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Chapter Fourteen

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Set after episode, the Firebending Masters. It was dinner time after Zuko and Aang arrived back from the Sun Warriors’ community. Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Haru, the Duke & Teo, wait for the arr...

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Dragons of the West


Set after episode, the Firebending Masters. It was dinner time after Zuko and Aang arrived back from the Sun Warriors’ community. Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Haru, the Duke & Teo, wait for the arrival of their newest member to come from his room. Everyone is still uneasy around the fire bender. Soon they have to leave the Air Temple. Ever wondered what the Fire Nation value the most? Find out. What other secrets would be discovered?


Chapter Fourteen


Men and women sat in a large circle in one of the large tents. Only those who would be present in their plans was there. Each of them studied, memorized each and ever possible out come of their mission; for if one mistake is taken place, then everything will fall.

Everyone knew if one fell behind, there wouldn’t be enough time to rescue them. For any man who falls behind is felt behind.

The large group was looking at a large pill of maps that was lay out neatly to everyone to see. One was a map of the Fire Nation seas, the other was the Fire Nation own fire islands of where the main Nation lives, the two other maps however, was the two prison maps; the Boiling Rock and Firing Lava (1), another Fire Nation prison that was similar of the Boiling Rock but smaller.

Iroh, Haruki, Ham Ghao, Zhao, Sophocles, Shui and many others looked at each other. Each of them was nervous and many of them were scared, even though none of them would admit it.

“I will bring my men here and here,” Iroh said pointing at places on map of that showed details of Firing Lava Prison.

They others silently agreed. “Some of us head here,” he then pointed at Boiling Rock. “We have to walk in dead of night. The Boiling Rock have one weakness, the blind spot here.” Iroh pointed at a section of the map. “We will rescue our people here and here--”

“What about the Water Tribe chief that is located here?” asked one, as he pointed at where Hakoda’s cell that was in the highest security, opposite of where Iroh pointed at. “We can not abandoned him.”

“No.” Iroh said, remembering his conversation with Zuko. “We can not. Our spies tell us that his invasion army is sent here at Fire Lava Prison, leaving the leader there. This is where they are,” he pointed at the high level on the other map of the other prison.

“Both prisons have three levels. The lower levels, the middle levels and the high levels that has the most security. Most of our men are there. Also that is where most guards are at too, which is could be a problem.”

The others nodded. Iroh continued, “That is where the Yu Yan Archers comes into play.” he nodded at a group of people sat across from him.

The Yu Yan Archers are a group of people from the Fire Nation that dedicates themselves from birth of welding a bow as if the bow and arrows themselves are a part of them. There are four tribes of the Yu Yan Archers; the Phoenix Tribe that lives in the North; the Sphinx Tribe that lives in the East; the Dragon Tribe that lives in the West and the Tiger Tribe that lives in the South.

You can tell which Archer came from of which tribe by looking at the leather band that they wore across their foreheads. There are four symbols from each tribe: a bird made of fire; a head of an eagle with a snake in its mouth; a head of a dragon with fire coming from its mouth; and a tiger footprint.

“Ivor (2) and you group come with us. You and your men will climb up the walls and guard us from above. If anyone that you see that may alert the jail break, you know what to do. After you do that, the rest of us will go into the prison.” Iroh said.

Ivor, leader of the Sphinx Tribe, nodded in agreement. Like many of his people, he wore face paint that covered half of his face. His long dreadlocks of hair was tied behind his head with a dark leather band around his forehead, that help keep his hair out of his face. His bow and quiver was safely attached to his back, and knifes was also seen on his belt.

His yellow eyes darted around the other nation citizens that look at him in fear knowing full well the reputation of the Yu Yan Archers had. He smirked at their foolishness. The Sphinx Tribe wasn‘t the cruelest of their kind. Far from it. They should not fear him or his tribe. But fear the Phoenix and the Dragon Tribes for they themselves are well known in the War. His people and the Tiger Tribe try their best to leave the War alone. But as fate has it they are not escape from it.

“Agreed.” he said. His voice cracked as if he didn’t used his voice in months. Yu Yan Archers’ language do not use words for communication. For only handful of his people can speck in words. Instead of words, they use body movements; such as sign-language, sounds of animals, and other types of communication.

“Javor (3), you and your men will go with Haruki’s group to the Boiling Rock. Just like Ivor’s men, your group will climb the walls and guard them from above.” Iroh told a man that was sitting next to Ivor. Everyone watched as Ivor translated of what Iroh said to him using sign-language.

Javor, the leader of the Tiger Tribe nodded. He click with tongue like bird, in his language meant “Agreed.” Unlike his soul brother Ivor, he could not speck the common tongue.

“Sir, of what about the poisonous fumes in the Firing Lava Prison?” asked one. “How are we going to get through without suffocating to death?”

Iroh smirked as he pulled out a mask from his pocket. It was the same mask the guards in the Firing Lava Prison use to keep themselves from inhaling the poisonous fumes. The mask wasn’t large or heavy like many would think. It was light and it only covered the bottom half of the person’s face and nose. It was also blood red in color.

“Everyone there will have to use these, so as we can travel our way into the prison we have to take turns using them, as right now we have few to give to everyone. Lucky for us the Yu Yan Archers have their own,” at these words everyone sighed in relief. “That is why one group will go straight to this room,” Iroh then pointed at a place on the map. “This room is where they keep the supplies: weaponry, armor that includes these masks. That group must take as many as they can carry. As everyone else would take all the guards’ masks that they defeated and give them everyone else that doesn’t have one including those who we rescued.”

Everyone nodded. “That is a good plan, Iroh. But how are we getting there in the first place?” asked another.

Haruki then spoke for the first time since the meeting began. “Iroh and I decided the best way for us to get there is by using our fastest ships. Here is where we will spilt into two groups; one towards Boiling Rock as the other to the Firing Lava.” he pointed at the Fire Nation sea maps. “In two or three days time, if the timing is right, in the dead of night, both groups would break into the prisons on the same time. The two prisons are the only Fire Nation prison that are the closest to one another and only ones that are located outside from the Fire Islands. So us breaking in, the guards there do not have enough time to call for help. As they are too far away from the main land and also they are too-- occupied.

“Another group will stay in the ships to be the look out and also make sure our get away will be fool proof. Those who will stay behind at the ship to Firing Lava will be Zhao, Hotaru, Sisko, Goran (4) and Rada (5). Those five people that will be staying at the ship to Boiling Rock will be Sophocles, Shui, Xenon, Imelda (6), Wafai (7).”

Zhao’s glared daggers at Haruki when he heard his name called. They told him he will a part of the mission…. He started to stand up to object that he would be suck so low of staying behind from all the fun, when he felt Iroh’s firm grip around his arm, making him to stay put. He glanced at Iroh who hissed “Be still!” Zhao was furious as he folded his arms glared anyone that dared to look at him.

“No questions? Good.” Haruki asked. No one raised their hands.

“It is settled then. Tonight, we will proceed the plans.” Iroh said standing up.

Everyone nodded and got up and left the tent to get ready. Iroh then walked out ignoring Haruki’s who called his name.

Iroh need to be alone for a while.


Iroh was sitting alone on edge of cliff just above the sea about quarter mile from the meeting. He was mediating, like usual, trying to calm is troubled thoughts.

Are they doing the right thing of calling the Holy Counsel? He wondered

Would the other Nations come for their aid against his brother and his new demon army that their grandfather long ago created?

Would they accomplish their plans of freeing the people from the prisons?

Will Zuko have a safe journey here?

He didn’t know how long he was sitting there until he heard someone slowly limping towards him.

He turned his head and saw Zhao standing behind him.

“Iroh, we need to talk.” Zhao’s voice was filled with rage. His golden eyes flash in anger.

“Come sit with me,” Iroh said having an idea of what was bothering him. Zhao glared daggers at him before painfully sitting cross legged next to him. “What is troubling you?” Iroh asked him.

“Why can’t I be in the rescue mission?” Zhao blurted out in rage. “Why must I stay in the damn ship like common coward? Why do I have to be the one that is the look out at the sea? I am good as any here! I swear to the Spirits that I would not fall behind!”

Iroh shook his head. “Zhao you are too weak to go in the mission. We need you to be the look out just in case anyone comes from the seas.”

“Its because of my leg isn’t it?” Zhao asked, or more like hissed.

“Now none of us didn’t say that.”

“You and everyone else thought of it! Might as well chop it off and be done with it!”

“Zhao be still before you injury your leg even more.” Iroh voice left no argument. Zhao knew he was being childish, but this is an outrage! He is admiral! Or was. He is not coward nor weak. He can do this! If only they would let him. “Your part in plans is not dishonorable nor it is about your leg. You are the best for this part.”

Zhao knew that Iroh was lying, but didn’t comment.

“I know you feel weak. I know how you feel.” Iroh continued.

“No you don’t,” Zhao hissed under his breath.

Iroh sighed. “You have an important job. And you will not be alone. Hotaru and Sisko would be there with you.”

Zhao looked at him in horror. “Oh no! You are not putting me with a crazy wench and that emotional wreck!”

Iroh smiled at Zhao amusing words of describing Hotaru and Sisko. Yes, he will admit that Hotaru is a bit crazy and little more cheerful then a human should be. Sisko on the other hand had recently lost her brother and for the past for days broke in tears in odd times.

“You are going. And it is final.” Iroh told him, standing up. Zhao watched as the younger man left him.


(Below is somewhat rated R, and CAN be rated as NC-17. Those who are under 13, skip if you wish.)

Azula’s arms was still chained together, as the two guards escort her into the Warden’s chamber.

She knew of what the bastard wanted, and she rather die then let him get of what he wanted from her. As the two guards left her alone with the Warden, the room suddenly went cold. She slightly flinch as she heard the door behind her close with a loud bang.

The Warden walked up to her, cupping her face into his hand, as she stood there frozen. Azula hated his cold touch.

She bite him on the hand.

The Warden hissed in slight pain, as he slapped her across the face, making her legs trembled beneath her. “Now that wasn’t lady like.” he said to her.

“Go to Hell.” she hissed.

“Feisty aren’t you? Just like your mother.”

She froze. What about her mother?

The Warden smirked. “Your mother never did loved your father. Never wanted to marry him. She had only one love, an it wasn’t your father… Iroh on the other hand loved her very much I was told...” he went on. “But of course you already knew that.”

No, she didn’t. However she wasn’t surprised at the least. But hearing it from him… her blood boiled, but she didn’t show it.

“Your father bragged of how he raped her everyday. Did you know that is only took him a week to get her pregnant?” the Warden went on, as he unbuckled his pants. Azula’s heart beat faster. She watched, as the Warden touched her, slightly lifting up her shirt.

Azula kicked him. As he fell face down, she ran to the door, trying to open it. But it was locked.

The Warden laughed, as he got up. “No one is going to save you, Princess. Your all alone.”

She turned and faced him. “Let me out.” she hissed.

“Not until I get what I want.” the Warden roared, slowly approaching her. Azula press her body against the door. The Warden grabbed her, throwing her onto the floor, pushing his body against her.

He pushed his lips onto her lips, making her open her mouth. She gagged as his tongue entered her mouth. Again she bite him, making him bleed. The Warden sat up, grabbing her arms above her head, as blood dripped from his mouth.

“We can do this the hard way or the easy way. Its your choice. It would be easier and less painful if you choose the easy way…” she heard him say.

Azula tried to kick him off of her, but he was too heavy and far too strong. He ripped her shirt off from her, gripping her breasts and biting them.

Azula cried in pain. She yelped, as she turned onto her stomach, and to crawl away from the mad man.

She felt the Warden grab her again, pulling down her pants, relieving the only innocence that she had felt. Azula then felt exposed and frighten. And she hated it.

“Let me go!” she begged him, as she felt tears flowing from her eyes.

The Warden ignored her. Azula then felt something brush against her leg, as the Warden turned her onto her back, putting her arms again above her head.

Azula then brace herself of what will happen next, as the Warden prepared himself to claim her….

(End of rated R - NC-17)

Bang! Bang!

Someone was banging on the door.

The Warden growled.

“Sir! Sir! Open up! This is an emergency!” one of the guards yelled behind the door. The Warden got up, buckled his pant back on. He ignored Azula as she grabbed her shirt and pulled up her pants, retreating far from his as possible..

The Warden unlocked the door. “What?! Can you see I’m busy?” he shouted at the guard.

Azula ignored the two. She couldn’t believe what almost happened! How can she survive this place?

“Take that wench back into her cell.” Azula jumped. The Warden left.

Azula looked up at the young guard that looked around her age. He frozen of how beautiful she looked. His stomach turned of just looking at her. Did the Warden did of what he think he did?

“Are you okay miss?” he dared to ask her looking at her blood stained clothes and the blood the slightly dripping from her mouth.

“I’m fine. Go away or I will kill you.” she hissed at him. He looked up to her, ‘Ah, Fire Nation.’ he thought to himself with a smile. Only the Fire Nation women would ever threaded the guards. Specially those that just got in the prison, for they are not yet broken.

He slowly walked up her, but stopped, as Azula backed away from him.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” he said calmly, knowing full well that she wouldn’t believe him. “Come on,” he spoke, helping her up from the floor. “Which cell number are you?”

Azula only glared at him.

“You don’t have to answer. I’m new here too, see.” the guard said, shrugging. “I’m guessing you are too.”

Azula ignored him, as the guard went on. How can she know if the guard is trustworthy?

She let the guard let her to her cell.


Mai was again traveling, but this time at night. As she traveled further into the Earth Kingdom territory, the only way for her to not be find out is to travel during the night.

She had only stop during the day. For most of the time, she rest and ate.

She only was half way to go. If only she was had a different ways to get there! Riding on Zita is a lot faster then walking, but it will still take her close to a month before she arrives at the Headquarters.

With a sigh, she pressed on down the road.

Why must the Earth Kingdom be so large? She wondered to herself. What gives them the right to have so much territory while others in different Nations have no land for their people?

She almost growled to herself. Zuko better be right about this. If he send her into a wild monkey-goose chase, she will kill him.


The sun had start to rise.

Mai carefully got off of Zita, ever so slightly wincing in pain as she slightly moved her hip area. And looked around for a place to stop. Seeing a good clearing next to a tree, she then sat down and made a fire.

Too soon she heard music coming towards her.

In a quickly she leaped up from the ground, ready to attack anyone that would attack her. She then stopped at the most oddest thing she thought possible, was dancing towards her.

There was two men and woman playing music with their instruments and dancing without a care in the world. One man that she guessed was a leader of some sort, was tall with weird style of hair cut with a blue and red hat above his head. He wore flowers around his neck, wearing the most ridicules colored clothes she ever seen, playing a guitar at the same time singing a song.

Beside the leader, was a young looking woman who wore similar fashion of clothes as the man in front of her but it was black and pink, with a same colored cloth wrapped around her head with a large flower just above her forehead.

And lastly walked a very large rounded man, wearing an earth kingdom straw hat with a small flower on the right side. He wore a similar fashion of clothes like the female beside him, only with the colors of white and pink. He was humming with the leader’s song as he played his djembé.

As the weird looking group came closer, Mai lowered her arms, slightly wondering what the hell they were, but not letting her guard down.


Oh don’t let the cave in get you down.
Don’t let the fallen rocks turns your smile turned into a frown.
When the tunnels is in the darkness, that’s when you need to frown. Ah!
Don’t let the cave in get you down… Sokka.


Mai shook her head. Who in the hell is Sokka?

The group suddenly stopped finally noticing her for the first time.

“Oh ah there little lady.” the leader said, smiling, waving at her. “What’s your name? The name is Chong.”

Mai didn’t reply. She was somewhat shocked of their appearance and also the fact that they weren’t going to attack her.

Chong simply shrugged. “And this is me wife, Lily and this is Moku.” he continued.

“My name is Mai.” Mai said simply.

“That’s great! My name is Chong.” the leader, Chong said happily.

Mai looked at the man in a weird look. “You already told me your name.” she said.

“Oh.” Chong said simply, still smiling. “Ah do you want to hear more of my songs?”

“No that’s okay--” Mai started to say, but was cut short as Chong broke into a song. Moku sat down and started beating his djembé as Lily grabbed Mai by the hands and started dancing, forcing Mai to do the same.

Mai was more shocked. What in the Torments of Hell is wrong with these people?


Two lovers forbidden to see one another
A war divide their people.
And a mountain divides them apart
Travel in dark out to be together…


“Ah.” Chong stopped the song, but still playing his guitar.


Secret tunnel! Secret tunnel!
Secret, secret tunnel!


He finished. As both Lily and Moku clapped. Mai just stood there, shaking her head scowling at herself.

‘If Zuko, Azula or Ty Lee ever find out about this, I will kill myself.’ she thought.


Many miles behind, Song and her mother was having an argument.

“Why did you let that-- Fire Nation wench leave, mother? She could easily go to the Fire Nation and--”

“Song, watch your tongue!” snarled Aria. She never did like swearing. “We and the village are not in danger. Mai is not loyal to the Fire Lord.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I can see it in her eyes. It was the same look that Mushi had-- do you remember him?”

Song folded her arms. “Of course I do, I never seen anyone eat that much of duck. He and his nephew stole one of our ostrich-horses…” Song stopped, as her eyes widen. Why didn’t her mother tell her. “Are you telling me that Mushi and Lee are also Fire Nation?! Mom why didn’t you tell me or Kun?”

“Because Mushi, Lee and Mai are good people, Song. And I will be damn to led anyone that oppose against the Fire Lord put to death just because of where they come from; Fire Nation or not. If your father was here right now, he would be very disappointed of you.”

A ping of guilt hit Song in her heart, as tears flown from her eyes. Aria’s eyes soften as she walked up to her daughter, and embrace her into a hug.

“I really miss him mother.” Song cried.

“I know sweetie. Shh, its okay.” Aria told her. She looked up into space. “Oh, Earth Spirits, please protect him. Teman (8) my love where are you?”

(End of Chapter)



(1) Firing Lava Prison: I made up the name and prison. Its another prison that is similar of the Boiling Rock, but smaller. Like Boiling Rock, the prison is located on a volcano, however, unlike the Boiling Rock, it is surrounded by lava, instead of a boiling lake. Its on a volcanic island that nothing could survived, if not for Fire Nation technology that kept the poisonous fumes from the volcano. Like the Boiling Rock prison, no one had escaped nor help any prisoners out form the prison.

If do not you count the episode “Boiling Rock Part 1 and 2” that is.

(2) Ivor: a male name derived from the Old Norse element yr “yew, bow” and arr “warrior”.

(3) Javor: a male name meaning “maple tree” in south Slavic.

(4) Goran: a male name meaning “Mountain man,” derived from south Slavic gora “mountain”

(5) Rada: a short form of Slavic female name beginning with the element rad “happy”

(6) Imelda: a female name that is derived from the Germanic elements irmen “entire” and hild “battle.” The Blessed Imelda was a young 14th-century nun from Bologna.

(7) Wafai: a male name meaning “loyalty” in Arabic.

(8) Teman: (pronounced: TEE-Man) the male name means “right hand” or “south” in Hebrew. This is both a personal name and place in the Christian Bible in the Old Testament.

I pick this name for Song’s father mostly because it means “south”; a name that has the same meaning for another Earthbender, for his name means “south” in French . His name was Sud, the same guy that taught Avatar Roku earth bending. He lives over a hundred years ago, when Roku was an adult, around before Roku married his wife, Ta Min.

It was also note that Sud bears resemblance to the shadowed Earthbender in the opening sequence, who Mike and Brian (the Makers of Avatar) confirmed was an early version of Toph. Did you know at first Toph was first created as a guy? lol!

(9) Oh Don’t Let the Cave get you Down: was the song that Chong sang in the episode called “The Cave of Two Lovers”, trying to get Sokka into a better mood. I don’t know if I got the lyrics right. I had to watch that part over and over again to get it. Gr.

And also note the other song was "Two Lovers" song from the same episode.

Author’s Notes: Do you really think I will let the Warden take Azula’s virginity? Haha! Sorry to disappoint those who wanted me to type it. But I like it this way. Sorry for her being so OOC, but yeah, what would you do if you where in her shoes?

Chapter 16 WILL have the jail break, I promise you all that.

The reason that I given you more info about the Yu Yan Archers is because in this story Zuko is one of them. So in the future you will learn more about his mother’s family and so on.

I found something very interesting that I would like to show you.

The name Zuko means: “failure” or “loved one” in Chinese and Korean.

And the name Mai, from Japanese means “dance” or “line robe”. It can also come from (ma) “real, true” with (ai) “love, affection.” However from Vietnamese, the name also means “apricot blossom.”

Their names goes with their characters! Ozai views Zuko as a failure, also his mother loves him, making him her “loved one” just like Iroh sees him as one. His love, Mai, does wear a some type of a “line robe”, and does strive “love, affection” towards him.

Interesting huh?

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