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not a story but this makes me mad

by alirae 11 Reviews

this makes me mad stupid people

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  • not a story but this makes me mad

    (#) dirtylittleliar 2008-07-04 10:33:36 PM

    I completely agree with you that the newspaper printing that article was in bad taste, and shouldn't have even gotten past the editor. It's pathetic what some people do nowadays. However, that's life, and MCR will either sue the newspaper or laugh and call them retards. Then again, it could be true. You never know. By the way, what newspaper was that?
    Just one question: This should not be taken in any offense, but, have you ever tried using spellcheck before? I don't post stuff directly just for that reason. Normally, I use Word to check my spelling, then copy and paste. I reccomend it, gets out all the silly mistakes. If not, try to reread every stupid word before you post. It helps greatly.

    Author's response

    yeah i use it but i was tired and i didnt think about it but thanks seriously i will use it from now on
  • not a story but this makes me mad

    (#) no_room_in_zis_hell 2008-07-04 10:36:24 PM

    Hiii!!!! Firstt of all, I completelyy agree withh youu....(I went on a rant myself, inside my head)!!!! I mean, have they even HEARD the lyrics? 'I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone!'????!!!!! This made me really mad too!!!!! We all have shytt we need to deal with, and some people like listening to music to help them deal. Music can infleunce you, but can it make you grab a razor and kill yourself? No!!!!
  • not a story but this makes me mad

    (#) XxCRYSTALLINExX 2008-07-05 01:29:42 AM

    Amen to that! What hasn't occurred to the idiotic people who write that shit, is that A- MCR lyrics are 'depressing' for a reason- to help kids relate to some thing, and B- Most MCR lyrics aren't depressing- I quote, "We'll carry on, we'll carry on, and though you're dead and gone believe me, your memory will carry on..."
    and C- Shouldn't parents should be more worried about rappers etc telling kids to shoot people and join gangs?
  • not a story but this makes me mad

    (#) xxnewxx 2008-07-05 02:03:58 AM

    MCR saved my life...MCR saved my life...that's what fans always they have something original to say?

    Author's response

    It's different though music saves everyone in a way some more then others some have other bands that have saved them i don't see what is wrong with people saying that
  • not a story but this makes me mad

    (#) Sassy 2008-07-05 03:56:08 AM

    I don't know what it's like in other countries, but I'm in England and to the best of my knowledge, parents pay no more attention to that sort of nonsense journalism than their kids do. Yes react to it, but laugh at it. Newspapers don't get sold on good news, that's just the way of it. These days people want sensationalism and nothing else - it doesn't mean they believe or even remember any of it. And therein lies the irony, people want to read that sort of stuff, but they don't actually believe it.

    MCR saves lives? I don't know how literally people mean that. But I think the reality is they are one of the few bands that discuss issues of depression etc openly. And when people are depressed, seeing someone they admire having gone through the same or similar issues and come out the other side, is inspiring. They think, well, if he can, I can too! MCR inspires people to deal with their issues? Certainly! And maybe, that's what many mean when they say 'saved my life'? Only the individual knows what they really mean.

    Author's response

    Thats what i mean i was going though alot and just to know that someone came out of it saved me. I wish other people understood that. Like all the people who hate MCR and people who say MCR saved them inspired them whatever. At least they have a band to look up to.
  • not a story but this makes me mad

    (#) xxnewxx 2008-07-05 06:57:11 AM

  • not a story but this makes me mad

    (#) i-stole-the-cookies 2008-07-05 10:16:45 AM

    It's actually not music that makes teens aged 13-16 want to kill themselves. It's the bullies that get away with vandalism, crime etc. I was bullied for about half a year and it really made me suicidal. Listening to MCR, Green Day, Blink 182 etc, got me back on my feet and I finally stood up to the bullies. Music saves lives and I think some journalists fail to understand that.

    I know that has probably been said a millions times before but until people start to understand that it's not the music that causes suicide, I won't stop saying it.
  • not a story but this makes me mad

    (#) pan-z 2008-07-05 10:20:09 AM

    you should read what ive written about this subject, it makes me so mad too!
    Im totally with you on this (:
  • not a story but this makes me mad

    (#) MyFamousLastWords 2008-07-06 10:40:21 AM

    Fuck Yeah!
    I Agree With You.
    Think ABout It Isn't It Stupied How Some People Think that Music Is Making People Kill Themselves I Bet Back In Their Day(Who Ever Wrote The Article Etc.) If They Were Doing That They Wouldn't Be Blaming Bands Like Queen,The Beatles Etc,Ya Know What I'm Saying.'xxnewxx' I'm Another Fan And MCR Did Save My Life,Well Its Not Like I Was About To Burn And Crash In A Plane And MCR Came In Capes And Saved Me Or Anything,But Fans Say That Because They Did,Maybe They Didn't Save Or Have An Affect On Your Life But On Some MCR Did,In Different Ways To Each Individual.Another Thing, I Don't Get Why The Newspapers Etc Are Calling My Chemical Romance An 'Emo' Band Isn't Every Band.Every Arist A Lil Emo 'Emoitial' I'm Not Going Around Saying "Oh Please Leave Emos Alone What Did They Do To You Blah Blah' I Hate Emos(No Offence To No-One)Well The Ones That Go Around Lablling Themselves 'Ohh Im Emo Respect Me'.I Live In Ireland So The Thing About MCR And That Didn't Get Printed On The Newspapers And What Not,Good Thing It Didn't.It Also Depends On The Persons Mental Health.MUSIC DOES NOT CAUSE SUICIDE.
  • not a story but this makes me mad

    (#) pan-z 2008-07-07 02:44:12 AM

    oh wow, that makes me happy (:
    sorry, but I dont have myspace, I mave msn, so if you do i could talk to you there?
    write back! (:

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