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Chapter 02

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chapter 02

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Well, if you wanted honesty...2

This night, he dreamed again of the mysterious person, of his magic night. And this time, he was close, so close he could hear the voice calling "Gerard, Gerard!"...

... and then he woke up, looking into the face of a hyperactive Frank, sitting in Gerard's bunk, jumping up and down. "Gerard, Gerard, rise and shine, darling! We're at a truck stop and there's a Starbucks and a shower! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" Frank babbled loudly

Gerard groaned and pulled his pillow over his head. For the split of a second he had had the body in his mind... but no, that was impossible. He was just sleepy.

"Come on, sleeping beauty!" Frank laid beside Gerard in the small bunk, his head on the singer's chest. The guitarist lifted up the pillow a bit, breathing into Gerard's ear. "Staahhhrbucksss, Geraaaard, Staaahhhrbucksss... Coooffffeeeeeehhh...."

Gerard shuddered and looked at Frank, shocked. No, it couldn't be, it just couldn't!

"What's wrong?" Frank asked, a curios look on his face.

"Nothing..." Gerard shook his head. "A shower really wouldn't be that bad." he said and threw Frank out of his bunk, getting up. "Hmmm... Starbucks.."


While sipping at his coffee, Frank sitting in front of him, Gerard couldn't get rid of the strange feeling in his stomach. He stared at Frank. The guy was handsome, more like beautiful, no one couldn't deny that. And he had to admit that it turned him on a bit when he touched him on stage.

But he thought it impossible that Frank could be the person in his missing memory, so he discarded the thought again quickly. Frank would've said something.


Days passed by in which he didn't think of the night for even one second, as they were touring through Europe and busy with giving interviews, having shows and working on new songs.

They rarely had some spare time left, which was at night and even then he rather wanted to sleep then to make party.

And it was one of those nights when everybody except the bus driver was asleep and Gerard couldn't sleep. The low rumbling of the engine and the slight jolt of the bus which he normally found so comforting and drowsy couldn't give him the sedation he needed today, he was much too awake.

Oh, sweet insomnia he thought, bugged as he got up from the bunk and silently tiptoed to the living room area, switching on a small lamp. He grabbed his pencil and sketching pad and began to draw.

Pffhhh.... he thought after some time, halfway through with the picture. Some superhero...

The guy in the drawing looked a bit like him, he thought. The figure had a longing look on his face and seemed to have the intention of grasping something, only that he couldn't quite manage it. His long coat didn't flow with the wind; it looked rather stiff and dirty.

He sighed and tried to make the coat look more hero-like when he suddenly heard it: /The moan/. He startled so hard that he made a long, dark line through the whole drawing. He tightened his grip on the pencil, holding his breath, waiting for the moan to come again.

"Mmmmhh...." there it was again. And to his utter shock, it came from the bunks. "Holy shit..." he whispered as he stood up. The only light came from the small lamp he had switched on earlier and it illuminated the bunk area dimly, only so little that Gerard could see where he was going. The moans were getting more excited and he followed them until he stood right in front of Frank's bunk.

"Geraaaard..." it came from behind the curtains and, now full of curiosity, he couldn't stop himself and drew back the curtain silently.

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