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One for the Head

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Duncan goes of to Katherine's house to greet his boss daughter and learn about her "friend." Boy is he in for a surprise! Fem-slash for all!

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One for the Head:

Two whole years! Two whole years I have tried to get that sexy Katherine Delany to notice me. I want her so badly. You see, I love cougars! Older women are foxy. I have always had a love for cougars since college. Forty is the new sexy, darlings! Katherine has it all baby! Long sexy legs, nice healthy figure, perky breasts, hot voice, reddish-brown hair to her lovely shoulders, deep caramel brown eyes, rich plump lips, boss of her own company, great deal of her own money, well-educated, and knows what she wants in life. Sigh Too bad Katherine hides that hot figure up her stuffy black business suits. I would just love at least one to see her in a short skirt or short shorts. Would it kill to see her like that just once? Would it?

Anyway, I have tried to get hot Katherine to notice me for two years now. And so far, nothing! She doesn't even give me a loving glance. I was about to give up due to my lack of ideas. That was until today!

It was Friday and I was working the evening shift. The only people on this shift are Sakura, Robyn, Adam, Mandy, and I. Rosie, Noriko, Greggo, and Vanessa all work the Saturday morning shift. The system goes like this: Katherine broke us up into two teams for the weekend. Depending on the days you worked was your choice. Both shifts have the same pay. Best options have great benefits. Friday evening shift get to sleep in in the morning. The Saturday morning people get to have Friday afternoon off. It all wins out perfectly. Anyway, I was working on the Coldplay article when I sat Katherine from behind me in glass screen in front of my cubicle. I quickly became excited, but I didn't show it. I just kind of smiled to myself.

"Yes, Katherine?" I asked in a casual way. My angel had a concerned look on her face.

"I need something of you," she said to me. My eyes widened in happiness. I turned my chair to her smoothly.

"Yes?" I asked. "What can I do for you?" She trembled nervously at first. Her right hand lightly rubbed around her left wrist some.

"It's my daughter!" she admitted. I listened in for more details. Katherine has two daughters. They were both in college at the moment. Judy is her older daughter in her senior year of college. Morgan is her younger daughter in her sophomore year of college. I saw this as a good opportunity to show Katherine that she could rely on me.

"Which one?" I asked.

"Judy," she replied.

"What about her?" I asked. Katherine swallowed hard as she trembled. I could tell that she was really nervous about something. I had decided to do a great job for her whatever she wanted. Katherine really needed my help, I could feel it.

"Well," my hot boss went on. "She's coming home tomorrow morning. She told me that she was bringing a friend named Meredith. I don't know much about her."

"So you want me to find out as much about this Meredith person as I can?" I finished.

"Yeah!" she replied. I looked at her confused.

"Any reason why?" I asked her. Katherine became nervous again.

"My girls don't tell me much about their friends," she explained. "This is the first time I ever hard of this Meredith girl. I don't even know if she has a record or not. So I need you to find out as much as you can about her." I nodded confidently. Katherine smiled at me brightly.

"Good!" she said. "Don't let me down!"

"Yes sir!" I called. I was determined that I wouldn't let my sexy angel down! I worked happily for the rest of the evening. Katherine needed me at last. I couldn't screw this up!

Saturday came in a full rush. I came by her house on the time that she told me to. She even gave me a copy of her key to get into her house. My hot boss had to work with the Saturday morning shift and couldn't greet her daughter this morning. I was to be the welcoming party today. I was determined not to mess this up for that sexy Katherine at all. She would just have to notice me if I successes here. I slowly unlocked the door and let myself in. Katherine's house was rich and beautiful. The colors were all blending nicely with each other. The furniture all looked inviting. She always had good taste in decorating. I was tempted to lie down on her soft moss green couch and take a nap. But then I remembered my mission and refrained. I sat down on the black lounge chair and waited. Katherine said that her daughter and friend would be home by eight o'clock. I looked at the black clock above the microwave in the kitchen. It was now 7:26. I only had a few more minutes to wait. So, I did.

Time was dragging slowly for me. I was just bored out of my skull. I was tempted to walk around the house and look around to get to know Katherine a little more. It was a tough battle right there. I was about to when I heard the door open. I looked and saw Judy with her friend. Judy Delany was a beautiful woman. Short brown hair to her nice shoulders, soft hazel eyes, slender-build. She looked like her mother pretty much. The twenty-one year old woman always dressed for success. But there were days that she was pretty much relaxed with the way she dressed. Today, she had on a pair of jeans and a light blue polyester short-sleeved top. I looked beside of her. A woman about her age stood beside of her silently. She was a Latina woman and very charming. Her light brown hair was in braids and she was dressed like a hot gangster. I had my eyes locked on this woman. If she was in her forties, then I would be attracted to her. Judy looked at me slightly confused.

"Uh..." she said. "I'm sorry, but what are you doing in my house?" I stood up straighter and came back to Earth.

"Oh," I replied. "I work for your mother. She sent me here as the greeting party until she gets home." We all were silent for a moment. I hoped that the ladies would believe me. Judy just rolled her eyes at me.

"Whatever," she replied. Then, she and her friend, assumed that was Meredith, entered the house. I closed and locked the door behind them. The girls all sat on the couch. I decided to start off causal at first to draw out information without calling suspicion to myself. Boy, was I in for a complete surprise!

"So girls," I said to them as I headed into the kitchen. "What you like anything to drink? Some soda or juice? Or something?"

"Yeah sure," Meredith answered. "Anything is good."

"Okay," I said. "Coming up!" The kitchen was just as nice and well decorated as the living room. Black, white, and gold blended very well here. The sturdy wood in the kitchen was very inviting. I walked over to the tall black and white refrigerator and opened it up. I looked around for a moment. All that was in the fridge was healthy drinks. I have to admit, none of them looked that good to me. "Hm," I thought in a result. "I guess we'll have green tea, then." I pulled out three bottled green teas and closed the fridge door.

But when I made it back to the living room, I fell into deep shock. Judy and Meredith were kissing! Not just a little peck either! Oh no! This was a full-on French kiss. I was so shocked that I dropped the teas on the floor. Not darlings, I'm not homophobic. But I was just caught off guard by this interesting sight.

"WHOA!!!" I yelled out. The girls quickly broke off the kiss and stared right at me. We were all silent for a long time. I was finally able to talk again after a few minutes.

"So..." I said at last trying to stay calm. "You're kissing! What's the deal there?" The girls just stared at me sheepishly for a long moment. Judy slowly lowered her head.

"We can't hide it anymore, Mer-Bear," she said to Meredith. The other woman just held her hand. I was really lost now.

"Mer-Bear?" I asked.

"It's okay," Meredith said softly to Judy. Then, she lightly kissed her on the cheek. Judy drew in a deep breath, looked up at me, and began talking. It turns out, Meredith Gomez is her girlfriend lover. They had made during art class during their freshman year. They didn't really like each other at first because of family status backgrounds. They had vowed to stay away from each other for their entire years at college. But that all changed when the art professor put them together for an art project. Tensions was high from there at first. But other time, Judy and Meredith began to talk. Turns out, they had more in common than they thought. They both had single mothers doing the best that they could to make ends meet and have the best for their daughters. Both loved art and music. They even hated reality TV. Pretty soon, the girls had fallen in love and got together as a couple. Judy and Meredith had been dating each other for four years now. Judy only didn't tell Katherine about her relationship because she was afraid of what her mother would think of her going to the gay team. Judy leaned in close to me.

"Please don't tell mom," she pleaded. "I'm begging you!" Okay, now I was caught in a little jam. I wanted to impress Katherine by proving that she could rely on me. But yet, Judy had opened up to me and was trusting me to keep her secret. So what did I do, darlings? I lightly took her hand and nodded at her boldly.

"Okay," I replied. "I won't tell her!" Judy's eyes lit up in joy. Meredith just smiled at me happily. Oh crap, what have I gotten myself into.

"Thank you, Duncan!" she replied. I just smiled at her brightly.

"Of course!" I said to her. I was breathing out hard in my head. Oh shit! Now, I'm going to need a way to get out of this unharmed!

Life is Hard, and So am I

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