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Chapter 33

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Date Night

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I was beginning to wonder where Chelcie and Nick were. That is until I seen an extremely happy Chelcie walking into the living room. Something was up and I, of course, was dying to know. Brooke looked over at me with a wide grin. She knew something was up too. After Chelce, I seen an also excessively happy Nick. I hadn’t seen him this happy since we were together. I never said a word until everyone was heading off to bed.
“Chelce.” I whispered holding her back. “What?” she asked. “We want to know what happened with you and Nick!” Brooke spoke. “Well…” she paused creating some suspense, “He asked me on a date!” she squealed quietly. “Oh my gosh!” Brooke and I said at the same time. “That’s great!” I hugged her. “I know and this is good for you and Joe too!” Chelcie was as happy as I had ever seen her.


I yawned as I got out of my bed. Tonight would be Chelcie and Nick’s fist date and mine and Joe’s chance to get to be together without worrying. I heard whispers coming Brooke’s room. “Why haven’t you taken me on a date?” Brooke’s voice mumbled. “I don’t know…it just never came up. Is this about Nick and Chelcie?” Kevin said back. “No! Well maybe but still! You took Aubrey on a date when you guys were together.” Brooke seemed a little agitated. “Do you want me to take you on a date?” he asked. “Yes…but I want you to ask me all sweet-like.” Brooke pouted. “Brooke would you please go on a date with me?” Kevin asked in his most romantic voice. “Of course Kevy!” Although I couldn’t see them I knew they kissed.
God Brooke and Kevin were so lame. I mean they were like the most perfect, cutest couple ever. I hurried downstairs as I seen Brooke’s door open. I flopped on the couch and switched on the TV. “Whatcha doing?” Brooke asked eyeing me. “You know watching TV.” I mumbled. I was a terrible liar. I knew that Brooke could tell I was lying but she didn’t say anything about it. Brooke knew me too well.
Chelcie happily skipped downstairs. She smiled widely then sat beside me. Kevin looked confused for a moment until he seen an equally happy Nick coming downstairs. “Oh…” he mumbled to himself. Joe was still asleep. I wanted to go and wake him up but me being so nice I let him sleep. After what seemed like forever Joe got up and hung out with us. Soon it was date time for the others.
Chelcie, Brooke, and I sat in Brooke’s room as I helped them decide what to wear, I of course in my pajamas. “I don’t know. Are sure that this looks ok?” Chelcie asked observing herself in the mirror. “Yes, I’m sure Chelce.” I said assuring her that she looked good. Brooke looked at herself and moved one piece of hair and then seemed satisfied. They were wearing:




I watched my brothers fuss over whether they looked good and such. Nick seemed especially nervous. “Nick I bet that Chelcie’s gonna love the date.” I said trying to boost his confidence. “I hope so.” he said pushing down a misplaced curl. “Nick you’ll be fine.” Kevin patted his back. Once they seemed pleased with themselves they went downstairs. They had on:




It was funny seeing the look on all of their faces. Chelcie and Nick gawked at each other and Brooke and Kevin smiled at each other. It was such a Kodak moment, tacky but still cool. We said goodbye as they left Chelcie and Nick taking Paul’s car and Kevin taking his own. Just as they left we seen Denise and Paul walk downstairs all fixed up. “Where are you guys going?” I asked. “We decided to have a night out too! Don’t worry about Frankie is at your uncle‘s house.” Denise smiled. “Oh cool. Have fun.” I said and they left.
“So now that they’re gone what do you want to do?” Joe asked me with a sexy smirk on his face. “Joe…what are you thinking?” I asked suspiciously. “Nothing, as usual.” he grinned. I laughed, “God Joe.” I said. He hugged me tightly and I breathed in how absolutely wonderful he smelled.


Chelcie looked wonderful tonight. “Where are we going?” she asked. “It’s a surprise.” I said thinking about where I was taking her. “A surprise? I love surprises.” she smiled. I really hoped that she did like this surprise.
“Close your eyes.” I said as we began to get closer to where our date would be. “Ok.” she closed her eyes. We stopped. “Can I open them?” she asked. “No keep them closed.” I walked around to her door. “Don’t let me fall.” she said. I put my hands over her eyes. “Ok open them.” I whispered. She let out a gasp as she seen the candle lights and the small table sitting on the grass beside a wooden dance floor. “Oh Nick…” she whispered. “Its lovely.” she smiled.
We sat down and a waiter came to us. “What would you like to be drinking this evening.” he asked. “Diet Coke.” I said and Chelcie got a Dr. Pepper. “I’ll come back when you are ready to order.” the waiter walked away. “How did you arrange all this?” Chelcie asked in amazement. “I just talked to the owner of the restaurant and he hooked me up. Do you like it?” I asked. “I-It’s amazing.” she stammered. The look on her face was priceless. It was combined with beauty and amazement.
“Are the two of you ready to order?” the waiter came back. Chelcie and I nodded. “I would like the steak with the side of russet potatoes.” I said thinking how weird that felt to say russet potatoes. “And for you miss?” he turned to Chelcie. “I would like the spaghetti.” she said simply. “Alright I’ll be back in a moment with your meals.” he walked away again.
The waiter finally came back with our meals. “Mmm…” Chelcie said making me laugh a little. “Sorry…” she paused. “No, no its not that I just thought it was funny.” I smiled. “Oh ok.” she went back to her peppy self. We ate and talked a little but I was still nervous. I wanted everything to go well.
After we ate I heard the music begin to drift to us. “Music too?” she asked her eyes glimmering. “May I have this dance?” I asked her politely as she took my hand. We danced on the small wooden floor. I felt her head sit on my shoulder and it just felt right. “Nick this is perfect.” she sighed. “I just wanted you to have a really good time.” I said softly. “Well you did what you wanted.” she smiled.
For a little while we just danced to the rhythm of the music. She pulled away from me. I looked at her and she looked at me. I pulled her into a kiss. It felt wonderful, like we were the only two people in the world. The music seemed to fade and we just stood there with the moon shining and the wooden dance floor beneath us, kissing.


I hopped into Kevin’s car. “You look really nice.” Kevin smiled at me. Kevin looked awfully nice too. “You don’t look half bad yourself.” I said grinning. He gave me his famous smirk. I would do anything to see that smirk on his face it was just so cute!
“So where are we going?” I asked looking at him. “Well you said that you had never had sushi so we’re going out for sushi and then I have a little surprise for you.” he looked away from the road long enough to see my face. “What’s the surprise?” I asked hoping to pry it out of him. “That’s not going to work, I won’t tell you the surprise.” he didn’t look at me. Well he ruled the sad face out.
We got to a sushi place and pulled in. “This is my favorite place to get sushi.” Kevin said walking me in. “Oh Kevin Jonas we have table for you and girl.” a small Asian gal said leading us to our reserved table. I almost laughed at her thick accent but I didn’t. I tried not to ever be mean. Kevin ordered for us since he knew what was good here. A big man with a clever started chopping and it made me jump. “You ok?” Kevin looked at me. “Oh ya sorry, the guy scared me there.” I laughed. Kevin just smiled.
The woman placed a small plate in front of me. I never ate much but this small little thing? No way this could fill me up! I picked up one piece and bit into it. Oh my God! This is EXCELLENT! “Kevin this is awesome!” I said amazed. I really had doubts about sushi. “I’m glad you liked it.” he said eating his. We ate and I was surprised because I couldn’t even finish my plate. Sushi fills a person up!
We left after Kevin paid. “So now do I get to find out my surprise?” I asked eagerly. “Well you get to see it when we get there.” he laughed and started the car. We drove until we pulled up behind this huge building. We went through the back door. “Are you sure we should go through the back?” I asked not wanting to get in trouble. “Ya I got permission before I did this. I’m not Joe.” he said with a laugh. We walked down this hallway and then I looked out and seen an indoor ice-skating rink.
“Kevin I’m in a dress and I will get cold.” I said although I loved where he took me. “Don’t worry I brought you a coat and the dress will be fine.” he smiled and took me over to the extra coat and our skates. I slipped mine on quick and put on the coat. Mmm…it smelled like Kevin.
“Come on.” he took me over to the ice. We skated together holding hands and me showing off a little because I could skate pretty well. Time had passed and then the lights went off and these romantic lights came on. I smiled and then I heard ‘When You Look Me In The Eyes’ playing. Kevin skated over to me. “Do you like it?” he asked. “Like it? I absolutely positively love it.” I smiled. He kissed me but this kiss was different. It wasn’t anything like any other kiss we had. This kiss was special. I had completely lost myself in this one.
We just kept kissing it getting deeper and deeper. I never thought anything could be this good. Kevin seemed to make every moment perfect and worth living. We pulled away breathless. “I love you Brooke.” Kevin said in a serious tone as he looked in my eyes. “I love you too.” I smiled and kissed him one last time before we went home.


Joe and I sat and watched ‘Titanic’ in my room. This movie was one of my favorites but also like the saddest thing ever. Joe seemed consumed in the movie which was a little funny since he didn’t seem like the ‘romantic movie’ kinda guy. “Oh my God! Does Jack die?” Joe looked at me with a concerned face. “Joe you’ve seen this movie before.” I said looking at him. “So…” he mumbled and continued watching.
At the end I cried a little because I am a baby. “You ok?” Joe said looking at me. “I’m fine this movie always makes me cry.” I said wiping away the few tears on my cheek. “Well don’t cry I mean just watch.” he smiled. He got on my bed and held a pillow. “I will never let you go Jack!” he said in a girlish voice then shoved the pillow off the bed. I began to laugh. “See she lets him go. How dumb is that?” he asked. “Pretty dumb Joe.” I kept laughing.
I got up and walked out onto the balcony. “I need to breath!” I said still laughing. He came out there with me. After a few moments I quit laughing and it fell silent. Joe turned to me and put his finger under my chin. “Aubrey can I kiss you?” he asked softly. “Yes…” I whispered. He pulled my lips up to his. We kissed softly for a moment until he asked for entrance this time I didn’t let him in. He seemed to disagree with my decision because he poked my side making me giggle and of course he seized the moment. His tongue met with mine and I almost felt woozy, in a good way.
We kissed until our lips were tired. I now had a new addiction and it was kissing Joseph Adam Jonas. I laid on my bed and he laid beside me. “I love you Aubrey…” he said almost blushing. “I love you too.” I said. “No I’m serious. I really do love you.” he looked at me. I thought for a moment it seemed crazy but, “I really love you too.” we kissed again. Man I REALLY hope Nick and Chelcie’s date went positively perfect so I could ‘officially’ be with Joe.
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