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Think Happy Thoughts

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Gerard Way's 17 and doesn't know what he's going to be doing for the rest of his life. Then he meets Jade Puget and his little sister Elliot. Suddenly Gee's world's changed.

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So I was having a really bad Tuesday. I woke up in a once again empty home. And it wasn't even like there was anything to stop the deafening silence. The electricity had been out for a week and a half now.

Honestly I don't even think my parents even noticed, it wasn't like they ever lived here hardly. They would always just come back for the basics: Eat their own meals, clean their own dishes-sleep in their own bed. Sometimes I'd find only trash as signs they'd returned home for a short stay. Neither me nor Mikey could tell you what the hell the two of them did for a living. So it was usually my little brother Mikey and I who would take care of the house.

Our usual closeness in our three years apart had been dwindling however. He'd been spending a lot of nights over at his new girlfriend Alicia's house. Alicia seemed like a nice girl. It wasn't like I really knew her though. I told Mikey to chill out on the physical aspect of it all, or at least to be safe.

So while Mikey was off with his newfound romance, my own girlfriend of two months was setting my EnvV vibrating across the kitchen table.
Something heavy dropped in my empty stomach and my head went clear of thoughts of my absent younger sibling. I think it was a classic example of a dark premonition.

As usual I procrastinated and decided to walk over to the refrigerator and get breakfast. Then with a quick smell of the curdled milk in the shadowy fridge, I was quickly reminded of our lack of electricity.

No electricity.
No Mikey.
No soy milk.

And now as I forced upon my cheery little green cellphone. On the little screen it read:

From: Sarah
To: Gerard
hey there baby. um i just dont think this is working out for us and i kno u feel it 2. so i hope we can still be frienz k?

It was so nonchalant behind the miniscule black text-careless, thoughtless. He was just another boy, afterall. Of course I'd felt the rift in our relationship too. I wasn't oblivious. We had hardly had much common. Maybe the only thing we'd ever had in common was our love for Mikey. And who could blame her? Mikey had always been the more popular of the two of us. He was naturally lanky with a defined chin and bangs that fell straight over his half-moon spectacles just right. He was way more gregarious than I. He was the one who people would always meet first of the Way brothers. With his quirky grin and his quick, witty humor-who wouldn't want to be around him? People were drawn to him hopelessly like moths to a light. So I didn't blame Sarah for being just another hopeless victim to it. When she kissed me she never looked me in the eye. She hardly ever did. I was just a tool to get closer.

I didn't reply back to her text. Yeah we were totally gonna be "frienz". Bullshit.

No electricity. No Mikey. No soymilk and now no Sarah.

It was time to go to Dairy Queen.

I carelessly slapped on a pair of ragged, black jeans from sophmore year and a Misfits t-shirt. I ran my fingers through my neck-length, jet black hair that'd I'd recently dyed red from the back. My hair was probably my best feature about me and I took much pride in it. Otherwise I wasn't too pleased with my other looks: my somewhat thicker build, my skin prone to tan, my long eyelashes. I tried my best not to dwell and with a slip of my aviators I hopped into my beat up red Firebird and sped off to DQ.

My goal was a small Oreo Blizzard. That cook/ice cream combination was all I needed right now to fix everything.

Beside me, my familiar suburban surroundings that I grew up with since childhood flew by me.

I manuevered my car around the drive-thru easily enough once I'd reached the more 'urban' side of town so to speak. I ordered, I waited, and I didn't think about anything else going wrong in my life.

No. I just thought of the creamy, cooling sensation the sweet ice cream would tickle my taste buds with the delightful crunch of chocolatey cookie.
I was in zen.

When I drove up to the window, I was greeted by a strange looking kid a little older than my seventeen years. He had slightly puffy cheeks despite his thin build and a weird little blond hawk with angled brown bangs that were intricately cut to surround his face.

The hawk reminded me vaguely of a chicken's rear end, but somehow he had managed to pull it off. His name tag read: Hello! My name is Jade.

I honestly was a little distracted by my observations as he tried to hand me my ice cream and I exchanged my money. Then, just by a sudden urge to look at my prize-I was horrifed.

And that's when the shit hit the fan.

No electricity.

No Mikey.

No soy milk.

No Sara.

Now this...this Jade had just let me hit an all time low. For what I held in my hands was NOT a soft, soothing Oreo Blizzard. No, this was an unfeeling, slop of sugar with cold, hard M&Ms riddled inside, threatening to break your teeth. I somehow knew exactly what to do with this Blizzard.

"Hey, Jade!" I called out to him. When he turned back to face me, I let out my battle cry,

"FIRE IN THE HOLE!", and proceeded to chuck the Blizzard straight back into the carry-out window.

Unfortunately, however, Fate still chose to not be on my side. The ice cream barely grazed his neat uniform and my foot was nowhere near the gas pedal for my speedy escape.


"What the hell?!" he shrieked, thoughtlessly snatching up the order behind mine of a milkshake and fries. At least it hit my shirt and not my hair. I grabbed up its remnants and chucked it back instinctively at him, forgetting how ludicrous this entire ordeal was. This went back and forth for a good five minutes and I faintly could hear the honking of angry customers behind me.

All of a sudden his fat manager came waddling up and I split out of there finally, a little stunned at the events which had just occured.

So I go hide in the Wendy's parking lot next-door to clean out the mass of chocolate and mashed fries in my leather seat. I would spot every now and then over at DQ to see any sign of the obvious verbal bashing the poor employee would be receiving. My stomach lurched with guilt gut.

Finally I saw Jade walking out, his manager holding the door, leading him out. He took off his DQ uniform hat. Oh shit. Then my impulsive side took over again and I found myself waving down the man who's job I had just made nonexistent. To my surprise, he actually pulled his car up besides my own. When he stepped out of the car to reveal his full 6ft height, it was only then did I realize I was in danger of bodily harm.

He glared down at me wordlessly.

"So erm..." I found myself saying, "All that ice cream throwing kinda rekindled my craving...want me to buy you a milkshake from Wendy's?"

It was lame to think I could replace a job with a milkshake, but I couldn't control this damn impulsive side.

Jade stared me down for a long time with an expression I couldn't read as he eyed me up and down. I thumbed my pockets nervously. Obviously I must've passed some sort of test because he gave me a small smile while he replied calmly-


And that's how Jade Puget became my best friend.
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