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Return of the heiress

by Dondon1827 3 reviews

Dont know but it will be something bad for paris, and hopefully funny for you lot

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Even though Paris got ran over in the last section, she managed somehow to get some top plastic surgeons to rekindle her flat body and perform a deadly operation on her to give her a new body.

Kidding, they just re-inflated, Ahhh so thats why she is such an air head?!


Paris woke up, stretched and yawned. She rang a bell on her bedside table, waited to be lifted out of bed (cause of course she couldnt risk damaging her new chicken feather slippers!) She stood in front of her mirror then turned to face one of her many accessories, i mean dogs. "Like ohmygosh tinkerflip" she said as she scooped up her dog. "I had like the most horrid nightmare" paris hadnt quite yet noticed her dog did not speak human, therefore didnt understand her, so she carried on "Like i got the limo down to harrods and it was like closed, and it wasnt even sunday. So then i went to tiffanys and like they were closed too. It was awful, i mean its not like people in stores have a life, like moi" she said as she twirled around. The dog jumped out of her hands and went to sit by the door. "im gunna like order room service" paris chuckeled to herself, and so she did.
"Ringggggg" the doorbell startled paris and she went and opened the door. "Bring it in and put it on the table over there" she said pointing. they both heard a quick bark and saw tinkerflip running out of the door and round the corner. "like ohhh no, i can always buy another one but i had my diomand ring around her collar" paris said as she tottered after the dog. after 20 minutes of figuring out how to use the elevator, finally getting in, panacking that the doors werent going to open again, and reaching the ground floor, tinkerflip had just ran outside. Paris scuttled outside after her. Tinkerflip had reached the other side of the road. Paris only had one thing on her mind "Like diomands" she thought, so she ran out. Right in front of a police car. She got arrested (again) and was taken away, she was crying her eyes out "Not again" she thought, now she would be somebodys accessory ;)
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