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Chapter Three

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Tetsu makes another appearance after Xenoth figures out who he is. Ruri's grandfather seems to know him...and Tetsu happens to be as big a pervert, if not bigger. Fun fun fun ^.^

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Chapter Three

Xenoth and Ruri went to the real stair case and started the long journey to the final floor of the massive tower, floor 213. " was it? Who IS this old guy?" he asked. The girl turned and smiled sweetly. "Well, he's my grandfather. And though he doesn't look it, he's far older than anyone else knows. And he knows more than anyone. He may seem eccentric...and a bit unreliable. But you can't have a better teacher than him. He...I mean we are going to help you figure this thing out. And, he's going to take over your teaching in general. He says your special...dunno why though," she answered. Xenoth took in every word she spoke, nodding as she finished. "I'll take your word for it...though I'll be honest, I'm new to all this stuff. I didn't even know these sorts of things existed before about a year ago. I don't know anything really," he explained. She laughed. Such a beautiful sound it was to him. "Well don't worry, we'll both help you out with everything," she responded. They'd been walking for quite some time and they neared the top. 'Tetsu...what are you? And why me?' he pondered. They reached the top of the stairs finally. The sight wasn't much special. One large window overlooked the campus. There was a mess of books all around the floor, shelves and bookcases. A scarce few desks sat in the center of the room. "Welcome to your new classroom. I hope it's not too messy" the old man said, suddenly being right behind the two of them. Xenoth spun about quickly, lightly jumping away. "'re fast for an old man" he said. "Ok, first of all my name is Raiku" the old man responded, raising an eyebrow in annoyance at continuously being referred to by his age. "Er...ok...sorry. So um...what's first?" Xenoth asked. Raiku smiled slightly. "A history lesson" he answered simply. Xenoth's brow furrowed. "History?" he asked. Raiku nodded. "In order to understand who it is you saw, and what it is you have some power over" he stated.

Raiku indicated that Xenoth should take a seat. "This is a long story...some I shall tell you, the rest I'll show you later" he started. Taking a deep breath, the old man continued. "First off, you should understand that in our world...and in the other realms only those of us not-so-human ones know of...there are many clans of people. Clans are large groups of those with similar blood. Tetsu Zelrai was the leader of the Zelrai clan. The strongest and most brutal clan in existence. All who became a target for them, shook with fear. Not that the Zelrai were evil persay, but Battle was their life. And they were good at it. And Tetsu was the best. His name alone was feared as much as the whole clan. There were only two clans that were strong enough to stand against them. One wasn't interested, and the other were the Azrai. Knights of sorts. The Azrai and the Zelrai were mortal enemies. One day, Tetsu found a girl unconcious floating down a river. He took her in, and nursed her back to health. Like I said, they weren't evil, just brutally effective in the battlefield. As she stayed with him in the village, he began to grow attached as she did to him. But one day, she left in the middle of the night after they confessed their feelings for one another. Tetsu felt hurt and betrayed, but refused to believe she left him of her own free will. So he went in search of her. He tracked her to find that she had gone into a Azrai village. His first thought was that she had been captured. Crazed with anger, he attacked the village all by himself. He fought and fought, trying to find her. Amidst the blood-shed, she came from a tent and called out to him. Yelled for him to stop. He asked her why and she revealed that she was Azrai. Crestfallen, Tetsu left her there. Days later he went back to try and speak with her. To tell her he didn't care. But he found she had been scheduled to be killed for treason because of him. After the slaughter of many, he rescued her and they ran away. He couldn't face his own tribe with her. They would shun even him. So they ran away together. A year later, when she was near the end of a pregnancy, his clan members found them. He was forced to fight his own men, his own people to protect her. But he couldn't. Eventually he was defeated, bound and banished after watching them kill her and his unborn child" Raiku explained at long length.

After a moment of silence, Xenoth dwelling on all that he'd heard, the old man spoke once more. "To have been able to pull him from that far across the realms, something about you is truly unique. And to have survived his blade is miraculous as well. Now...I shall show you why he was feared among even the strongest of men" the old man said. He stood and ambled over to Xenoth, placing a palm on his forehead. He chanted a few words and sudden images flashed through the boy's mind. Images of Tetsu on the battlefield. His blade severed arms, heads, legs entire bodies. Blood literally rained around him as he was never even touched. Then he saw images of Tetsu taking large spears through him and still fighting, unphased. Suddenly the images vanished and Xenoth gasped. He had just seen a vision of the brutality that was Zelrai. "Whoa! Shit!" he shouted in surprise. The old man nodded solemnly. "That's what I said, 550 years ago when I whitnessed it personally." Xenoth's eyes widened considerably. "I'm sorry, what? How OLD are you?" he asked, shocked completely. Raiku chuckled. "Old enough to say the least...when you reach the state of power that I have, age doesn't affect you nearly as much. Though as you can see neither does it make you immortal" he answered vaguely. Xenoth just stared at him. "You're gonna be cryptic like that the whole time aren't you?" he asked. The old man shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not" he said matter-of-factly, as though intentionally proving Xenoth's assumption correct.

Ruri, who had been sitting in silence this whole time, stepped forward and placed a hand on Xenoth's shoulder. After a glance to her grandfather, who nodded slowly, she spoke to Xenoth. "Call him out again...and don't worry" she said. Xenoth glanced to the old man, who simply stared and waited. Gulping a little, he stood and walked to a more empty part of the room. He performed the summoning spell and as with last time, the circle on the floor appeared and a hole opened, though this time much more quickly than the last. In a matter of moments, the great Tetsu once again stood before Xenoth. He glanced around and the moment he saw the old man, his eyes widened. "YOU! AH SHIT!" he shouted, turning to run. Raiku however, was already casting a spell. Tetsu froze in place instantly, unable to even move. "Well, it's been quite a long while Tetsu. How have you been?" the man asked, obviously being sarcastic. "FUCK YOU! You old bastard! Do you know how BORED I've been in that damned place you banished me to!?!" the fiery-headed 'boy' shouted. Xenoth stared in surprise at Raiku, as did his own grandaughter. "You banished him?" they both asked in unison. The old man rubbed the back of his head, laughing nervously. "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that didn't I?" he answered. Turning his attention back to Tetsu, he smiled slightly. "Well, Blood Devil of the seems you've been allowed back into this world. It is the will of Kaiser that you be the guardian of this boy here. But I personally do not trust you quite yet, as old of friends as we might be. So, I'm going to seal away most of your power" he told Tetsu. Sighing, the man looked defeated. " I hate you sometimes you old piece of shit" he said. The old man started performing a long, difficult incantation.

Xenoth heard a voice in his head suddenly. Miss me? Hehehe. Guess we'll be hanging out alot after all. Can't wait. I've missed being free the voice said. He instantly recognized it as Tetsu's. "What the hell?" he whispered. A groan sounded in his head. Don't be so obvious you idiot. We're mentally linked now you know. I can see your thoughts and you can see mine. Well if I let you. We can talk telepathically now as well Tetsu explained. 'Oh..I see...well hard feelings about sending you back earlier right?' Xenoth thought back to him. Nah, I woulda done the same thing. No worries he responded. The chanting stopped and Xenoth glanced over to the old man. Blue energy left his body and flowed over Tetsu's body. "Whoa, wait. What the FUCK OLD MAN!?" Tetsu shouted as he felt himself being transformed. Light filled the room, brilliant and blinding. When it subsided, Tetsu no longer stood there in his human form, but as a creature looking much like a cross between a rabbit and a cat with black fur and red patch on his forehead. Ruri burst out laughing. Xenoth looked at the small form, and started laughing himself. "Ahahahaha! That look suits you!" he called out between fits of laughter. Tetsu glowered in his bunny form, looking pissed off even as a cute furry animal. "Dood, this is SO not fucking cool. I really do hate you old man!" Tetsu said. Hearing the voice come from such a little thing only made Ruri and Xenoth laugh all the harder. Raiku made his way over to Xenoth and patted him on the shoulder. "Ok Xenoth...he's still stronger than you are...I can't suppress all his power, but he's controllable now. And, just imagine bringing him to your side to summon him to you whenever you want, no matter where he is. I'm going to teach you a spell to release some of his power temporarily, in case you ever need help. You know, because part of this school is battle and exploration of the realms. Many students encounter dangerous things on a daily basis." the old man explained. He proceeded to teach Xenoth what he needed to know.

Tetsu was off in the back, Ruri scratching him behind the ears and giggling. "He's so cute!" she kept saying. "NO ONE CALLS TETSU CUTE!! DAMN YOU, YOU BIG BREASTED BROAD!!" the little creature shouted. Xenoth laughed once more. "Well, I guess all the girls will love you" he said, chuckling. Tetsu stopped ranting for a moment. "Heeeey. You're right! Hehe, and no one suspects the bunneh! They may even want me to bath with them!!" he shouted, his eyes glazing off and drool leaking from his little bunny mouth as he got lost in his daydreams. Ruri stood and sighed. "He's as much a pervert as my grandfather," she said, annoyed. Raiku faked tears. "Don't compare me to that leacherous little demon!" he cried. To prove her point, Ruri tossed a eighty pound box full of the old man's porn into the middle of the room. "Riiiight" she said. Tetsu and the old man dove at the box. "Oh wow! you found it!!" Raiku cried. "Holy hell old man! You still have this stuff?! Sweet!!" Tetsu cried. Xenoth just shook his head and walked over to Ruri. "Well..I guess they'll be busy for a while...wanna grab lunch?" Xenoth asked her. She turned and smiled. "Sure...sounds good. Leave these losers to their smut" she agreed, laughing. They turned and headed off down the stairs, Raiku and Tetsu still sifting through the box of sexual fun.

To be continued...

[Oh damn! He's back...AND A BUNNY!!(in case you're wondering, which I'm sure some are...picture Ryo-ohki from Tenchi Muto..that's what Tetsu kinda looks like) This oughta be interesting wouldn't you say? Sorry if it seems like it's taking forever to get anywhere. This is a LONG story...but it gets really really action packed...and when more people start showing up, quite hilarious. Hope you keep reading!!]
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