"Come on, Elena!" We're almost up!" said Ember, shaking Elena.

"I know, I know!"

"Next!" said the one and only, Frank Iero.

"Come on, Elena!

""OK!...I can do this, but how? Ember you gotta help me!" begged Elena.

"You'll think of something, or you can just come out and say it, or I can do it..." said Ember starting to introduce themselves.

"Frank, I'm Emeber!"

"Hi Ember! And who is this smexy lady next to you?" said Frank pointing to Elena.

"Hey I made that word up!"

"Nu-uh! I did!" said Frank standing from his chair.

"Hey ,Elena, he really is your father! He acts just as immature as you do! or uhh...the other way around...I'm confused..."

"Wait what did you say?" asked Frank looking at Ember, then Elena, then the guys , and but to Ember.

"Umm, Elena? Your turn!"

"Ok, see...your my fa-"


"Everyone on the floor now!" screamed a man with a gun.

"DAMNIT!" said Elena and Frank in unison.

'And this is where I like my step-father in my life.' thought Elena.

I told you it was gonna go off with a bang! Sorry it's short. And sorry I haven't updated in a while. Since I was sick with a cold I still really couldn't do anything. I'm still sick, but not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday was probably the worst I've ever gotten sick so....PLEASE forgive me. R&R
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