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Chapter Six

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Xenoth is in for some tough training ahead of him. And Tetsu has no intention of going easy on him. But, he finds his weapon of choice.

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Chapter Six

Xenoth glanced back and forth between Raiku and Tetsu, who was still sitting on his shoulder. "Um...should I be worried?" he asked, turning to Ruri. She returned a slight glare before shrugging. "Maybe...these two are insane" she answered. Tetsu hopped down from Xenoth's shoulder and then over the edge of the balcony, falling all 213 floors to the bottom and landing lightly on his little rabbit feet. "Come on! Meet me at the Arena!" he shouted before darting out the door. Even from the top of the tower, they could hear the squeels of glee from the girls outside. Shit shit SHIIIIIIT! They're gonna kill me! Xenoth could hear Tetsu shouting in his head. Xenoth smirked and looked out the window. He could faintly see a tiny black dot darting around all the students and a group of girls trying to catch him. Ruri laughed and Raiku sighed. "Will he be ok?" the old man asked. "He'll live" Xenoth answered heading for the stairs. A hand fell on his shoulder and he turned to see Ruri standing there. "I'll with you to the Arena. Should be interesting" she said simply. He couldn't help but wonder if she planned on kicking his ass or not. And at the moment, it wouldn't be too hard for her he was sure. They headed down the stairs and as they reached the bottom, they felt a shudder in the floor and a loud bang from outside. Glancing at one another for a moment, they both ran out the door. There was a small crater where Tetsu had been evading the girls and smoke was everywhere. A few younger girls were crying. "Somebody blew up the bunny!" they cried. Some other rolled there eyes, constantly saying the rabbit was magical and just disappeared. Holy hell man..that was close...haha. I had to make a distraction Tetsu rang in Xenoth's head. 'Subtle...' Xenoth thought back.

Ruri rolled her eyes as they got near the Arena. "That little rabbit is gonna cause trouble, I can tell" she complained. Xenoth shrugged. He pushed his way through a door that opened to a large rectangular field of dirt, the brown stone walls on all sides rising with seating for spectators. There were a few students who were already hanging out in the stands with their friends for no real reason. In the center of the 300x200 yard arena grounds were Tetsu and Raiku. Ruri and Xenoth made their way towards them. "How the hell did you get here so fast old man?" Xenoth asked when they reached the pair. The old man merely grinned. "I walked" he answered simply. Xenoth rolled his eyes at the answer that really answered nothing. "Ok're we doing this?" he asked, his eyes falling onto a large pack on Raiku's back. Tetsu grinned and Raiku tossed the pack on the ground, the sound of metal clanking together. Raiku kicked the side to make it roll open, revealing a multitude of weapons. "Well, first pick a weapon to try" he stated. Xenoth shrugged, not having given this any thought until now. He skimmed over them and decided on a basic long sword. He kneeled down and picked up the weapon. It was light, but completely balanced. He swung it a few times. "Ok, so who's teaching me?" he asked. At his question, no one answered but Tetsu turned to the side. He held his little paws together as he chanted quickly. A magick circle appeared on the ground and a portal opened in the middle of it. A summoning spell. A large figure rose from the ground. It was a eight foot tall suit of armor. It held nothing inside, no being of any kind. Clasped between its gauntlets was a large, two-handed sword of some kind that it held pointing upward. As soon as it was free, the armor itself turned and kneeled to Tetsu. "You will fight him..." Tetsu stated simply. Xenoth glanced at the rabbit, seeing he wasn't joking, and back to the magical creature. "Ah shit...this is gonna be a long day" he groaned.

With a silent command from Tetsu, the suit of armor stood and faced Xenoth, blade held forth in a ready stance. "Better get your guard up" Tetsu warned. Xenoth brought the sword up in front of him like the armor had done. When the enemy didn't move, he slowly made his way forward. The creature didn't flinch. Xenoth lunged with an over-head strike. With surprisingly quick speed, the creature spun his blade upward to deflect Xenoth's attack wide and turned its whole body, bringing the blade around with some momentum to smack with the flat part against the back of Xenoth's knees. The boy's legs flew out from under him and he landed flat on his back, winded completely. "Ah.....damnit..." he gasped as he stood. The armor stood still once more, back in it's ready stance. "That hurt...." he said. He lunged once more, stabbing straight at the abdomen, the thing swiped his blade aside, but Xenoth expected that and spun with it for another side-ways slash. A solid ringing sounded with his blade collided heavily with the blade the armor blocked with. With a twist, Xenoth was disarmed and kicked in this chest, sent sprawling across the dirt. "Well, so a sword isn't your weapon. Wasn't bad...but you're not feeling it. I can tell" Tetsu called out. Xenoth stood slowly, groaning with each movement. "Toss me a spear" he said, wanting to try that weapon out. The mystical suit of armor stood perfectly still as a long spear was tossed to Xenoth's hands. He held the spear wide out to the side in a way for good leverage for swiping. Interesting stance for that sort of weapon...what're you thinking? Tetsu asked him. 'Just doing what feels right' Xenoth responded. He ran forward and swiped sideways. The armor blocked and tried to retaliate but Xenoth let the spear bounce away and he spun, twisting the haft in his hands to stab behind him. This too was deflected, but without slowing Xenoth made another spin the opposite way and adjusted his hands to shorten the distance from the end. He stabbed again but the spear was caught by the creature's blade. He started to move away again, but an iron fist grasped him by the front of his shirt and lifted him. The hilt of the thing's sword smashed into his forehead before he was tossed away.

"Fuck...stupid metal bastard" he cursed under his breath as he stood. Blood trickled freely from the new wound to his forehead and ran between his eyes. He saw his spear in ruin, having been splintered buy the force of the last block. Tetsu pondered for a moment before he said something to Ruri. She picked up a long pole about the length the spear had been. "Xenoth, try this!" he shouted. The boy turned to see Ruri toss the item to him. He caught it easily and noticed something collapsed on the end. He twisted it and a long, four foot scythe blade sprang out. "A scythe?" he asked, turning to Tetsu. The bunny nodded. "Just trust me" he said simply. Shrugging, Xenoth turned to face the creature in armor again. He held the scythe out to the side, one hand further up on the haft than the other. He admitted, something about it felt more comfortable. This time, the armor made the first move. It ran forward, charging and swung downward. Xenoth side-stepped and quickly brought the scythe overhead to capture the sword in the nook of the blade and staff. He twisted the haft to where the blade of the scythe faced upwards, the sword still laying on top of it. Flinging the sword up high, he opened the defenses and spun, bringing the blade just about knee level. It pierced the armor with a screeching sound of metal on metal. He yanked back, tripping the creature. Dislodging the blade, he stepped back, feeling pleased with himself. He glanced to Tetsu, who grinned. "What are you doing?" Raiku asked him. The rabbit merely shooshed him. "I want to see what he can do" he answered. "Xenoth look out!" Ruri called. He turned to see the armor standing back up and charging again, much faster than before. The sideways swipe came much quicker than he thought it would. He ducked under the blade, readying himself for an attack but stopped seeing the blade coming at him again already from above. He rolled out of the way and back to his feet, but the creature was already upon him once more. 'Shit, TOO FAST' his mind screamed at him. He was being pushed back on his heels. Strike after strike came swiftly and it was all Xenoth could do to avoid them. An attack came towards his mid-section and he had no time to dodge so he brought the scythe to stand vertical, blocking the attack with the haft. The pole smashed back into his already bleeding forehead and slammed him against the wall that was only five feet behind him. "Always be mindful of your surroundings!" Tetsu called, smiling slightly. 'He's surviving longer than I thought at least' the rabbit thought.

Xenoth glanced up as the sword was stabbing straight and true towards his heart. Tetsu merely watched while Ruri and Raiku yelled out, thinking surely that Xenoth was about to die. At the last moment, he spun the scythe, miraculously in time, to deflect the stab with the blunt end. The sword moved to the left but pierced him right through the shoulder and pinned him to the wall. Xenoth groaned in pain, not wanting to cry out in the middle of a fight. He gritted his teeth and grabbed the creature's sword hilt with his good hand and kicked the thing square in the chest, it stumbled backwards and Xenoth, now with a really pissed off expression, forced the sword from his shoulder. As his feet touched the ground, he grabbed his scythe and quicker than before, swiped it in a diagnal slash. The hit connected and sliced the armor clean in half. Suddenly dizzy, Xenoth sat down in the dirt, letting his injured arm fall to his side while the good arm still held onto his weapon. "Damn...why am I getting stabbed so much?" he asked no one in particular. Raiku cheered while Ruri was yelling at Tetsu, who just simply ignored her and smiled. "I knew he'd be ok. If he had died right there, I couldn't bring myself to stay by his side as his guardian. But he did good. Found his weapon too" the rabbit said quietly. "Well, let's go clean him up and close that new wound. Kid's one tough bastard. And he's a fighter born to be sure" he continued as they headed towards his hunched over form. Ruri pushed him down gently and held her hand over the shoulder wound, using her healing magick to stop the bleeding and close it completely. Then she healed his forehead. "I think you two have beaten him enough for one day" she said, sounding concerned. Xenoth smiled slightly. "Stupid metal bastard" he muttered. They helped him to his feet, his bruised muscles protesting with pain. "Well, let him sleep for now then...Tetsu will go with him" Raiku said and they led him off towards his dorm room.

To be continued...

[Ouch..yeah..he got his ass kicked...BUT GOOD TRIUMPHS ALWAYS! Well...ok so the weird empty armor thing wasn't exactly evil...haha. He's gonna have a day of recovery chapter...some new people will show up...hehe. And now the fun really begins]
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